The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 333

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 333 He Was Faster Than The Beast

"The boy was being cursed." Raine said under her breath. She couldn't take her eyes from the boy's red one. The smirk on his face was so creepy that made him not looked like a child anymore. "I saw it. They put spell on him."

As Raine said that, she remembered how the boy was crying in agony in the end of the ritual, when a witch chanted a spell in strange language.

They poured a bucket of blood on the boy's body and as his little figure was covered with red color, so did his eyes.

His eyes turned red, just like how it looked now.

Raine didn't know if the situation would turn out like this, she didn't see it thoroughly in her first attempt and now when she looked deeper into it, she was flabbergasted that this kind of magic actually existed.

The boy tilted his head as he gazed at Raine with interest.

"Is he the boy or he is just a substitute?" Calleb asked. He felt bad if he had to kill such a young child, but it didn't mean he wouldn't if he had to.

"He is the boy. He is Jade. But they did something to him and I don't know what that is." Raine replied.

The injured Lycan tried to stand up while pressing his neck hard, he moved toward the little boy with a loud growl and kicked its tiny body across the room.

Raine held her breath upon seeing this scene. She couldn't help it as the evil was still in the form of the innocent little boy.

Why they did this to a little kid?!

From outside, the banging sounds grew louder and louder as people tried their hardest to tear the door down. Yet, it didn't budge, though the door was already torn from its hinges when Torak had opened it forcefully.

Just like nothing happened, Jade stood up again and dusted the invincible dust from his clothes, resuming his action to stare at Raine.

"What is this?" Calleb muttered, he took a step forward. "Should we kill him?" He asked Raine behind him.

"I don't know" Raine couldn't decide it, after all this was a child. She didn't want to give a verdict to him.

"I will kill him." The injured Lycan was so upset because of the wound on his neck that didn't stop bleeding. "This d*mn kid!" he hissed angrily as he stormed toward Jade.

But, the kid moved so fast, very fast until Raine couldn't follow his movement with her eyes.

By the time she realized it, the kid had bitten down the Lycan on his shoulder as the Lycan let out shrill scream and tried to choke Jade so he would let his shoulder off, yet that wasn't enough, the boy's sharp teeth still latched onto the Lycan's skin.

Seeing this, Calleb hurriedly stormed to aid the Lycan as he tried to tear the little body with his claws, yet it didn't mean anything.

As if Jade's body was made of hard scales, Calleb's sharp claws couldn't even hurt him a little bit. No matter how hard Calleb tried, his claws couldn't pierce through his soft baby skin.

This is bad.

Raine knew this was going to be bad.

Calleb and the Lycan struggled to free the Lycan away from Jade, yet both of them didn't have any idea why the boy was so strong.

He was actually stronger than the two grown up Lycan, a Gamma and warrior on top of it.

How could that be possible?

As the time ticking, the Lycan, who was loss so much blood started to grow weak, his injured neck for some reason couldn't be healed and now his shoulder also bleeding.

The next second the Lycan slumped to the ground with heavy breathe. His eyes fluttered close.

"Calleb! Comeback here!" Raine shouted at Calleb.

At this point there was no way Calleb could save the Lycan. Raine felt bad for him, but he couldn't be helped anymore and if Jade started to attack Calleb, Raine didn't know what to do to help him.

"Calleb, stop it! Comeback here!" Raine repeated her order.

Upon hearing Raine's cry, Calleb stopped what he was doing and took steps back. He has the same logic as Raine too.

This situation was weird and his beast was on edge. He felt restless and anxious at the same time, though they were only facing a little boy.

But, from what they had witnessed, of course the boy wasn't the normal one.

In no time, Calleb had stood in front of Riane to protect her for whatever would happen. He wracked his brain to think of a way to save her.

And because Jade was still busy with the Lycan, Calleb quickly lifted the bed and threw it away as it revealed the secret door.

People from outside the door had been trying to bust the door down, yet it still didn't budge, so Calleb thought it must have been spelled by dark magic, hence he couldn't think of a way to repel it.

However, the loud noise from the bed that hit the wall caught Jade's attention. He turned his small head slowly.

His lips was covered by blood from the Lycan and for the Lycan, no one knew if he was still alive or already died.

Raine gritted her teeth when, once again, the boy's eyes showed his interest to her, while Calleb was trying to open the secret door, Jade had walked toward them.

Calleb thought, Torak was down there, the Alpha would find his mate the moment he caught a scent of her, thus Raine would be fine.

However, when Calleb almost pulled the door open, Jade pounced on him.

In a blink of an eye, the Gamma turned into his beast, now big grey wolf was standing tall in front of Raine, yet, Jade went berserk fearlessly, dodging the beasts attack and dashed toward Raine with his sharp teeth.

He was so fast, faster than the beast.