The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 33 Bloody Night 1

It took forty five minutes driving from the hotel to the private runaway where Torak's private jet had been waiting for them. On the fuselage the word 'Donovan Enterprises Holding, Inc' embedded.

He carried Raine gently, who was still sleeping, to board the private jet, but when the noises became too loud, she stirred awake, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She looked around her in confusion, before she landed her eyes on Torak smiling face.

Torak kissed her forehead and informed her about where they were. He brought her into the bedroom and tucked the blanket until her chin, before coaxed her to sleep again.

After Raine had fallen asleep, Torak walked out of the room.

"Alpha, everyone has been waiting outside." Calleb informed him. Along the trip to the runaway, Torak had given them an order through mind- link.

Seeing how much he valued his mate, his order was predictable, Torak wouldn't let the person who had hurt her off easily.

"You wait inside." Torak said curtly.

Calleb was slightly taken aback when he was ordered to wait inside the room, but then he remembered about Belphegor. That devil had slipped twice from their security easily. No one could guarantee, he wouldn't appear again here.

However, before Calleb closed the door and Torak walked away, The Alpha added. "My beast will not please to smell another scent in our mate, so help yourself to stay out of the trouble."

With the calm warning, Calleb gulped hard when he heard that and glued his back onto the door, afraid to take a single step further.

Torak had beautified his words, to say his beast wouldn't be please was another meaning for being tormented.

Calleb scratched the back of his neck while looking at the sleeping Luna, hoping that nothing bad would happen while he was there.


On the runway, all the Betas and warriors were standing in circle near their respective Alphas, grouping themselves based on their pack.

All the voices were quieted down when Torak alighted from the airstairs. His black eyes were evidence how livid he was.

All lycans present were holding their breath when they felt the pressured from the Supreme Alpha. Torak didn't hold the title for nothing. Only with Raine he would bow his head down and kneel, out of that he was the most feared Lycans along with his brothers.

Their brutalism was told for generations. No wonder, the moon Goddess herself put the curse upon them. This was the infamous story about Donovan. That was why, Raine's existence still questionable for the outsider.

Who exactly she was for the Supreme Alpha?

Torak trudged toward the blue moon pack, the pack where Xavier was the Alpha.

The moment Torak was standing in front of him, Alpha Xavier couldn't any longer ignored the dominance and animosity that oozed out from him. The Alpha of blue moon pack showed their neck, the sign of submissive, however one of the warriors went too far as kneeling on the ground.

Torak's deep black eyes, caught the sight and walked toward the warriors. He was literally trembling until his teeth clattering.

Suddenly, without any warning, Torak strangled and lifted him off the ground. "Tell me, who ordered you to do that?" He asked with voice that devoid from any emotion, his tone was eerily calm.

In the other side, the spectators gasped loudly. It was so long since the last time Torak had murdered a lycan. However, from the look of it, there would be bloodshed tonight. Seemingly they needed a reminder just how cruel this Lycan was.

"Alpha Supreme Torak, please calm down your anger." Alpha Xavier tried to put the beast at ease, but he should have known, at this point Torak would stop for nothing. "What did you mean with 'ordered'?"

Torak smashed the Lycan to the ground, his body hit the runaway with a loud bang sound as he groaned in agony, the next second Torak had snatched a white box from his pocket jacket.

He sniffed it slightly. "Who ordered you to hurt my Luna!?"

The scent of Raine's blood could be smelled from the small white box in Torak's hand. However, the scent was so faint, so no one would be able to tell if they hadn't had a closer look.

"Break his limbs until he confessed." Torak's eyes flickered with viciousness while two of his warriors approached the Lycan on the ground.

The next second, the poor Lycan was howling in agony, his body convulsed in pain when the other two lycans easily broke his bone.

"I will confess! Arrrgghh!!!" The lycan cried desperately. "Spare me Alpha!"

Torak didn't give his order to stop until a minute later when the Lycan couldn't even move a finger. "Stop." He said coldly.