The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 337

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 337 Black Crow

"What do you mean with something big will come?" Raine rarely heard Torak warned her for something if it wasn't very important thing.

"The war my love I saw the sign when I went down to the dark tunnel. The sign of the devil." Torak didn't want to scare his mate, he hated to say it, but he had to. This was something that Raine must to know."

"What sign?" Raine frowned, as she wiped her last tears from her cheek.

"When I went to the dark tunnel, I saw ashes that form a black crow engraved on the wall." Torak tucked Raine's hair behind her ears. "When the first war happened, this sign was everywhere, engraved on every wall at the streets and houses."

While talking, Torak tore the sheet of the bad and wrapped Raine's bloody hand, as he felt his heart ached by seeing this.

Raine hissed when Torak pressed her injured hand as the pain almost make her dizzy.

Once again, he failed to protect her and now she was injured again. Yet, Torak tried to compose himself.

Raine bit her lips because of the pain and rested her head on Torak's shoulder as she continued to talk. "I did it again" She said in low voice.

"Hm? What you did?" Torak asked while caressing her back in soothing motion.

"I stopped the time again." Raine confessed. "That was the second time."

The first time was when she got clawed because she tried to save Aeon when she was in the village of angel.

"But why were you two still able to move?" Raine lifted her head and looked at Torak with complicated gaze. She was very sure the time was stop when Torak and Jade could move freely.

Raine wasn't complaining, she was grateful for that, if Torak came any late than that, she would have died in the hands of that little child by now.

Regardless her gratefulness, she still felt that was so strange and she couldn't comprehend how Torak and Jade could move.

"By two, you mean the little boy and me?" Torak's eyebrows creased. "I don't even know that the time was stopped, all I knew at that time was you were in danger. I could sense you, so I rushed back to the secret door, but it closed and it was so dark down there" Torak recalled what he was doing after that.

Apparently the door was so hard to open, thus Torak could only smash the door to go through.

Torak didn't even realize that the four Lycans that came with him were not there, or why they didn't follow him when he left the room.

His mind was in his mate and Torak didn't care about anything else.

"But, I am sure that the time was stopped." Raine insisted, the tone of her voice increased, she was afraid Torak wouldn't believe her words.

"I know my love, I believe you." Torak reassured Raine, of course he believed her, why would she lie?

Raine was slightly emotional because of what had happened, but now she was with Torak, she felt better.

"I am sorry, what had happened scared me." Raine apologized to shout at him.

"There is no need for apologize." Torak kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly, as if he wanted to tell her that she was safe now. There was nothing to be worry.

"Torak, Calleb is seriously injured." Raine murmured, she was worried about him.

"His wounds will be healed soon. No need to worry." Torak saw Calleb's injuries, but there was nothing serious about that.

The Alpha thought with the Gamma's healing ability he would be fine in no time.

Yet, Raine shook her head firmly. "No, Torak Calleb is not okay, this wound is can't be healed with your kind's healing ability." Raine saw it how that poor Lycan couldn't heal his wound after being bitten by the little boy.

For some reason Raine didn't know, the wounds wouldn't close and the torn skin was still wide open, no matter how long it took.

"The cut that the boy inflicted wasn't something ordinary." Raine then told Torak what she had seen.

Torak's frown deepened when he heard what Raine was trying to explain to him and in the end of her explanation, he brought her to see Calleb.

Calleb was taken to the other room in the third floor and when Raine and Torak were there, there was a healer, who already attended to him.

Yet, from the perspiration on the female healer and frown on her expression both Torak and Raine knew there was something wrong with Calleb.

"Why are you here? How is my Gamma?" Torak asked the healer, who was standing outside of the door, instead of inside the room.

The healer was very easy to recognize, all the healer has jade like sign on the spot between their eyebrows, the darker the sign, the stronger the healer was.

"Alpha, Luna" The healer greeted both of them.

"What happen with Calleb?" Raine was not patient enough to hear her greetings, she wanted to know how was Calleb now. She felt like she would burst into tears if something very bad happened to him.

"I have done everything, but I don't know why his wounds won't close, the blood still oozed out from his torn wound." The healer looked very confused. "In this rate he already lost a lot of blood I am afraid" She couldn't end her words as Raine stormed inside the room to see it for herself, Calleb's current condition.

Raine opened the door with Torak followed behind her.

Inside the room, on the bed, Calleb's complexion was so pale, he closed his eyes as his eyebrow were knitted together, his chapped lips opened slightly.

Not only Raine, even Torak was caught out of guard to see his Gamma's condition, he had never seen Calleb was in this state before, yet the healer said she couldn't help him.

"Calleb" Raine crouched down beside Calleb's bed.

Upon hearing her voice, Calleb's eyes opened and as his sight fell on Raine, he grinned. "What are you crying for? I am not dead yet."