The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 325

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 325 This Is How Torak Dealt With The Situation

However, when their eyes fell on the little girl beside their Alpha, their eyes flashed with curiosity. They knew Raine when their Alpha threw a magnificent birthday party for her that was broadcast live not so long ago.

The rumor said she was their Luna, but then, just like other common people, their mind still stuck with the fact about Donovan's curse.

However, after witnessing how protective their Alpha toward her, they knew she was indeed Alpha's Torak destined mate.

Meanwhile, Raine kept looking at those people that lowered their head solemnly as she, Torak and the other walked. Raine had never seen this situation before and was amazed by the authority that Torak held.

[Don't look at them, my love.] Torak's soft voice suddenly sounded in Raine's head, startled her.

Even though the voice that rung in her head was very soft, but when Raine turned around to see his face, Torak still wore that cold expression that devoid from any emotions, he gave off a dominating vibe.

[Just look ahead.] Torak said again.

He didn't want for them to see Raine's fragile side as he knew the nature of the Lycan and werewolves. They wouldn't take Raine seriously if she showed that side to them.

However much he hated it, he still had to admit what Serefina told them was true. The situation and his people wouldn't care to wait for Raine's progress.

Especially at this time, when everything had started to turn upside down and they had enemies in every corners.

Torak's pack expectation was so high for their Luna and if Raine didn't meet their expectation, it would cause turbulence within the pack.

Thus, at the very least Torak could do was to prevent Raine for showing her concern and altruism toward them.

Both of that was something strange for their kind.

Raine needed more time to get used with this and Torak wanted to give all the time that she needed to her, yet it wasn't that case anymore. He had to start to show Raine how to be a Luna for this brute pack.

They walked for five minutes before they reached a three- story building, painted with blue color.

Someone pushed open the gates for them and let them stepped inside the front yard that filled with roses.

Just like what Torak had said to her, she kept her eyes from wandering the beautiful flowers around her and fixed her eyes at the door.

When they reached the threshold, the same person opened the brown door and showed the interior of that building.

Raine was sure this place was a pack house, similar to the one that she had seen.

However, before Raine could take a look of the inside design and was amazed by how artistic this place, her eyes zeroed in to the woman and a child that looked only three years old, she was kneeling on the floor.

That woman hugged the child protectively and would glare to anyone who dare enough to take a step closer to them. Mother instinct.

They must be the wife and the son of Alpha Ryan.

Her defensive eyes abruptly turned into fear when they caught Torak's figure, standing just a few steps away from her with imposing manner.

Suddenly she started to cry that make the child in her arms also crying, without even knowing what was happening.

Torak could feel his mate started to take pity on them, but he couldn't let her to show it in front of these people.

[Don't say a word and stay with Calleb.] Another warning that Torak mind- linked her.

Torak stepped forward as he let Calleb to take his place beside Raine, just in case the situation turned ugly and Raine became too emotional to handle it.

"Alpha I don't know what happen." The woman started to wail pitifully. "Please spare my son's life." She begged for her child's life instead of hers.

Raine slightly turned her head so she wouldn't see the expression of the mother.

"Clarice." Torak said her name and the woman was surprised that the Alpha actually remembered her name despite they had only met for once in the past. "Where is Ryan?"

Clarice wiped her tears and tried to comfort her son, so his cry could cease down. "I I really don't know where he is going he was here this morning" She stammered in her attempt to explain her innocent to Torak.

The Alpha narrowed his eyes. He didn't want to hurt the innocent people and even a child, after all they were still his people, but he would do it without hesitation if that was something that must have been done to make her confess.

"When was the last time you saw him?" Torak asked coldly.

Amidst her anxiety and fear, Clarice tried her best to remember when the last time she saw her mate. "I saw him I saw him" She stuttered and got distracted because the child was crying really hard, sensing his mother distress.

Without hesitation, Torak gestured his man to take the child away from Clarice, and of course this aggravated the mother.

However, one of a Lycan easily took her down and the other lycan snatched her son away from her. Now, both mother and child were crying, wailing and shouting.

"SILENCE!" Torak's voice boomed inside the house, startled all of the people there, including a few people who were standing at the back, shrunk their body out of fear so no one could notice them.

"Stop crying!" Torak said grimly. "I will return your son unscathed if you answer all my questions."

Clarice, leaving with no choice, nodded her head vehemently, biting her lips to stop her sobs. "Don't hurt my son don't hurt my son."

Raine squeezed Calleb's hand tightly. This scene before her eyes was so heartbreaking. She wanted to say something, but she knew this was how Torak dealt with the situation, her intervention wouldn't bring any good result for them.

Thus, she tried hard to keep her expression as calm as she could.