The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 319

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 319 The Old Memories

There was nothing more information that Torak could get now, unless the things that he had already known.

The witch, the vampires and the devil were in the same boat and they had his mate's blood. The last part was the thing that Torak concerned the most.

What they would do with Raine's blood? He saw that book when he was in the library to rescue her, but he didn't think much about it except to get his mate out of there safe and sound.

And now, since the book with Raine's blood on it was brought up, he was sure the thing that had occurred inside the Library was planned beforehand.

The reason of the shadow guard to give the grimoire to Raine, was definitely something that Lucifer had thought. The devil deceived the shadow guard to deceive Raine as well.

This thought made Torak felt restless. He didn't like the fact that his enemy held something that could harm his mate.

"Bring him with us." Torak glanced at Kyle's unmoved body and walked out of the building through the hole that the beast had created before this.

"What is your order, Alpha?" Lyrus asked politely to Torak as he walked beside him.

"Secure the seven packs under those Alphas. I will give my final judgment after I dealt with Alpha Ryan." Torak spoke icily.

"Will do, Alpha." Lyrus bowed his head deeply.

"Lyrus." Torak called him after Lyrus had relayed their Alpha's order through mind- link. "I want you to meet someone."

Lyrus's eyebrow slightly creased. "Someone?"

"Your Luna." Torak said while opening the car door, where his beautiful mate has been waiting for him.

The moment Torak opened the car door, Raine immediately threw herself to Torak as she buried her face on his chest, sighed in relief because Torak was there and unharmed.

Raine has been nagging at Jack to come inside the building, but Jack knew better to not his little Luna put a step on that place at that time.

"Why it takes you so long?" Raine whined.

"There were a lot of things to deal." Torak caressed Raine's hair. "My love, I want you to meet someone." Torak stepped aside and reveal Lyrus behind him.

Out of instinct, Raine crept closer toward Torak. Of course she remembered him! How could she forget? Maybe for Lyrus the thing that happened was centuries ago, but for Raine, it was merely months.

With the Alpha's order, the rest of the Lycanthropes around the three of them dispersed, including Calleb and Jack.

"Do you remember her?" Torak asked, he could feel his mate distress by this sudden confrontation, but Torak needed to know what exactly had happened centuries ago.

Lyrus frowned, his eyebrows furrowed as he tried hard to remember where he had met with Raine and it was understandable if he couldn't recall the memory about Raine. After all, they had just met for a few minutes and it happened very long time ago.

"Is she your mate, Alpha?" Lyrus shifted his gaze toward Torak as he could feel Raine's fear toward him. But, why?

"Yes," Torak caressed Raine's hair lovingly. "She is your Luna." He confirmed the answer.

Lyrus was surprised.

Actually he had heard about Torak Donovan was having his own mate, at first he thought his mate was a chosen female Lycan.

Jenedieth was the best candidate for him actually.

However then, Jenedieth was being banned from the pack, due to his attempt to hurt Torak's mate, that was mean, his Alpha's mate wasn't Jenedieth.

Along with that news, another shocking news added to his confusion when Torak killed Jenedieth's father and appointed his Beta as the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack.

Torak's way of conduct showed how he valued his mate, just like his destined mate, yet how that could happen?

The Donovan's was cursed by the Moon Goddess herself to live the rest of their life without mate.

Regardless the rumor and the news that Lyrus heard, the scene before his eyes and how protective Torak toward this small little girl and the sparkle in those blue eyes, said otherwise.

This girl was indeed their Luan. The destined mate of Torak Donovan.

But, how could that be?

"Do you remember her?" Torak asked Lyrus, snapped him out of his own thought.

"No, Alpha." Lyrus shook his head immediately. "I have never seen your mate." At this point, he was still questioning Raine's status.

Whether she was a chosen mate or she was indeed the destined mate of their Alpha, because it would affect Torak's reign.

"You had met her." Torak blurted out. "You had met her when you were ordered to retrieve all the guardian angel from the village of angel, centuries ago."

"What?" Lyrus frowned. Those memories were so old, he even couldn't recall some of the detail of it.

The things that still etched on his memory was how they had succeeded to destroy that village and killed all the shadow warrior, wiped them all from this realm as they took all the guardian angel inside the city.

"Pardon me, Alpha, but I don't understand." Lyrus confused. Who is she? Where and when had they met?

"There was a girl who claimed she was my mate the day when you sent warning message to the village of angel. Their leader told you that they had my mate with them, but you said that I said; I don't have a mate and asked you to kill her." Torak laid out the story for Lyrus to recall the old memory.

Lyrus took a step closer and Raine's body shrunk into Torak's embrace. She looked so small compared to Torak's figure.

The girl was so beautiful, yet fragile, the thing that Lycanthropes despised the most. One of reasons why they looked down on the guardian angel. Because they were so fragile and weak.

"I don't remember her" Lyrus mumbled he stood only three steps away from the couple. "But, I remember the leader of the shadow warrior said something about, someone claimed as your mate, Alpha."