The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 32

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 32 The Unspoken Order

One of the warriors opened the car door for Torak, and he placed Raine carefully on the backseat, before he sat next to her.

Afterward, Raphael took the shotgun seat while Calleb drove the car out of the lot. Along with their car, dozens of cars set off from the scene as well.

The cars were filled with every respective Alphas of their packs and their warriors.

However, Torak's car was flanked by warrior cars on each side and also ten Lycans in their wolf form running alongside with them.

Their escaped was grandiose, those news hunters couldn't follow them not because they lost their track, but because they were not able to penetrate the security of Torak's people.

Inside the car Torak cradled Raine on his laps and removed the cap. "Are you hurt?" He asked with concern in his eyes.

Raine raised her right hand and showed him the scratched. It was a long straight line that crossed the back of her hand and was slightly bleeding, as if someone had stabbed her with a needle and dragged it over.

With the sight, Torak growled deeper as he knew to not shouting in his mate presence.

[WHO DID THIS!?] But of course he could do it in another way.

Raphael and Calleb squealed in their seat uncomfortably. "We didn't see it Torak. There were a lot of people near us." Raphael answered him.

"But, they were our people." Calleb remarked. "They wouldn't be crazy enough to hurt their Luna." He mumbled as his eyes glazed over. Seemingly he was communicating with another Lycans present.

On the backseat, Torak was frowning while looking at the scratched. They didn't have medicine box in the car as no one ever needed that, as a matter of fact Raine was not seriously wounded as well, but it didn't put Torak at ease.

With scratched like that, it only took their kind ten seconds to heal. Thanked to their remarkable healing ability, but for human it would take days, and Torak was not in the mood to see it for days.

As the blood dripping, he brought her hand to his lips and, out of instinct, licked the wound. Most animal tended to lick their wound to help stopped the bleeding in attempt to heal faster.

Raine tilted her head and looked at Torak questioningly. She had a habit to lick her wound too, but that's only if it was a prick.

However Torak's action didn't bother her for too long, as she laid her head on his shoulder and listening to his heartbeat, sleepiness washed over her. Today was a long day and the night was very intense, moreover, it was so comfortable in his arms, hence when her eyelids were getting heavier, she didn't fight it and fell asleep easily.

Feeling Raine's breathing became even as she was asleep, Torak wrapped her with blanket and held her in his arms.

Night fell as the drizzled of rain pattered against the window car. Tonight was like the night when he met Raine for the first time.

"Yes, Alpha." Raphael and Calleb replied the unspoken order from Torak in low voice.