The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 334

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 334 The Time

Raine stumbled back when Jade's sharp teeth almost bit her. Her back hit the cabinet behind and automatically sent waves of pain to her whole body.

Yet, Raine couldn't have a time to catch her breath when Jade pounced onto her again, this time, Calleb moved faster and with a loud growl he bit the child's leg and threw him across the room.

Once again, the child's body hit the wall, shook the entire room.

While Jade was away, the beast tried to open the secret door, using his claw, he tried to break the wood.

However the beast didn't have enough time to make an escape for his Luna when Jade started to attack him again relentlessly.

No matter how hard Calleb tried to claw his body, his skin was so thick until it didn't leave any mark on him.

Not only the boy not slowing down, he became more agitated because of the beast interruption for him to get close to Raine.

He tried to bit the beast's neck, just like how he did to the other Lycan, yet the beast specifically paid attention to this movement and managed to escape couple of time.

Raine, who knew better to not interfere with the battle, moved toward the secret door and tried to open it, but her attention was still on Jade and the beast.

Just in case they moved too close to her, then she needed to avoid them too.

The secret door was so hard to open, though the Raine had put the key on its key hole, yet it didn't budge, out of frustration, Raine banged her hand on the wood instead and called out to her mate.

"TORAK!" She repeated his name again and again.

Seemingly the secret door was also under a spell, just like the door of the room.

This time, Raine just hoped Torak could hear her voice and did something from the other side of the secret door.

However, if this spell could muffle the sound, Raine didn't know what else she could do to help Calleb.

The beast looked aggravated. It wasn't weak at all, it just the boy couldn't be hurt at all, no matter what was done to him, he didn't even look in pain though the beast's claws wrapped his tinny face, ready to squeeze the life out of him.

Yet, it couldn't be done, as Jade's head had turned as tough as titanium.

This battle wouldn't lead anywhere. This just exhausted the beast while the kid didn't even break a sweat or got a scratch.

Raine looked around the room, trying to find something or did something.

But, she didn't know. She was at lost too, just like the beast now.

Right at that moment, somehow the little boy managed to hurt the beast's leg and made the beast limped his body to the other side.

Seeing this opportunity, the boy let out an eerie snicker, which made Raine's hair stand on end, the boy was about to pounce onto the beast, when Raine screamed on the top of her lungs out of fear.

She was so scared that Calleb would end up just like the dead lycan.

Raine didn't want to lose him. Calleb was like a bother to her. She didn't want to witness how this little boy bit the beast to his death.


And everything went still

It was so calm.

So quiet.

Even the noisy sounds from the doors from those Lycan's effort to bust it down, couldn't be heard anymore.

Everything went still

Raine blinked her eyes couples of time when the current situation registered to her head.

There was no sound except her ragged breath.

Raine shifted her eyes at the beast that was almost fell down to the floor, yet his big body stopped mid air. It looked so odd.

Everything looked so strange.

However, this had happened before.

The same exact thing had happened when Raine was in the village of angel. The last day of that village before it was destroyed by the Lycanthropes.

The moment when Raine put herself between the white Lycan and Aeon. When the beast was about to claw the life out of Aeon's body. Raine put herself between them and

And something like this happened.

The time stopped ticking.

Raine didn't believe her luck. She actually managed to pull this through in the last moment? How lucky she was when she even didn't know how to do it

Raine fell to the ground as her legs gave away and her body trembled in fear and excitement, but she needed to think fast how to handle this situation.

It wouldn't last for long time, the last time this happened, it just last for seconds.

However, seemingly, this time it last longer than Raine expected.

They were trapped in this room with a scary little boy that couldn't be hurt.

Couldn't be hurt?

Raine raised her finger that was cut and stared at the secret door.

One of the reasons why she asked to see Jade again was because of the stain of the dried blood on the secret door.

However, it disappeared the moment her blood mixed with it. The stains of dried blood vanished.

It reminded Raine about how the devil couldn't touch her blood, then if it was the case, maybe she could give it a try.

Without waiting for another second, Raine shut her eyes and grabbed a piece of sharp broken glass, which was broke during the fight, and cut her own palm.

It hurt so bad!

Raine couldn't help but growl in pain. The pain almost made her dizzy as she threw the shard and tried to stand up, approaching the boy with bloody hand.

Raine didn't want to waste even a drop of her blood! If this best idea of her didn't succeed she didn't know what to do again.

However, when she was about to reach the boy, he turned his head and faced Raine as a smirk crept on his lips.

Raine thought the time was ticking again, yet Calleb was still in his weird position and everything was still so quiet.