The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 316

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 316 I Do Not Bargain With Enemies

There were seven Alphas from different pack and four vampires in front of Torak, or one could say they were lying on the ground under the Alpha's feet.

Torak's dark eyes scanned them one by one, the traitors from his pack, should receive punishment that could be remembered by others, so there wouldn't be anyone dare enough to cross the Alpha's bottom line in the future.

"Alpha you have returned" The other one asked ridiculously, staring at his Alpha with disbelief. Why was he here? Didn't he disappear? He shouldn't be here

Torak didn't say anything about his statement. Of course he has returned, otherwise whose the person that sat in front of him with this imposing aura? Their brain was really damaged.

Thought there were two Alphas that sincerely feared the present of Torak, the rest five had hard expression. They didn't want to back down as they held their head high, just like the haughty creatures they were, still holding tight onto their pride to be the rebellion and their idea to overthrow Torak as their supreme Alpha.

Such a foolish thought, which only suited a ridiculous end.

Torak sneered at them and stood up. He walked very slow toward them and stopped just a few steps away from the four vampires.

"I told your Lord to not meddle with my pack's issue, didn't I?" Torak smirked when the four vampires seething their razor teeth at him.

"Your reign is over Torak Donovan." One of the vampire clad with blue jacket hissed viciously at Torak as he glared at him. He was brave enough to address Torak with his full name without any sense of respect.

His ignorance earned loud growled from the other Lycanthropes around him. Those Lycans wouldn't tolerate any ill manner toward their Alpha, especially from their enemies that they could destroy any time.

"Really? Don't you want to look yourself first before you speak?" Torak said calmly, but his dark eyes said otherwise. "What a silly creature" He clicked his tongue.

Torak didn't want to waste his time with those vampires as he had another important thing to do, to be more precise he had seven people to deal with.

With Torak's command, the four vampires were brought in front of the seven traitors and beheaded right before their eyes.

Of course this kind of scene gave wave after wave of shock to them, because in matter of minutes it would be their turn. The price that they have to pay for betraying his Alpha, they should have known this from the first moment they bore this thought.

The two Alphas who had been so scared to even talk suddenly banged their head in front of Torak, silently asking for forgiveness, something that they knew very well, they wouldn't get it from him.

Meanwhile the five other Lycans gritted their teeth, holding back their anger that mixed with dread and regret, yet their pride was so big to even lower their head in front of their Alpha.

Though their defiant action wasn't acceptable, but Torak like it, at least they still had their pride as Lycan.

"Blood Moon Pack, Clearwater Pack, Red Zone Pack, Crescent Moon Pack, Golden Moon Pack, Diandrum Pack and Rossete Pack." Torak mentioned their pack names one by one while looking at the respective Alpha. "I have my eyes on all of you since the very beginning. I don't know if this is so easy to lure all of you out."

Torak's voice sounded lazy, yet contented with anger and something lethal.

The two Alphas, who were banging their head on the ground, were the Alpha from Blood Moon Pack and Crescent Moon Pack.

"Alpha, I don't know all of this! He forced me to join this! I don't know anything about this!" Romulus, the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack kept banging his head until it covered with blood.

His face looked scary, but actually it wasn't harmful, as the creatures, who were gifted to be able to heal fast, it was nothing.

While saying that, Romulus pointed his fingers at Alpha Ronan from the Crescent Moon Pack, he wasn't only an Alpha, but also one of the shareholders in Torak's company.

He performed a very well work ethic during those years he was with Torak, but of course Torak wouldn't count that at the time he decided to stab his back. Any threat shouldn't be treated with mercy, that was what Torak believed.

Because it would become a possibility of greater danger in the future and Torak never let that to happen.

Meanwhile Ronan didn't say anything. His silence could be taken as his assent to Romulus accusation.

The two Alphas kept wailing and banging their head, therefore the room was filled with their voices that quite bothering.

"Kill both of them." Torak said lightly as if he was asking someone to make a cup of coffee for him.

Upon hearing this, the two of them were crying and howling on the top of their lungs, trying to defend their wretch life by shifting into their beast and fighting their last battle.

No matter what the two of them were still Alphas, hence it took some time to subdue them and clawed their heart out of from their chest, leaving their limp bodies slumped on the ground with pooled of blood covering their beast form before they turned into human.

Their eyes stared blankly at Torak, filled with regret before the life of them died out.

In the other hand, the five remaining Lycans in front of Torak, started to shiver. Fear flashed their eyes as they lowered them.

"Alpha, if you forgive us. We will let you know what the devil has planned for you." Kyle, the Alpha from Diandrum Pack, trying his last attempt to save their life.

"Kyle. I remember the day when I bestowed the Alpha's title on you, though you got it from betraying your father. I should know better to not let you live." Torak tilted his head. "I don't bargain with my enemy."