The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 328

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 328 There Is Something Under The Bed

"She lied." Raine frowned while looking at Clarice, who was staring back at her with surprised.

"What do you mean Luna?" Clarice's voice was shaking when she asked Raine while stepping back gingerly.

"You know where he is." Raine stated. She knew it for sure. Her voice was so determined as if she held an evidence for her accusation.

Torak reacted fast as he hid Raine behind his back and growled. "Hold her." He said grimly.

Without waiting for another second, once again Clarice was being separated from her son and was held back to the ground.

"I don't know! I don't know!" Clarice shook her head vehemently, the tears that had dried on her face started to stream down again from her eyes. "Let me go! Let me go!" She tried to free herself with no avail.

"How dare you to lie to your Alpha!" The Lycan who held her down to the ground roared. There was a loud sound of broken bone from the pressure as Clarice choked on her sobs.

"No. Stop!" Raine stepped forward out of instinct, exposed herself from behind Torak's back. "No, don't hurt her!"

Raine didn't even realize when she did that and when she was aware with what she had done, every eyes of the Lycanthropes near her were looking at her in disagreed.

This act was unacceptable, as a Luna, Raine was expected to act wisely and for them, 'wise' in their case was not to show her personal emotion, especially to their enemies.

As everything had turned out like this, Raine just could continue. She turned around to look Torak whose face was still devoid from any emotions.

"Torak, please. Let me talk to her." Raine touched Torak's hand, with pleading eyes she looked at the Alpha. "Let me talk to her for awhile then I will let you know why I said she lied."

Torak pulled Raine closer by her waist and kept her close while nodding at the Lycan who was holding Clarice to the ground and almost killed the female werewolf.

Torak's intention was clear. Raine could ask Clarice, but she was not allowed to step closer to her. Torak didn't want to gamble with his mate safety.

"Why did you lie?" Raine asked when Clarice had been released from the Lycan's grip.

Yet, Clarice didn't cherish that and kept shaking her head, still harbor the thought that she could keep her act until the end, despite she didn't know why Raine suddenly said something like that.

"I am not lying" Clarice looked so pitiful, playing victim in front of Raine with her big teary eyes, trying to gain the Luna's sympathy.

"Tell me the truth and I will help you." Raine tried to save her from Torak's wrath also, but Clarice didn't know any better, as she kept denied. "I swear!"

Raine looked at Clarice in disappointment and then shifted her gaze at Torak. "I will show you."

After saying that, Raine took Torak's hand and walked back toward the pack house followed by the rest of the Lycanthropes, wondered, what their Luna would show it to them.

Behind Torak and Raine, Clarice's eyes flickered in panic as she was being dragged back to the pack house again.

Even Torak couldn't tell what Raine was going to do, but knowing her ability was getting stronger he knew that his mate would do the right things, thus he let Raine to lead the way for them.

It was a rare occasion to see Raine took the initiative first. Thus, Torak was eager to see what she would do.

Raine held Torak's hand while walking inside the pack house and walked past the living room where they gathered earlier.

But, then she walked to the second floor, but before she climbed the stairs, she turned around to look at one of the nearby Lycan. "Bring the child." She said curtly.

The Lycan didn't immediately do what his Luna told him, instead he looked at his Alpha, waiting for his approval.

Of course this kind of act was within Raine's expectation. They didn't take her word seriously and without Torak's permission she was nothing but a title without true power.

"Your Luna's words are my words!" Torak growled in dissatisfied as his people questioned his mate's order. They had to start to learn to look Raine as their Luna.

"Yes Alpha, Luna." The Lycan lowered his head as he went to get the child.

Raine smiled faintly at Torak and squeezed his hand lightly to show her gratitude, in exchange, Torak kissed her cheek and spoke softly. "Let's go."

Raine nodded and continued to go to the second floor.

There were many rooms in the second floor and as if Raine had lived there for years, she walked straight to one room with determination and tried to open it, but it was locked.

Torak pulled Raine back and with one hard pound he tore the door opened from its hinges.

Raine looked at that with eyes widened in disbelief. Just how strong Torak was? But then she realized Torak wasn't even a human in the first place.

Torak threw the broken door away and grabbed Raine's hand, guided her inside carefully, reminded her about the shattered woods on the floor, just in case she stepped on it and the sharp pieces pierced through her shoes.

This room was a bedroom with a simple decoration and beautiful chandelier. Aside from a king size bed at the left side, there was only a small table beside the bed.

"Lift that bed." Raine pointed at the bed in front of her. It indeed looked heavy, but she was sure with the Lycan's inhumanly strength they could lift it without breaking a sweat. "And bring Jade here."

Raine ordered them swiftly, and because what Torak had said before, they didn't dare to delay their Luna's order.

One Lycan stepped inside the room and another two entered with Jade and Clarice with them, Calleb followed as well.

"There is something under the bed." Raine answered Torak's unspoken question, apparently she became more astute at reading her mate.