The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 332

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 332 Put Him Down

There was fear on the child's eyes when he looked at Raine, pleading with his brown big eyes to Raine for not hurt him.

For a moment, Raine thought her idea was completely wrong, yet she convinced herself, it wouldn't hurt to try.

"I will just ask you, alright." Raine took steps closer toward the child in the Lycan's arms.

Because it was just a small child the Lycan didn't actually treat him badly as he carried the child like how a father did.

"Raine, what are you going to do?" Calleb, once again, felt nervous because of Raine strange acted. What will the three years old child would do? Was she really suspicious at the child?

Raine ignored Calleb's question and reached out her hand to touch the child's cheek, just like how she did before.

Though she still couldn't figure out how that vision come and go without her consent, but at the very least Raine hoped she could find something now.

Raine touched the kid not with her cut finger, but with her other hand.

Time seemed stopped when Raine touched him. The lamp flickered and went off as her surroundings became so dark for her to see.

Raine's breathe turned uneven as her ears caught a movement near her. A movement and the sound of child crying.


It sounded like him.

Raine turned around and found the child was being carried away on someone's shoulder with his head faced the back of the man.

It was jade.

And the man who was the man?

Raine knew she was in her own vision of the past, yet wasn't sure if they could see her. Would they be able to see her now?

Of course they would! Whenever she traveled back to the past, she literally went to that moment. Raine wanted to slap herself, yet she hastily tried to find hiding place to hide.

She found a small cabinet, attached to the wall and slipped her body inside.

From the slightly opened door, Raine could see a man, carrying the little Jade on his shoulder, walked past her.

Raine couldn't see his face, but she was quite sure it was Alpha Ryan, which Torak had been looking for as Jade kept calling him as his 'Daddy'.

Once, she was sure that man had gone, Raine opened the cabinet and stepped out of her hiding place.

She was in this creepy dark tunnel. Raine reminded herself to ask Serefina to teach her how to bring other people with her if she had to do this again next time.

Raine wasn't sure it was safe enough for her to roam around this dark place, yet wasn't that her intention to come to this moment?

If something went wrong, Raine would leave everything here and returned to her own time. She had done it when she went to get the grimoire, so she guessed she could do it again.

Slowly, but surely she walked forward, fortunately this place has only one way, so she wouldn't be afraid to get lost.

After Raine walked for three minutes, at the end of the tunnel there were a room with the door slightly open.

Raine crept closer and rested her back against the door. She dug her nails on her palms to suppress her fear, trying to listen to the voices inside.

However, the voices inside was like someone rumbling in strange languages. Raine couldn't understand even a word from it.

It didn't make any sense.

Carefully, Raine squatted down and peeked through the door that was slightly ajar, and the scene before her eyes made her hair stand on end.

Raine covered her mouth so she wouldn't let out a scream.

The scene before her eyes was so terrifying.

And everything got blurred.

When her vision was getting clearer, Raine was touching Jade's cheek. The boy suddenly stopped crying and looking at Raine in disgust as his eyes turned red.

"PUT HIM DOWN!" Raine shouted immediately as she grabbed Calleb's wrist and took steps back along with him.

The Lycan, who was holding Jade, didn't react too fast when the harmless little boy in his arms turned his tiny head and bit his neck down.

The Lycan let out a long agitated growled as he tried to free himself from the boy.

Once he managed to free his neck, he smacked the boy to the ground. The strength that he exerted was so great that the spot where the little body collided with the floor left a dent.

Raine grimaced when she witnessed that, how his body could stand that impact?

However, she was wrong. Jade stood up as if nothing happened.

The loud commotion from inside the room attracted attention of the other Lycan's outside, yet when they were about to get into the room, the door was closed with a loud bang until it felt like the whole place started to shake.

Not only the door of the room that was closed but also the secret door as the bed fell to the ground, covering it.

Now, there were only four people inside the bedroom, Raine, Calleb, the Lycan and Jade.

"What the hell is he!?" Calleb cursed out loud. His eyes turned dark as he pulled Raine closer to him and hid her behind his back.

Calleb's eyes flashed at the Lycan, who had been bitten by Jade. The blood that gushing out from his wound didn't stop, apparently his healing ability didn't help his case.

What is it? Poison?

But, not many poison that could harm werewolf, not to mention a Lycan. So, what it was?

Loud bangs sound from outside indicated that those Lycans couldn't tear the door down, no matter how hard they tried.

It must be covered with something. Dark magic? But, they were not witch. The boy was a pup.

"Raine, what is it?" Calleb asked, his voice was so rigid. The Gamma was in high alert as his eyes fixed on the little boy whose staring back at him.