The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 320

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 320 I Saw It

After saying that, Lyrus took a closer look at Raine and frowned. He was still hesitated to voice out his own thought, thus he asked Torak instead. "Why do you ask about that Alpha? That happened very long time ago and my memories couldn't recall the detail."

"So, tell me why I didn't receive any information about that?" Torak stared at the old Lycan.

"That's because" Lyrus swallowed hard.

That happened centuries ago and he wondered why Torak asked for such thing at time like this?

Lyrus glanced at Raine in Torak's embrace, yet no matter how hard he tried, Lyrus couldn't recall the girl's face from the day when they conveyed their warning to the shadow warriors, he just saw her face for a few minutes after all, so how he could remember insignificant thing like that?

"Your answer." Torak demanded rigidly.

"That because of your brother, Alpha. Alpha Jedrek told me to do that." Lyrus blurted out.

"What?" Torak narrowed his eyes. He really had never heard about someone mentioned something about his mate during the day when they destroyed the village of angel and killed all the shadow warrior.

Lyrus began to recall some distance memories that he had almost forgotten.

"Actually, it wasn't me who was told to kill the girl who claimed as your mate, it was my subordinate. He went to inform you about it, but he met with Alpha Jedrek. The Alpha asked why he was there instead of in the village of angel, thus that werewolf told everything."

Lyrus's eyes once again fell on Raine's face, but no matter how hard he tried and looked for the similarity, he just couldn't remember the girl's face as he also didn't pay much attention to her.

"And then Alpha Jedrek told that man to just kill the girl." Lyrus ended his short story.

"But, you said it was Torak who gave the order." Raine chimed in, she clearly remembered that they told the guardian warrior that it was Torak who had issued the order.

Lyrus's eyes lingered a little bit longer on Raine's face before he answered her. "It was because that man had just told me after the warning. He told me that he didn't meet with Alpha Torak, instead he met with Alpha Jedrek."

"Why don't you tell me afterward?" Torak asked. Lyrus should have told him about that.

"I am sorry Alpha, but I thought that wasn't necessary, moreover it was Alpha Jedrek's direct order" Lyrus puzzled.

"You thought it wasn't necessary because of the curse?" Torak blurted out the reason.

And somehow Lyrus had the audacity to nod his head. "Yes, Alpha I thought because you were cursed, so the girl at that time was only trying to distract us. Thus"

"Go back to your post." Torak cut Lyrus last words as he spoke rigidly.

Lyrus looked at Torak in puzzled, but he did what the Alpha said. He bowed his head slightly at Torak and went away.

"Let's go." Torak nudged Raine to get in the car. He carefully strapped her seatbelt before walked around and sat behind the wheel. "Don't come close to him."

"I will not." Raine said immediately, even without Torak's warning, Raine was so reluctant to be near that man as he gave a weird vibe. Raine simply didn't trust him. "But, why did you stop him? Do you think he was lying?"

"No, he didn't lie when he said he couldn't recall the even at that time, I just don't trust him to be close to you because he used to be Jedrek's man." Torak started the engine and drove the car away. "And I don't trust him like my own man."

"Isn't Jedrek your brother? Why don't you trust him?" Raine was a little bit confused.

"Because we have different viewpoint regarding mate, my love and I don't know if he still has the same thought as before." Torak replied.

"What? What kind of thought?" Raine slightly shifted in her seat as this topic piqued her curiosity.

"When we were cursed by the Moon Goddess for not having mate for our entire eternity, Jedrek was the only person who didn't mind about that fact, because he had Serefina at that time and their relationship was really good to say the least." Torak explained.

"Then why Serefina left him?" Raine frowned, if they loved each other, why Serefina should leave him? It was quite obvious that Serefina also still loved him. "Is it because the Moon Goddess had lifted the curse and gives you mate?"

"Partly." Torak replied with doubt. "Maybe. Because when the war occurred I didn't see Serefina. But, when the war ended, she appeared out of nowhere and had a big argumentation with my brother before she, once again, disappear for decades."

"Why Serefina didn't participate with the war?" Raine remembered something in her head, something that she kept forgetting to tell Torak.

Torak shrugged. "I don't know, I am not close to her. She used to very close with Kace."

That was why, the rumor about Serefina eloped with Kace was like a wildfire, especially when Kace left the realm not long after the witch. Only when Jedrek took an extreme measure to stop it and showed his wrath, people stopped to talk about it.

However, they didn't talk about it didn't equal that they would forget about it. No one would forget about how much Jedrek loved Serefina and how the witch betrayed him by eloped with his own brothers.

Yet, seeing Serefina now, Torak was unsure if that was the case. Serefina didn't look like she was in relationship with Kace as well.

"Torak, I forgot to tell you something when I went to the village of the angel for the first time." Raine bit her lips, trying to recall the crucial moment. "This is about Serefina."

"What is it?" Torak asked he was frowning as well. From his mate's expression it was something that bothered her.

"I saw Serefina was killed on the day when Lycanthropes attacked the village." Raine informed Torak.