The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 336

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 336 Something Big Will Come

Jade screamed on the top of his lungs. His voice was so hoarse like a timbre, yet gradually his voice turned softer and just like a three years old child, he sobbed pitifully.

Jade wailed and called out for his mother with his childish voice as if the little devil from before had long gone and had never been there in the first place.

Of course this startled Raine. Her heart ached just to hear Jade's voice, calling out for Clarice.

Torak pulled Raine into his embrace and pressed her face against his chest, so she wouldn't have to witness the gruesome scene before her eyes.

Jade's body scalded on the place where Raine had touched him and the burn spread on his small body. In the end, Torak was just holding the neck of the death boy in his hand before he put the three years old boy on the floor and hugged Raine tightly.

Raine didn't know when she started sobbing and turned into a messy cry.

Of course she was afraid of what she had to face earlier, yet the most terrifying thing was the fact that she had just killed an innocent three year old boy.

Torak hugged him and whispered something to his mate's ears that she couldn't comprehend. Raine also didn't know when all the noisy sounds started and the time was ticking again.

In the other hand, Calleb had turned into his human form with wounded leg and shoulder as he stared at the lifeless boy on the ground and then toward the couple.

And before the Gamma could say anything, the door was being opened forcefully from the outside. The loud banging sound startled Raine again as she whimpered and buried her face deep into Torak's chest as though she didn't close enough to him.

Upon seeing the scene inside, not only Calleb, who was currently flabbergasted, but they were also.

A second ago, they still could hear fighting sound behind the door, which couldn't be opened and loud growls along with shattering sounds, yet the scene before their eyes was totally not relatable with what they heard.

There was a dead body of their fellow lycan that carried the child earlier, which now died as well and not too far from the child's dead body their Alpha consoled their crying Luna.

Calleb's position was slightly hidden by the tumbled cabinet, but when they found him, three Lycans hurriedly attended to him to see how bad his injuries were.

"Alpha, Luna are you two all right?" One of the Lycans stepped forward to check on their leader. He caught a glimpse of the child's dead body as his eyes furrowed.

How the child died? They had just heard their Luna screamed something about to put the boy down before the door closed their way to enter the room.

"It's okay." Torak nodded slightly as he gestured for the Lycan to clean up this mess. The Lycan obeyed his Alpha as he stepped back and gave a way to their Alpha and Luna.

Torak scooped Raine in his arms swiftly as he walked out of the room, leaving all those gruesome scenes behind.

Outside of the room there were around ten Lycan attended to him and was about to report something when Torak shut them up with a single glance.

All he could think now was his mate. Torak clearly could feel Raine's body was shaking uncontrollably, though she didn't let a single sob, but it only meant she was too afraid to make a voice.

She was in great shock.

Those Lycans understood what Torak meant and led him and their Luna to an empty bedroom as they gave the couple space and time for themselves.

Inside the bedroom, Torak placed Raine carefully on the bed, but Raine still clung onto his neck and unwilling to let go. She didn't want to be alone anymore.

Seeing Raine like this made Torak's heart ached. He didn't want his mate to be like this, but he totally understood her condition.

Torak just didn't know what he should do, he wasn't used to this kind of situation.

Thus, all Torak did was cradle her in his arms while patting her shoulder and saying that everything was all right and she was all right now.

Raine didn't talk for long time and they were in that position all along.

Torak didn't complain and gave Raine all the time that she needed to compose herself because Torak didn't want for her to face people in the pack with tears in her eyes and this kind of look.

It wasn't like those people would complain, but Torak didn't want to ruin Raine's image in the eyes of those Lycans, he knew his pack very well.

Raine's identity alone had made them to look down on her, though they didn't show it right in front of Torak's eyes, but he could feel it nonetheless.

Afterall, the respect of other people was something that Torak couldn't give to Raine and he wanted his own people to see his mate as his equal.

"Torak" Raine called out his name. Her voice was so hoarse because she had been crying for long time and her eyes had turned red as well. "I just killed a child an innocent child." A big drop of tear fell from her eyes once again.

Torak shook his head firmly. "It wasn't you who killed the child. It was the dark witch and that was a black magic."

"But the child died in my hands" Raine's lips trembled when she remembered the child cried for his mother, his childish voice haunted her conscience.

"No, my love" Torak kissed the top of Raine's head. "The kid will die eventually, he couldn't be saved anymore."

Raine wiped her tears away and raised her head to look at Torak.

"His body will not stand the black magic for long time. He will die even if you don't do what you have done." Torak helped Raine to wipe her tears. "For now I want you to be strong, because something big will come."