The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 331

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 331 It Wouldn't Hurt To Try

"What are you doing?!" Calleb gripped Raine's hand tightly. Was she out of her mind!? That female werewolf could bite her hand off!

"Hold her head still for me, I want to try something." Raine told Calleb about what he should do. "I just want to touch her." She added when Calleb threw her a questioning look.

"What do you want to try?" Asked Calleb suspiciously.

Raine tilted her head and stared at Calleb suspiciously. "My power." She said while raising her hand. "Just a single touch. I don't guarantee this will work, but at least I want to figure out how this works."

Calleb was still looking at Raine, unsure about what he would do, yet just like before, in the the Gamma yielded at the Luna's request.

Calleb stepped forward and held Clarice's head firmly, prevented her from moving freely, in case she would bite Raine.

"What are you going to do to me?!" Clarice yelled and growled.

However, no one paid attention toward Clarice as Calleb and the other two Lycans held her tight, Raine was walking closer toward her and stretched out her hand.

Other people probably didn't know about this, but Calleb knew what Raine was going to do. He held his breathe, waiting for what Raine would get.

Calleb still remembered how Raine easily knew what was happening to Torak when she was miles away from him and also when she knew about the flower when they visited the pack house last time.

Actually, Calleb was excited to know more about Raine's new power.

When Raine's hand touched Clarice's left cheek, Calleb stared intensely at Raine, waiting for her to say something.

The furrowed on her eyebrows made Calleb became more excited as he looked at his Luna expectantly. He had never seen this kind of power before, so this was definitely something that amazed him.

"How?" Calleb asked after he watched Raine had retracted her hand. "Do you see something again?"

But the wrinkle on her brows still. It could only mean something horrified would happen, or

"I don't know. I see nothing." Raine said in frustration. "Maybe I need more practice, I don't know how this works."

"It's alright." Calleb tousled Raine's hair. "You still have a lot of time to practice." He consoled her.

"Hm" Raine nodded, but still couldn't feel the satisfaction for herself. She could do better than that.

She wanted to do better than that.

In the end, Raine sat down near the entrance of the secret door with Calleb accompanied her.

"Why he takes so long?" Raine rested her chin on top of her knees while hugging her legs.

"Don't worry. The Alpha will be fine." Calleb tousled her hair as he stared at the dark tunnel under.

Actually, for Calleb, it was indeed too long. He had the same question too, but definitely he couldn't voice it out or else, Raine would start getting antsy and adamant to go down the tunnel.

Giving to her current temper, it was possible.

Now, they were only four people inside the room. Raine and Calleb also the other two Lycans who were standing on guard near the door while Clarice had been taken away to the other rooms, separated from her son.

"Why don't we send someone to check on them? Torak just took four people with him, maybe he needs our help." Raine suggested.

"It's not necessary. We don't know what is inside there, there is possibility they will miss each other." Calleb answered. "Moreover, the Alpha will be pissed off if there is someone else who comes for him. There must be a reason why he just brought four people with him." He tried to reason with her.

"Why don't you go down?" Raine looked at Calleb expectantly. "I think he will get too angry if it's you."

"I can't, because I have to be here with you." Calleb answered.

"Then, why don't we go down?" Raine's eyes sparkled when she suggested this idea, as if she just found a brilliant idea.

"No way!" Calleb raised his hands as a sign of gave up. "Once Torak knows you are down there, it will be my life at stake." He shuddered. "You have to know how scary the Alpha is when it concerns you."

Raine narrowed her eyes and then, reluctantly, resumed her position earlier.

In this time, Calleb could only sigh in relief when he had managed to dismiss Raine's idea to go down there.

As she stared into the dark tunnel, Raine found darker stains on the secret door. She stretched out her hands and touched it, yet the sharp surface of the wood grazed her skin and cut her finger.

"What are you doing?" Calleb immediately took a closer look on her wound.

It didn't cut her finger too deep, but Raine's finger was bleeding, though it wasn't serious.

However, Raine's attention wasn't on her finger, but to the stains on the secret door, because once her blood touched it, it was gone.

"Bring me the child." Raine said suddenly.

"Pardon me?" Calleb didn't quite get what she said before.

Raine stood up and looked at the two guards near the door as she repeated her order. "Bring me the child."

The guards stared at Raine for a moment before one of them nodded his head politely and walked to the other room.

Calleb stood up as well.

"Are you going to try on the child?" Calleb asked with curiosity.

"Yes." Raine said firmly. "I hope this time will work" She paused for a second before she added. "I feel something fishy about the child and just realized it now."

"What is it?" Calleb frowned.

"When I looked into the child's past, I only saw him inside the tunnel with Alpha Ryan, but I didn't see Clarice at all." Raine confessed.

"And your point?" Calleb frowned, didn't understand with this logic.

"Why Alpha Ryan just brought a three years old child inside the tunnel? Unless, he has done something to the child." Raine tightened her lips. "My guess could be wrong, but I think we need to try all the possibilities, right?"

When Raine finished saying that, the Lycan who had gone to take the child came.