The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 326

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 326 Clarice Confession

"Where is Ryan?" Torak asked the same question again. His expression was devoid from any emotion as he kept his eyes fixed on Clarice.

"I don't know" Clarice shook her head as she glanced again and again at the closed door, where the Lycan had taken her son in. "He was here this morning but, when Beta Gary came and told him something he went outside and I don't know" Clarice sobbed again.

She felt so distressed with all of this situation, especially when she couldn't have her child with her, she didn't want something bad befell on her son.

"Where is Gary?" Torak asked grimly at his people.

One of the Lycan stepped forward and gave his report. "Beta Gary had disappeared along with Alpha Ryan." He said.

"And his family?" Torak furrowed his eyebrows.

"Beta Gary is an orphan, he doesn't have family." He replied. That was why they couldn't bring Gary's family here, because he had none.

"Have you checked all the area?" Torak asked Calleb, who was standing beside Raine, behind the Alpha.

"Yes, Alpha." Calleb nodded. "We have all the area checked, but still we couldn't find him and his Beta."

"Announce this! I will have his mate killed if he didn't show up until the sunset." Torak said cruelly.

Announcement like this would spread faster between the Lycan and werewolf as they used their mind- link to share their thought.

As long as Ryan was still near his territory, he would be able to receive it.

"He will not come Alpha he will not come." Clarice was weeping once again. She clutched her chest tightly as if she was holding back her grievances. "Even if you said you will kill me, he will not come"

Torak narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?" It was impossible for their other half to stand the pain of losing their own mate.

"Because I am not his mate I am not his mate" Clarice said it repetitively. Her tears wetted her face. "I was just his chosen mate" She confessed. "He will not care about me"

Torak had never heard that Ryan was together with Clarice because she was his chosen mate. Though this case happened, but it was very rare within the werewolves and Lycanthropes, because they always chose to wait for their destined mate.


"Why? Did his mate die?" Torak asked rigidly.

Because Ryan's status before was Alpha Xavier's Beta, thus he didn't care or aware enough about that.

"No because his destined mate was Jenedieth, the late Alpha Xavier's daughter." Clarice blurted out.

This revelation not only surprised the Alpha, but also shocked the rest of the people, especially those who came from this blue moon pack.

They also didn't know about this story.

In truth, to Clarice for admitting this was some kind of humiliation. However, she didn't have any other choice, she must save her son.

He was the only reason Clarice still survived until now.

"Jenedieth?" Torak frowned. This piece of information became more absurd for Torak.

If Jenedieth was Ryan's destined mate so, why were not they together?

"Because" Clarice looked at the people from the blue moon pack over her shoulder, she was hesitated to tell the reason in the presence of those people.

Knowing this, Torak gestured his people to bring them away, so Clarice could talk more about this matter.

Mate was a sacred thing for shape shifter like them.

If one could live with their chosen mate was a rare occasion, then to reject their own mate was unheard. How they could do that?

Torak thought Jedrek would be the first one, however he actually got this issued here, in his own pack.

Those blue moon pack people were taken to the third floor and were locked in their own bedroom until further order.

Even if they didn't lock them away, they wouldn't dare to step out of their bedroom under Torak's restriction order. They knew better to not cross the Alpha's bottom line, moreover at time like this.

After it was only Torak's people who surrounded Clarice she choked in her tears when she started to talk again.

"Ms. Jenedieth rejected him" She bit her lips to hold back her agony when she continued to speak. "He enraged and and he marked me by force" Another tears were rolling down her cheeks as she hastily wiped them away.

When the last words were coming out of her mouth, Raine could feel all the people inside the room held back their breath in shocked.

Raine knew it was something bad, but didn't really know how bad it was to be marked by force actually, she was one of it

Torak marked her without her consent when he in his beast form, yet she was fine and there was not any major damaged that had done.

[What happened if you were marked forcefully?] Raine asked Calleb through mind- link.

[It would severe the mate bond between you two.] Calleb answered. [In Clarice's case, she would never meet her destined mate ever.]

[But, Torak did the same to me and I am fine] Raine glanced at Calleb who glanced back at her.

[That can't be counted. Your case is different.] Calleb shook his head silently and continued to explain. [Between you and Torak, the mate bond is only affected the Alpha, since you don't have it, so how it could be severed?]

In another words; the feeling that she felt for Torak now was pure because she loved him, without any intervention of the mate bond.

[Then, how bad it is for the lady?] Raine shifted her attention back to clarice, who was wailing pitifully. There was regret, shame and anger in the way she expressed herself after the confession.

[Forcing mark is similar with r.a.p.e in your world, and you will be forced to live the rest of your life with your rapist. Our kind despises that kind of act the most. So, how bad it is for her?] Calleb looked at Raine, who was staring at him with eyes wide open in shock. [That is why she said Ryan will not come for her. She is not his mate in the first place.]