The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 330

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 330 She Was Cursed

Once Torak had gone from her sight, Raine couldn't help but became nervous. She couldn't feel at ease by the sight of the dark tunnel in front of her.

Therefore, she squatted down beside the entrance of it with Calleb right beside her.

What if something happened to Torak down there? What if this just another trick from the devil? What if there was unknown monster down there?

Raine's head was buzzing with question after question, unable to think clearly and assessed the situation.

Raine really wanted for Torak to comeback right now.

When she felt her head was about to explode from too much thinking, she felt a big palm on her head, tousled her hair in soothing motion.

Only then, Raine realized Calleb has been staring at her with soft smile on his lips. His voice was so warm and calm when he spoke. "He will be fine. The Alpha will return soon."

Raine stared at Calleb for sometime before she nodded her head silently.

"Where is the child?" Raine asked.

"He is fine, he is in the room next door." Calleb reassured her.

Raine nodded. They didn't need to hurt the child, he was innocent, it was just Raine saw in her vision that Clarice was putting the key around his ankle after she closed the secret door.

Yes, Clarice.

Raine didn't think about this before.

She abruptly stood up and approached Clarice, who was still sobbing on the ground under the eyes of the Lycanthropes.

More than five Lycanthropes were inside this room, paying close attention to her, if she dared to make any dangerous movement than they wouldn't be so merciful enough to let her alive.

Not to mention the Alpha had given them order, before he went to the dark tunnel, to kill her if she became a threat toward the Luna.

Calleb realized Raine's attention and quickly grabbed her hand to hold her back. "Where are you going?" He asked her.

"I want to talk to her." Raine said in matter of fact tone. There was something that she needed to know.

"No. You are not allowed to be near her." Calleb's grip became firmer. "The Alpha will kill me if something happen to you." He whispered.

"Hold her then." Raine gave a solution. She needed to talk to Clarice. She would not do nothing while waiting for Torak, at the very least, she had to be able to get a tiny bit additional information for Torak.

"She will not say anything." Calleb reminded Raine. "Don't you see that she almost deceived us if it wasn't because of your warning?"

"It's okay." Raine tried to release his grip from her, but it was so tight, though it didn't hurt her, but she couldn't free herself. "I have my own way I guest." She added, slightly hesitated.

"What will you do?" Calleb narrowed his eyes in suspicion. "Don't do anything reckless at time like this." He warned her again.

"Of course not." Raine frowned as she felt wronged. "Why I want to put myself in danger?"

Calleb stared at Raine for a bit longer before he sighed helplessly and yielded to her request. "Torak will kill me once he knows this." He released his grip on her.

"Don't worry, I will back you up." Raine grinned at him and the latter couldn't help but grin as well.

Calleb walked forward and asked two of the Lycans to hold Clarice, made sure she wouldn't make a sudden move that would endanger their Luna.

As the third in command, ultimately, those Lycans followed the Gamma's order, moreover it was something that their Luna asked too.

They still remembered their Alpha's words and obeyed both Calleb and Luna.

The two Lycans were holding each of Clarice's arms while the one on her left was grabbing her hair and pulled it down, so her head could tilt up to look at Raine.

Raine wanted to say that they shouldn't treat her badly, but held herself from commenting something like that.

It was a beast that she had to deal with, once wrong move and because of her sorry feeling for her, Raine's life would be in danger and absolutely she didn't want to put herself in that situation.

After all, their harsh treatment wouldn't kill Clarice.

"Tell me, why were you lying about the secret door?" Raine stood two steps away from her, too close for Calleb's liking.

The Gamma's shoulder turned stiff, he was in alert, ready to battle anyone who would do harm on Raine.

"I can't tell you." Clarice gritted her teeth. "I can't tell you." She was so stubborn, giving to her situation now.

"Why?" Raine asked. She narrowed her eyes. "Why you can not?"

Clarice clammed her lips to prevent her to talk further, this also emphasized her reluctance to tell Raine the truth.

"Tell me or I will order them to kill your son." Raine said in cold tone.

This made Calleb whipped his head toward her, wasn't sure that he heard it right. would never have thought Raine would say something like that, even though this was only an empty threat.

There was no way she would order something like that.

However, Clarice didn't think that way. Her mother's instinct wouldn't let any harm befell on her child, whether it was only an empty threat or not.

Clarice wouldn't take a risk to try it. After all, she didn't know Raine for long time, thus she wasn't aware about her character.

Raine was gambling with mother's nature. However, even if Clarice didn't fall for this cheap trick, Raine still has something.

"No, please Luna I can't tell you I will die" Clarice started to beg her. She wailed again as tears started to roll down on her cheeks.

Calleb then remembered what had happened to the people that betrayed Torak the moment they tried to talk. Was this dark magic again?

"Raine, I don't think she can talk." Calleb informed her.

"I know." Raine said curtly, yet she took another steps closer to her as she stretched out her hand toward Clarice's face.