The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 335

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 335 Survival Instinct

Out of surprised, Raine took a step back, how he could move freely when everything was still?

However, that wasn't the point now.

The more important thing that Raine had to do was to think how she could get away from this situation, because Calleb couldn't help her as he was still froze and Raine didn't know what to do to him.

Raine clutched her injured arms as droplets of blood fell on the ground. This was her only protection, yet she was unsure if this was enough.

Her prediction could be wrong and Raine was so terrified to even think.

The situation was getting worse than she could imagine. Once the boy latched his teeth on her, she would die for sure.

The little boy crept closer toward her as if he knew that Raine was different from the big grey wolf, which couldn't move now.

Raine wouldn't be able to fight him back like the beast and he didn't need to use much strength to subdue this young lady.

Therefore the little boy takes his time, move an inch closer with creepy smile on his lips that showed his sharp teeth.

Raine's heart was beating so fast, her body was shaking from to time, but there was a determination in her eyes.

She wasn't able to comprehend, why when other people couldn't move the little boy was still able to move freely?

However, Raine didn't have time to think about that, as she had to deal with the boy, who was standing two steps away from her.

He didn't speak as he tilted his head to the other side and looked at Raine with interest.

As Jade's red eyes shifted from Raine's face, his vision fell to the wound on Raine's hand and his brows knitted together.

He didn't like it.

As if it was a cue, Raine raised her hand and made a wave motion as she splashed the blood that had pooled in her palm toward Jade.

Yet, the boy moved so fast and dodge the splashing blood swiftly. He jumped backwards and stopped near the secret door, keeping some distance away from Raine.

His action made Raine relieved and also understood that he was afraid of her blood and her idea actually worked.

Between her fear and anxiety, Raine gathered her courage to take a step forward with shaking legs and trembling hand, she began slightly dizzy because of the blood loss, apparently she cut her palm deeper than she intended.

The boy growled at Raine and showed his canines, which she even didn't realize he has it.

This situation was so tricky and Raine hoped she knew how to make the time ran again, it would be better if she had Calleb as back up since she knew how to hurt this little boy.

But, that wasn't the case and now she was all alone with this creepy boy.

All of sudden Jade fell on his four limbs and raised his head as he assumed a position of a wolf that was ready to attack its prey.

It was insane! Raine didn't think she was fast enough to dodge his fast attack.

Now, Jade was lowering his head, his red eyes zeroed in Raine's neck. The sweet spot where those shape shifter liked, where the blood vessels throbbed with temptation.

Jade's hunger eyes didn't miss his target as all of sudden he lunged his body in the air, ready to knock Raine down and enjoyed the guardian angel's blood easily.

In the other hand, Raine was squinted her eyes and moved as fast as she could to her left side when Jade lurched toward her with his tiny sharp claws raised in the air.

Just as expected, Raine wasn't fast enough for the little boy as his sharp claws grazed her right arm and wounded her.

Raine hissed when her blood smeared her clothes, but Jade also wailed in pain when Raine's blood touched him.

He was in agony as he clutched his hand that he used to claw Raine.

Jade groaned and started to bite his own hand that started to look like it was burning because Raine could see his skin blistered and burned.

Raine's blood actually affected him so much.

And the next thing that the boy did was staring at Raine in animosity and antagonism. Jade snarled, he was totally not a three year old child!

If before Raine was still holding herself back because she still looked at Jade as a child, but not now.

Not when he crawled so fast toward Raine with his four limbs, intended to bite her to death.

Raine was ready, this was the moment when Serefina always said when she had to do everything that she could to preserve her life, because her enemy wouldn't wait for her to be ready.

Just because she showed her compassion to her enemy that didn't mean the other party would do the same thing that was the first mistake to think that way.

Raine gritted her teeth. She didn't want to die.

Raine's obsidian eyes reflected the fast movement of the little boy as she tried to compose herself and gave her best to defend herself.

Yet, before the boy could reach her, there was a loud sound, coming from the secret door.

The wooden door was splintered by force from the other side as dirt and wood ch.i.p.s flung in the air.

And before either Raine or Jade could comprehend what was happening, Torak had appeared next to his mate as his left hand wrapped around Raine's waist protectively and his right hand wrapped around Jade's neck ruthlessly.

Out of instinct the boy tried to claw Torak's hands desperately, trying to find a way to free himself.

While Torak's red eyes flashed with something evil, he snapped the boy's neck, yet nothing happened. He couldn't crush his tiny throat just as he wanted.

At that time, Raine wriggled her body away from Torak and put her bloody hands on the child's stomach, made sure to press them hard on his skin as her blood started oozing out again.