The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 317

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 317 Alpha Ryan From Blue Moon Pack

"You will regret this if you don't listen to me now." Kyle raised his head despite the fear that almost suffocated him.

"Do you think you can save your f*cking *ss for this measly threat?" Torak raised an eyebrows at the young Alpha.

"I didn't say that way, but you will surely regret it, if you don't listen to me now." Kyle kept talking haughtily.

"If I am not mistaken, you are waiting for your firstborn, no?" Torak asked languidly.

His comment awoken the beast inside Kyle as he turned into his brown Lycan and was about to pounce on Torak when another grey Lycan had knocked him aside mid air.

The brown Lycan's body hit the wall very hard and sent the entire building shaking as debris and dirt fell from the roof.

Kyle's beast was trying to stand up, but he couldn't do that due to many broken ribs that he suffered. He fell to the ground on his third attempt and stayed still.

The way his chest rose and fell was the only indication that he was still alive. He needed a lot of hours to heal himself, or maybe he wouldn't get that privilege.

Meanwhile, the grey Lycan stood to Torak's left, the position that he assumed let the people knew who he was.

Calleb, the Supreme Gamma. His beast was very big as a Gamma, almost as big as Kyle's, though he was an Alpha.

The remaining four Lycanthropes lowered their head in fear. Kyle was one of the pioneers of this betrayal.

All of them thought, with the whole eight packs on the move and with the help of vampires, they would win against Torak's loyal people.

While the Alpha was still missing, it would increase their chances of winning this battle. This would be their only golden moment to overthrow Torak's reign after so long.

Avarice was one of the beasts' natures after all as the Alpha they needed more people and land because under Torak's reign, they were not allowed to colonize or attack other pack.

In the other side this rule could preserve peace between other pack member, but in the other side, it restrained some of greedy Alpha to expand their territory.

Territory was imperative thing for shape shifter, some of them were satisfied with their own territory while some of them would never enough with what they had and wanted more.

Kyle and the rest six people there was an example.

"Anyone want to try?" Torak sat down on his chair and crossed his legs, he could spare some time for them if they really wanted to try to attack him.

"Alpha." One of them stood up and walked closer, but was stopped by the grey Lycan that snarled at him, forced the Alpha to back down. "We will pledge our loyalty to you and reveal what the devil's plan if you spare us." He talked righteously.

"So, all of you know the devil's plan?" Torak's eyes skimmed the remaining four people, lingered a little bit long time at the Alpha who dared enough to bargain with him.

Pledge their loyalty? Hadn't they given their loyalty to him before?

And now they expected they could do it again? Could it be called loyalty?

"Answer the Alpha!!!" Lyrus roared as he kicked the back of the Alpha's knees that sent him to kneel before Torak.

"Yes yes, all of us know it" Alpha Drake from Rosette Pack replied, he gritted his teeth as he felt the pain from his knees, seemingly Lyrus had broke his legs as he exerted too much strength.

"So all of you in this together" Torak concluded as he nodded his head in understanding. When Alpha Drake nodded his head and confirmed Torak's conclusion, he spoke lightly. "Kill him."

In no time, Lyrus slitted Drake's neck with his half shifted claws. This was something that Drake didn't expect.

The moment he realized what was happening, it was too late for him to preserve his life, as his body fell to the ground with a soft thud, even his fast healing ability couldn't save him in this situation.

Since Drake had confirmed that they all knew about this, at the same time, he was no longer valuable for Torak.

"I will spare your pack and family if you tell me important information." Torak didn't say he would save them, they were already dead when they decided to betray him. There was no way to escape their last punishment.

For now, it was only a matter of how they would save their family and their innocent pack members, because once Torak decided to destroy their pack, not even their children would be spared.

Torak would always smile and laugh whenever he was with Raine, but he was the cold blooded Alpha who had been cursed by the Moon Goddess herself because of his atrocity.

That was one of the reasons why he left Raine inside the car with Jack and a few Lycans around her. He didn't want her to see this side of him.

Though Raine was much stronger now, Torak still couldn't bring himself to make her witness this bloody scene.

"Alpha, there is another Alpha who didn't attend this meeting." Ramon, the Alpha from Red Zone pack spoke up. He raised his head to meet the Alpha's eyes. If he has to die, at the very least that he could do was to save his mate and their pup.

Torak raised his eyebrows, indicating for him to continue to talk.

"Alpha Ryan from Blue Moon pack!" Ramon blurted out. "He supposed to be here!"

Ramon was receiving disgusting glare from the other two Alphas, but he didn't care, he had nothing to lose. They did this together, so it was only right if they also died together.

All of them were betrayer after all.

"Ryan" Torak repeated his name.

Originally, Ryan was Alpha Xavier's beta from blue moon pack, but he was appointed as the Alpha because of Xavier's attempt to hurt Raine when they came out from the hotel.

Torak killed Xavier before they left Fulbright City.