The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 323

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 323 This Is My Pack My Rule

"Alpha" She let out a breathy voice as she tried to catch a glimpse of Raine behind Torak's back.

But, of course, Torak wouldn't give her such a chance as he ordered the man behind the witch to keep her steady.

That man grabbed the witch's hair and pulled her head back so Torak could see her face clearer.

The witch was wailing in agony when she felt her hair was being tugged from her scalp, yet despite of the agony that she felt, her voice was so steady. "This will be a long battle Alpha, even if you killed me you will not win this so easy." The witch sneered. "No, I think you will not win this war again."

Torak narrowed his eyes. "I asked whether you came from northern coven or not, but you give me a long reply without answering my question."

"So, what if you know whether I come from northern coven or not? The fact that your mate should have died in order to win this war will not change." The witch glanced at her surrounding, trying to take the Lycanthropes around her into her peripheral vision. "Now you heard"

Before the witch could utter another word, Torak had slit her throat with his claws.

With a soft thud the witch's body fell on the ground, leaving her head hung mid air just because the man behind her was grabbing her hair.

Calleb acted so quick, he shifted into his human form in matter of second and pulled Raine into his arms, pressed her face against his chest to cover the gruesome scene before their eyes.

Maybe for those Lycans this sort of scene was nothing, especially those old Lycans. This was just another died body for them.

However for Raine, it would be a big blow.

In the other hand, Raine let Calleb to hug her, shutting her eyes tightly, she placed her hands on his chest. She knew what was happening and didn't think she could take it, thus she was grateful for Calleb thoughtful action.

All the Lycanthropes that witnessed this not even flinch when the witch dead body was being taken away and burned into ashes.

This was how to deal with the witch, because they could use dark magic to revive their fellow friends, even though not all the witch possessed that ability.

The witch last words sounded like an empty words, a dying talk from someone who knew that she would survive this.

However, it didn't sound that way for Lyrus. He was there when the war happened, thus he knew very well what the necessary things that should have done to prevent the war, or if it was too late for that, to win this war.

Lyrus's eyes caught a glimpse of Raine in Calleb's embrace. It was only one word that could describe her. Weak.

The Lycanthropes who were so haughty with their strength and praised with their power and authority, didn't need a weakling Luna.

He needed to talk about this with Torak in person.

After the body of the witch had turned into nothing, Torak walked toward Raine and instinctively Calleb released his hands from his Luna.

Raine was still shocked, but seeing Torak's hand that stretched out for her, she took it without any hesitation.

Once Torak caught her hand, he pulled her closer and let her stood beside him while he looked around at the Lycanthropes from his own pack.

"This is not the best moment for me to announce this!" Torak's voice boomed and sent a sudden urge for the rest of them to bow their head solemnly at him. "But, I would like to introduce you to your Luna!"

Raine never thought Torak would introduce her in this very moment. was he worried about what the witch said before?

"She is my equal! And if anyone of you mistreated her than she should deserve, it would be the same as you defied my words and the punishment would be dire!"

In the end of Torak's words, those Lycanthropes bowed their head solemnly as they knelt before their Alpha and Luna.

This wasn't ceremony that Torak wanted when he had to introduce Raine as the Luna of the pack. This was too hasty and Raine wasn't ready for this yet.

However, not only Lyrus who realized the after effect of the witch's last words, Torak also aware about that.

He knew some of the old Lycan, who had tasted the war centuries ago, would immediately think about sacrificing Raine.

At this point they must have been aware that Raine was a guardian angel, one of the creatures that they naturally despise the most because of their weak nature.

That was why Torak told them about Raine before there was one person stepped forward and had a wrong idea about this.

It couldn't be denied that they still didn't believe if Raine was Torak destined mate and not the chosen one.

After all, Torak had been cursed for centuries and mateless along that period of time.

At least, this proclamation could restrain them from saying a wrong thing and created unnecessary dispute within his pack.

Because if Torak didn't take this stern action, it wouldn't rule out the possibility that in the future there would be differences of opinion which can divide their unity.

It was their nature to follow their Alpha's words, though not all of them had the same thought about this.

This was another way for Torak to protect Raine from his pack's judgment.

Lyrus was squinted his eyes when he heard Torak's words. It also indirectly answered the thing that he initially wanted to discuss with the Alpha.

[Keep your thought for yourself, Lyrus.]

Torak's cold voice echoes inside his head among the argumentation that he had with himself.

[Alpha Torak, your brother will not like this.] Lyrus answered hesitantly.

"Lyrus." Suddenly Torak voiced was so loud for all of them to hear. "You can go back to my brother and tell him that I don't need his advice, help or guidance."

Lyrus lifted his head only to meet Torak's black eyes.

"Tell him; this is my pack, my rule!"