The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 327

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 327 Lied

After hearing Calleb's explanation, Raine felt sorry for Clarice. How could someone do that to someone else? Though in this case they were Lycans.

Raine looked at Clarice, who was still wailing on the ground, and then Torak's back.

Though all of the Lycan showed their surprised and hatefulness when Clarice told them that she was forcefully marked, but when they watched the way the female werewolf was crying on the ground, their face contorted in disgust. They didn't like this kind of act.

After all, they were Torak's loyal fighter, so they didn't have the same empathy as normal people did. Their beast's blood was very thick, as if their sole existence was for combat.

Thus, this show of pitiful act, wasn't their favorite scene.

For a moment, Raine wondered what Torak would do? Did he really not feel anything? His broad shoulder and straighten back was so imposing, giving the vibe of his dominance nature.

So, this how his world, this how the Lycan and the supernatural's world. There was no space for the weak.

Now Raine could understand why their kind despised the guardian angel

Seemingly Raine needed an extra effort to get their recognition and for some reason this scared her. Would she meet their expectation?

"Please Alpha I just want my child back please give me back my son" Clarice cupped her hands together, she looked very pitiful.

In the other hand, Torak was unfazed. His dark eyes stared at the woman in front of him with face that devoid from any emotion.

Nobody knew what was going on in his head, and since he didn't issue an order to release the child and returned him to his mother, ultimately no one would dare enough to say otherwise, no matter how loud the woman was crying her heart out.

Raine wanted to say something, but she held herself back, she didn't want to ruin this for Torak. He must know what he had to do.

However, because Torak didn't say anything and treated her coldly, the woman shifted her eyes on Raine and crawled toward her direction.

"Luna you must be the supreme Luna" She sobbed pitifully at Raine. "Luna please helps me my son"

Yet, before she could reach Raine one of the Lycan grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back while yelling at her.

"Step back!"

The woman flew a few meters away because of the male Lycan's strength and her body hit the wall with a loud sound.

Raine literally could hear the sound of broken bones when her haggard self collided with the solid wall.

[She will be all right.] Calleb said through mind link. He lightly squeezed Raine's fingers to remind her that she supposed to not show any emotion.

Though it sounded cruel, but once Raine showed Clarice her soft side, the woman would use it and it would make her soft heart ached when she couldn't save the woman if Torak wanted to say otherwise.

Raine knew it as well, thus she just stood there while looking at Torak's back. She didn't want to see Clarice.

[The broken bone will be healed within two minutes.] Calleb informed Raine, so she could slightly feel relieved.

It was true, after all their healing ability was very fast, though it depended on how severed the injuries.

Raine nodded her head slightly. She indeed felt relieved after hearing that.

"My son please Alpha" Clarice begged again.

"Give back her son." Torak finally said and this made the woman stopped crying as she looked at the shut door expectantly.

Her son was just behind that door.

The moment the door opened and she saw her son, she rushed over and hugged him tightly, the boy also did the same.

Apparently what Calleb said was true, her body healed so fast.

"Isolate this area until we find their Alpha." Torak issued an order before he turned back and stretched out his hand toward Raine.

Without second thought, Raine walked over toward Torak and stayed beside him as she watched Clarice was standing three steps away from her.

From closer look, Raine could see her swollen eyes.

"Alpha, thank you" Clarice said between her sobs. "Luna, thank you"

Raine just gave her small nod. Actually she didn't deserve her gratefulness because she didn't do anything.

Afterward Torak brought them to go out of the pack house with Clarice followed behind them.

Because of what Clarice had said to them, the original plan to make Ryan came voluntarily by using his son and wife couldn't be done.

Ryan wouldn't leave them in the first place if he knew that Torak would come, the possibility for Torak to use his little family was high, thus with him leaving them, Ryan obviously didn't care much about them.

Especially when Clarice said she wasn't his destined mate.

But, in exchange, their pack would suffer because their Alpha was so irresponsible to neglect his own pack for his own safety, aside from that Raine believed Torak wouldn't do anything harsh on innocent people.

When they were outside, Raine's attention was on the boy in Clarice's arms, who stole a glance at Raine from time to time.

"What is his name?" Raine asked, the boy was only three years old with big brown eyes that stared at Raine in curiosity.

Out of instinct, Raine stretched out her hand to touch the boy soft cheek, but Torak grabbed her wrist and looked at her questioningly.

"Jade, his name is Jade." Clarice said with bright smile on her lips.

"It's alright. He is just a boy." Raine reassured Torak, she just wanted to squeeze his chubby face. That's all.

That was a normal reaction when someone saw a beautiful child like him. At least, that was what Raine felt.

Torak released her wrist and looked at Clarice sternly. He didn't trust her, therefore he didn't want Raine to come close to her.

Once again Raine reached out her hand to touch the boy's cheek, but when her fingers brushed Jade's skin she stared at Clarice while retracting her hand hastily. "She lied."