The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 321

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 321 Jedrek And His Pride

"She was killed?" Torak frowned and glanced at his mate beside him, this kind of information puzzled him. "What do you mean she was killed?"

"I saw it Torak, I saw it with my own eyes that Serefina was stabbed by the shadow from the shadow warrior. "It was shadow with shape of spare that pierced through Serefina's heart, I saw it when she collapsed to the ground with blood was gushing out from her chest."

Raine went on with the detail, she told Torak everything that she had seen and why she was so sure that Serefina had died at that time.

Also about the white Lycan that was so livid by seeing the witch fell to the ground lifelessly.

Serefina maybe the most powerful witch, as she was a pure blood, but it didn't make her insusceptible to death.

"Don't you think there is something fishy about her sudden appearance after so long?" Raine stared at the side profile of Torak. "She helps me to gain my power despite her hate toward us."

"It was because of the Moon Goddess." Torak said. "She said it a while ago. She had a deal with the Selene."

"What kind of deal?" Raine was getting curios. There were so many things that she didn't understand about all of it; starting from Serefina, Lyrus, the Moon Goddess and Torak's brothers. Everything seemed engulfed with mystery.

"I don't know. Serefina would never tell anyone about that even if I ask her." Torak said in matter of fact tone.

Knowing Serefina, what Torak said was true. That witch wouldn't spill a word if she determined to keep it secret.

"How about your brother? I meant, I am quite sure that the white Lycan was your elder brother didn't he say something about Serefina?" Raine asked, she remembered how the white Lycan growled and howled in agony upon seeing Serefina's bloody body on the ground.

Torak shook his head. "I wasn't there when they destroyed the village of angel." He tried to recall his distance memories. "It was only Jedrek and Serefina who went there, but as I could recall, Jedrek returned alone without her."

"Didn't you ask why Serefina was not with him?" Raine had wanted to know about this. How Serefina managed to survive that sudden attack? After all, that attack was so fatal.

"No. I am not quite close with Jedrek, we respect each other to not ask any unnecessary things, moreover, I didn't really care where was she as I was quite busy with the preparation of the great war." It was true, his focus was elsewhere at that moment.

Silence ensued inside the car as Torak drove away from the abandoned place, fortunately it was still afternoon, or else that place would be as scary as haunted house.

"How about Lyrus if he is your brother's people, why he is here with us?" Raine still felt unease with the way that man looked at her.

Torak's expression turned grim when he heard that. "Actually Lyrus is not part of my pack, it's just Jedrek caught news about the dispute in this realm so he sent Lyrus here.

Torak could say, as the first born, Jedrek was much more difficult to deal with. He was so demanding and authoritative.

He would use any means to force the peace that he viewed and sometimes neglected other people opinion. Including Torak, that was why, he didn't quite get along with Jedrek and chose to create his own pack in different realm.

Not only that, Jedrek obviously hated the idea that he would bestow a mate in his life as he was so infatuate with Serefina.

He loved the witch and her craziness to the bone, thus Torak has his own opinion that Jedrek had sent Lyrus here not only to give unnecessary help to Torak, but also to look for the witch and their younger brother, Kace.

Jedrek must still not be able to get rid of the rumors about Serefina and Kace, out of his mind.

Torak didn't care what his older brother wanted to do, as long as he didn't cross the line by hurting his mate and created chaos within his pack, Lyrus could do whatever he wanted here, after all, with him here, he would be able to increase Torak's force.

"Agreed." Raine chimed in.

"Pardon me?" Torak furrowed his eyebrows as he glanced at his mate beside him, who was blinking her eyes at him. "What do you agree with?"

"As long as Lyrus doesn't create trouble for you and he doesn't harm me, I think with him here, he would be able to make sure you don't lack help." Raine was smiling beautifully when she said that.

Torak stared at her with amus.e.m.e.nt danced in his eyes. "May I know how do you know that?" The Alpha was sure the words didn't leave his lips and his mind was blocked.

"I don't know I just could hear your inner thought very well from here." Raine shrugged her shoulder. "It's just like a whisper."

"Really?" Torak was amazed. How his mate could do that?

"Is that strange?" Raine bit her lips, wasn't that normal?

"No, maybe you can hear my thought clearly because I had been bitten by you, so we could connect easily." Torak winked at Raine beside him, who was laughing cheekily.

They laughed harmoniously despite the situation that they would face or the gruesome scene that had happened.

They were happy as long as they had each other.

When the laugh had died down, Raine thought about something. "The girl that I saw in my vision" She was slightly hesitated. "If she is your brother's mate, what do you think he would do the moment he met his mate? What I meant he hates her even though he hasn't met her."

Torak gave some though regarding Raine's statement. "I don't know Jedrek tends to take everything so seriously and hate when he had to back out of his own words."

"Then how about her?" Raine looked worried.

"I hope my brother's pride doesn't cloud his heart." Torak stated.