The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 318

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 318 The Devil The Witch And Raine's Blood

After Torak heard that, he mind linked his people to look for Ryan. Blue Moon pack was originally Jenedieth's pack, she was Xavier's only daughter.

As for the three people in front of him, who were waiting for their final verdict, Torak only had one question left.

"What the devil's plan?" The supreme Alpha's dark eyes stared at them one by one with the intensity that could make them shiver out of fear.

They didn't know why they should agree with this conspiration, they should know better to not defy Torak Donovan. He wasn't someone that they could afford to offend and now they should pay the price.

"Tell me and I will give you an easy death." Torak talked in coaxing tone, sounded harmful, yet at the same time lethal.

"The devil the devil" Alpha Ramon from Red Zone pack stuttered. He looked at the remaining two Alphas, who couldn't even raise their head. They already doomed, no matter what they did.

Because it took so long for Ramon to utter a word, a low growl from behind him, reminded him to not waste the Alpha's time.

"The Devil has a book contains with Luna's blood." Ramon stated in trembling voice, but when his last words were spoken, suddenly his body burnt in black flame.

A piercing and shrill sound could be heard from his mouth as his body writhing in pain on the ground while the dark flame gnawed on his body like thousands ants that in the end, left him nothing but ash.

"Alpha, this is dark magic!" Lyrus's fixed on the black ash that supposed to be Ramon's body.

The remaining two Lycans moved aside to avoid the ash out of fear, they just witnessed how powerful dark magic was.

"What they had done to you?!" Lyrus immediately stood in front of Torak, as if the ash could harm his Alpha, while the big grey Lycan assumed his position to Torak's left, his canines were elongated.

"It was the dark witch." One of the Alphas stated, hate was apparent in his eyes, he wouldn't have thought that the devil along with the witch had prepared something like this to prevent them from talking about their plan.

No wondered they just laid their plan plainly without warning or threat to keep their mouth shut if something like this were to happen.

But also he wondered if what the devil and the witch told them were their original plan or it was only bait for Torak.

Once again they had made another wrong decision out of greed! Now, the wish to expand their territory had vanished just like Alpha Ramon's body.

"What the devil wanted to do with my mate's blood?" Torak was squinted his eyes dangerously. He knew there was something fishy when he saved Raine from the library. The Devil must be up to something and the shadow warrior helped him stupidly.

"I I can't say it Alpha." Alpha Ron from Golden Moon pack avoided Torak's eyes. If he said it he would end up like Ramon but, if he rejected to answer, would he be safe?

Of course not.

"Tear his body limb after limb." Torak didn't have time to persuade this Alpha. Either he made his death easy, or he wanted to endure all the suffering pain.

Without waiting for another second, ten Lycans had dragged Alpha Ron away and was about to start to beat him to his last breath.

Death like this was a shame for the haughty Alpha. His last shred of dignity didn't allow him to be humiliated to this degree.

Thus, with his last roar, he forced the ten Lycans around him to stay away from him as he looked straight into Torak's eyes.

"I do regret my decision." He said rigidly. "But, I don't think you can win this war against the devils this time."

Alpha Ron's words upset the rest of the Lycanthropes there, but with a single gesture from Torak they held back themselves and their claws that ready to tear Ron apart.

"You will not alive to judge that day." Torak simply said it.

Ron's gaze was so vicious when he said his last words. Since he would die anyway, he had nothing to lose. "If I say what the devils had planned for you, will you spare my innocent pack?" He pleaded, though the way he said it didn't sound like one.

"Depend on how valuable your information." Torak countered, as an Alpha, it was his words that they must to follow not the other way around.

He indeed had said that he would spare their pack if they told him what he wanted to know, but when Ron questioned his promise, Torak could easily back down with his words.

This was a basic rule; don't question your Alpha, especially the Alpha from Donovan's bloodlines.

Ron gnashed his teeth upon hearing Torak's words.

Torak sighed. "I wonder why I appointed you as an Alpha when you are so dumb like this." He intertwined his fingers together as he rested his chin atop of it, he wanted to end this quickly and returned to his mate. His lovely mate. "I had told you that I don't bargain with my enemy."

After saying that, Torak glanced at his beasts as they took this as green light for them to start tearing this boorish Alpha apart.

After the wailing and agony sounds died down and the gruesome scene ended, Torak shifted his gaze from the window nearby, where he could see the back of the car that he drove here with Raine inside, to the last Alpha.

"So, what do you say?" Torak asked with boredom.

The last Alpha composed himself as he took a deep breath, surrender to his fate. "I beg you to tell my child that I love him." He said in hoarse voice. He should listen to his mate's words when she disagreed with his decision. "The devil, the witch and the vampire work together and with the blood of the luna they"

Yet, before he could finish his words the dark flamed had consumed his entire body.