The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 322

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 322 A Witch In Blue Moon Pack

Torak didn't want to think that his brother would kill his own mate, because it looked like that's what he would do, the moment his mate appeared before his eyes.

Torak doubted the mate bond, between Jedrek and his mate, could stop him from killing his own mate. If that was the case, Torak didn't have a say to interfere, because he didn't want to have clash with his own brother as long as he kept his own business to himself and didn't touch his mate.

Jedrek could do whatever he wanted to his mate, but once he issued an order for Lyrus to harm Raine, he would send that Lycan's head straight to Jedrek's eyes.

Raine was looking at the scenery outside, seemingly, there was something that she was thinking now.

She had grown pretty well under Torak's care, physically and mentally. Raine had gained more weight than the first time they met and more talkative.

"Thanks to you" Raine suddenly turned her head and looked at Torak, her eyes turned crescent when she smiled beautifully.

Torak raised her eyebrows as his lips curled into smiled. "I am very sure I have covered my mind, but how can you read me so easily, my love?"

"Really?" There was a tinge of surprised in those beautiful eyes.

"Really. Is it because your strength has progressed a lot?" Torak didn't mind at all if Raine could read his mind. He didn't have a plan to hide anything from her after all, it's just he wondered, why and how she could do that? "Is this because of your training with Serefina?"

Raine thought about it for a while, but she didn't think that was the case. "I am not sure, I think I didn't do anything significant with Serefina before."

"I see" Torak nodded. Though they couldn't understand how Raine's power progressed by leaps and bounds, but it was a relief.

They traveled for another thirty minutes before they arrived at a small town, with a mountain as the background.

Raine was pretty sure, they had traveled far from the Fulbright city.

When they just passed a signpost, Raine heard a howl of animal and almost jumped from her seat when something dashed from the side of the car.

Torak was laughing upon seeing his mate reaction. "Don't worry, that's Calleb."

Raine turned her head to see a big grey wolf had been waiting for them when Torak stopped the car. From the smirk on his face, Raine knew this Gamma was deliberately surprised her.

Torak got out of the car and walked around to open the car door for Raine, she looked at Torak for a while, because Raine thought Torak would ask her to stay inside the car again.

But, this time Torak wanted her to meet all the Lycans there with him. Torak intertwined their fingers together, claiming her silently that she was his.

The bad big grey wolf nudged his snout when Raine was close enough with him and smirked.

Out of instinct, Raine ran her fingers on his big head and felt his soft fur when Torak's presence automatically gathered all the Lycans there to hear their Alpha's words.

Torak looked so imposing under the bright afternoon sunlight and his wide back was a safe heaven for Raine when all the Lycanthropes started to walk toward her and surrounded the two of them.

Raine was still not able to get used to this, especially when she watched Lyrus was on the front line of those beast. She felt like all of them would pounce on her once she let her guard down.

A silly thought of course. Torak was there and that kind of action was equal with suicide.

"What have you got?" Torak asked, his voice so steady and stern, giving off a dominant aura around him.

Meanwhile, Calleb in his beast form stood closer toward Raine, brushed his fur against her legs as if saying that he was there and no need to be afraid.

This small act indeed gave Raine a little bit securities that she needed, aside from Torak's warms hand.

It was Lyrus again who answered Torak. He walked forward and flashed his curious eyes on Raine for a millisecond before his focus fixed on The Alpha.

"Our people have secured the Blue Moon Pack and now are looking for Alpha Ryan." Lyrus reported monotonously. "It seems Alpha Ryan is indeed part of them as we caught a witch near the border of blue moon pack before she could flee."

"A witch, huh?" Torak sneered. "Bring me to her."

"This way please Alpha." Lyrus opened his arms as he showed the way to Torak and Raine.

Once again, Raine could feel Lyrus eyes on the back of her head when he followed them while Calleb's beast led the way to the side road.

They had to go through many trees and bushes before they could reach a spot where the grasses withered and turned into golden color.

Under a big tree Raine could see a woman, wearing all blue gown, as if she just returned from a party. She lowered her head and her hair cascaded down beside her face.

Raine couldn't see her face clearly because of that, but she was sure this witch has a beautiful feature due to her soft hair and fair skin.

"Stay here." Torak released Raine's fingers from him as he let Calleb to stay with her. He wanted Raine to be safe and out of harm.

Raine stayed ten steps away from the witch, the distances that saved enough for her to watch what would happen, but still protected if that witch wanted to do something fishy.

"Raised your head." Torak said in his deep voice. He deliberately stood between Raine and the witch, covering his mate figure with his own body.

The witch raised her head defiantly as she glared at Torak with his fiery red eyes.

"Are you from northern coven?" Torak asked her directly.

But, instead of answered Torak's question, the witch laughed mockingly at Torak.