The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 324

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 324 Proclaimed

Upon hearing that, Lyrus stood up, followed by around twenty Lycans behind him.

This action showed how many people that Lyrus had brought with him because of Jedrek's order. In the end, he wasn't Torak's people.

"Alpha Torak. Regardless you have your own pack, but I don't think you should forget about your root." Lyrus said calmly. "You are the second son of the royal family and you should respect Alpha Jedrek as the first born, the Alpha and your brother." He tried to justify his words and action.

"Go back to your place." Torak said grimly. His hand around Raine's shoulder tightened, yet he was still aware to not hurt his mate.

"You should put the pack interest about anything." Lyrus was very sure that Jedrek would have the same thought as him.

"Try to say that after I tear your mate limb by limb." Torak was livid and the other Lycanthropes could feel their Alpha's wrath.

Lyrus was the most loyal Lycan in their realm, but he didn't put his loyalty on a subject like the Alpha, but he put his loyalty for the Lycanthropes.

Lyrus was the living proverb for; sacrifice was needed for greater good. He wouldn't hesitate to do anything to for the Lycanthropes.

He would do anything to ensure their glory and Jedrek shared the same thought as him, that was why, Lyrus was the most trusted person for Jedrek aside from his Beta and Gamma.

That point also, which made Torak to separate himself from his brother. They were simply not in the same page of the book, their view about life, pack and mate was so differ.

"Alpha Torak, I don't think if you send me away now, Alpha Jedrek would be pleased with your action." Lyrus was still bringing Jedrek's name over and over again.

"I don't rule my pack to please him." Torak said icily. "Leave now." He said in deep voice.

The tension in the air was so palpable, it left the other Lycans from Torak pack shivered out of fear, even Raine couldn't help but staring at her shoes.

Torak was holding back his temper.

He didn't want to attack Lyrus and incurred his brother's wrath, it would be a waste of time and effort, moreover, he has known Lyrus for very long time, if it wasn't necessary Torak was still reluctant to attack his old friend.

"Excuse us, Alpha Torak." Lyrus still respected Torak's decision as an Alpha and took his leave along with the other twenty Lycans that he brought with him.

When Lyrus and his people was out of their sight, Torak looked at his mate, who had lowered her head until her chin touched her chest.

Torak caressed her cheek and lifted her chin, in the next second he had planted a kiss on her sweet lips. Sealed his proclamation in front of his pack.

The other Lycans raised their head when the tension suddenly was gone and witnessed this as their Alpha claimed their Luna.

A few beasts on the background howled ceremoniously to the sky followed by the others.

It startled Raine as she retracted herself from Torak, but the Alpha held her head to keep her steady during their kiss.

Actually, it was quite embarrassing when she had to be kissed in front of many people and beasts as they stared at them solemnly.

However, Torak made sure to cover her attractive red face with his big palms and hid her body with his for some of the beasts' sight.

When the kiss was ended, Raine was breathless and as red as a boiled shrimp, while Torak was just like the Alpha he was.

"We will head to the Blue Moon Pack." He stated, taking Raine's hand and walked to the opposite direction.

[Calleb. Made sure to let me know my brother's movement.] Torak mind- linked his Gamma.

Jedrek maybe wouldn't come to him directly and asked him to sacrifice his mate for greater good, but it didn't mean he wouldn't try.

[Yes, Alpha.] Calleb answered.

Jedrek was so disgusted by the idea of having a guardian angel as his mate, he was too haughty just to lower his head in front of the creature that much weaker than him.

Raine's question resounded in Torak's head; would Jedrek's mate would be all right when she met him?

Torak couldn't answer that, as he wasn't even sure how the mate bond would work on him.

Once they arrived at the border of the blue moon pack, bunches of Torak's people had been there, they greeted their Alpha and their Luna.

Raine didn't know why, but she was sure those people that she had met now, seemingly knew about Torak's action to claim her.

Probably through mind- link? Raine still didn't really understand how this work.

"Alpha. Luna." One of the Lycan stepped forward, he was as tall as Torak, but a bit skinny. His brown eyes fell on Raine as he nodded his head politely that Raine reciprocated the same. "We have restricted this area and searched for their Alpha, but we still can't find Alpha Ryan here."

Apparently, Torak's people was so fast to take action and very efficient in carrying out their duties.

"But, we found Alpha Ryan's mate and his son." That man continued before Torak's expression turned more unsightly.

"Lead the way." Torak said curtly with his hands dr.a.p.ed protectively on Raine's shoulder.

Torak didn't talk much with Raine, but she could hear his thought nonetheless and it was very complicated.

There were a lot of things running around in her mate's head, until the point, Raine couldn't catch up with his thought and chose to block his mind to save her from headache.

Along with Torak, Raine walked down a street where, she assumed, all the residents in that place stood line after line on both sides of the road.

Fear, confusion and anxiety were written on their face, when the air became suffocated with the appearance of their supreme Alpha.

Not many of them were lucky enough to see Torak directly in his life.