The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 315

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 315 He Was A Beast

"I need you to stay inside the car, alright?" Torak tousled Raine's hair as he kissed her forehead softly. "Whatever happened, just stay inside the car and don't use mind link. I will be back as soon as possible."

Raine blinked her eyes, what Torak meant by 'whatever happened'? Why it sounded odd in her ears? Maybe she was just over thinking things because she was nervous.

"Be careful." Raine mumbled as Torak walked out of the car.

"I will." Was Torak replied. Afterward, the Alpha walked inside the building, leaving his Luna alone.

Torak opened the front door, he strolled inside the building in his imposing aura. The inside was so messy with many dirt crumbled on the floor and old newspaper everywhere.

Torak walked down a big corridor that led him to a black door made of steel.

As an Alpha, the enhancement of his ability was more prominent than other Lycanthropes, thus even from behind the steel door, he could hear whispers sound and voices.

Once he had stood right in front of the door, he turned the knob to open it. But it was locked, as expected.

Upon hearing the rattling sound of the knob was being turned, the noises from inside the room suddenly died down and became quiet.

Torak tried to open it again, but it was still locked.

After the quietness, suddenly there were sound like someone sniffed the air, and then followed by the other.

Torak smirked.

Those wretch Lycanthropes, seemingly, had sniffed his presence. Torak could care less about it.

Let them knew, let them felt the fear that came crawling toward them along with the realization that their Alpha was here and what the punishment that they would receive once they was being discovered by Alpha Torak Donovan.

It had been a long time since Torak weighed a war to clear those nasty rats from his pack. This was his way to straight things.

Inside his world where you could only use fear and respect to control others, Torak chose to use both.

Whether they respected Torak and his rule, or witnessed in fear what the consequences for someone, anyone who dared enough to challenge their Alpha.

The beast in him was asleep not died.

So, if they thought they could overthrow him while he was missing for measly a month, the first thought of it was already their downfall, not to mention they had defiantly turned it into a move.

After the sniffing sound was another noise, which erupted the air and was followed by the sound of broken glass.

They were trying to find their escaped from the hell called Torak.

Torak stop to turn the door knob as it was still in locked position. He raised his feet and kicked the door instead.

The door flew a few meters away, forcefully pulled out from its hinges as debris and dirt floated in the air, created curtain like smoke.

Once the debris and dirt settled down, the room had empty, as if no one was there in the first place, but it wasn't Torak's concern, he kept walking.

In the middle of the room was a big round table with fourteen chairs around it, which now had stumbled as if no one even care when they knocked the chair to the ground in their process to runaway.


Raine fixed her eyes on the door, which Torak had through before. She hoped to see him as she felt slightly nervous.

Actually, Raine knew what Torak's original plan, though he didn't break it into detail, she knew he should be fine, yet she couldn't help but being afraid if something happened and the result was something that they didn't expect.

Raine bit her lips nervously. She really wanted to see the future now, but why her ability couldn't help her when she wanted it?

Or, maybe Raine forgot something that could trigger her power? The problem was; Raine didn't even know what it was.

Amidst her haywire thought, all of sudden there was broken glass sound and a grey Lycan rolled on the ground along with the shredded of glasses from before.

The creature had created a big hole because of his action and from the big hole, came out dozens of people.

Their expressions were very grim as fear etched on their face.

Yet, before they could move away and flew from the scene, there were an earth- shattering roared that ruptured the air.

In matter of second, all of the Lycanthropes that Raine had seen before when they were bowing their head in front of Torak, stormed out of the shadow of their hiding places in their beasts form, attacking the people that came out from the building.

Some of the people turned into their Lycan's form and gave a futile attempt to fight back, but there were four people who was still in their human form, however they moved too fast and strong enough to call as normal human.

Raine wondered if they were vampire.

This was the first time for Raine to see the battle between vampire and Lycan. She had heard before, the poison from vampire's bite could do harm on Lycan.

And from the way those four people fought the beast, they were indeed vampires.

The battle didn't last for long time, it was ended as soon as it started and left much blood on the street.

When the battle ended, some beasts brought back the losing party back into the building, Raine assumed they would meet with Torak inside.

Though the dreadful battle only last for a minute or two, but Raine's fingers couldn't stop from trembling.

Raine sighed a deep breath and closed her eyes to calm her thumping heart.

And just a few meters away from her, inside the abandoned building, Torak was sitting on a tall chair while looking at his pack member, or he could say his ex- pack member.

"Alpha Torak" One of them called his name, even his voice was trembling. He cupped his hands together, begging for mercy.

But, would Torak be so forgiving toward them? He was neither a saint nor an angel. He was a beast.