The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 338

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 338 Something Evil

"Stop joking." Raine's voice was slightly hoarse, she wanted to slap his shoulder like she usually did, but she couldn't.

Calleb's bed sheet was dyed with red color that had turned darker than normal blood color and he was extremely pale and weak.

"Torak, what should we do?" Raine rushed toward Torak as she stared at her mate, asking him to do something to Calleb, he would be able to come up with an idea, right?

Torak held Raine beside him as he walked closer to the bed and crouched down so he would be in the same eye level with his Gamma.

"How are you feeling?" Torak frowned when the smell of the blood was so thick as it mixed with something unpleasant.


"Awful." Calleb said as he closed his eyes again, he didn't know why he didn't recover, yet he remembered how the other lycan died inside that room after being bitten by that d*mn child. "Would I die here."

"Shut your mouth and takes a rest." Torak growled, didn't like what Calleb was saying.

"Alright" Calleb's breathe turned uneven as he obediently closed his eyes.

Torak stood up and looked at Raine's worried expression. "We will find a way to save him" He comforted his mate. "Is there a witch in this place?" Torak asked to one of his men.

"Yes, there is one witch in this place Alpha, do you want me to go and bring her here?" the Lycan asked.

"Bring her here." Torak ordered and the lycan went out of the room.

The awaiting for the witch was so suffocating, because Calleb started to vomited blood and the smell was so horrendous, even Calleb needed to pinch his nose because of the strong scent.

Raine frowned, but she insisted to stay, fortunately her sense of smell was not as sophisticated as Torak, but the Alpha still stayed to accompany his Luna while the other Lycan tried to clean the blood and made Calleb a little bit more comfortable on his bed by wiping his blood, though that didn't help much.

Raine's eyes fixed on Calleb, despite his condition now was a gruesome scene to see.

If this was someone else, Raine would have turned her head away from it or buried her face on Torak's chest like what she usually did, but not now.

Not when it was Calleb. She clenched her small hands into fist as her lips pressed together into a thin line.

When the witch finally came, Torak was sitting next to Calleb while Raine was sitting at the other side of the bed.

The witch has red hair that was tied on top of her head and wore a green lime knitted sweater. The color of green that reminded Raine about Serefina's eyes.

She wished that witch was here.

No matter what harsh words she said or how bad her attitude and temper, yet she was so reliable and would know what to do for a moment like this.

The witch and the healer stood side by side near the door.

"Alpha." The witch announced her presence with her soft voice.

"Check him and see what you can do." Torak stood up and walked to the other side of the bed, where Raine was sitting while staring blankly at Calleb.

She had stopped crying, but her expression didn't look any better.

Torak understood Raine's feeling, she was very worried about Calleb. His mate looked at his Gamma like an older brother that she would never have.

"Everything will be alright." Torak squeezed her little shoulder lightly, to let her knew that she wasn't alone and Torak would do everything to save Calleb. After all, he was his Gamma.

Raine's eyes shifted from Calleb's pale complexion to Torak's face as he nodded reassuringly.

The witch frowned when she looked at Calleb's condition and the moment she stepped forward her face contorted with something unpleasant.

Raine thought the witch gave that expression because of the foul smell from Calleb's blood, yet she looked very reluctant to touch the Gamma.

"What is it?" Torak frowned as well when he saw the witch strange behavior.

"I am truly sorry Alpha, but he shrouded by dark magic and something evil." The witch shook her head. "I can't touch him."

"What do you mean, you can't touch him?" If something bad would happen the moment they touched Calleb, wasn't the first person who touched him would be affected by now? Torak did touch him. "We touched him before and nothing happened."

"My apologize Alpha." The witch a little bit scared, she lowered her head. "My ability is not that great and this is clearly a black magic and as the white witch, if my strength is lower than the curse, this will affect me." She said truthfully.

The consequences would be dire for her if she insisted to touch him and if Torak insisted for her to do that, it was the same as asking her to kill herself.

"Torak, what should I do?" Raine moved restlessly as she tried to touch Calleb's hand, but Torak grabbed her wrist in time.

"No, don't touch him." Torak growled. He was worried about his Gamma, but he didn't want his mate to be exposed to unknown danger by touching Calleb.

"It's only affect me as a witch Alpha." The witch said. The curse was so strong, she could even feel it from the spot where she stood.

Though that was what the witch said, but Torak still didn't release Raine's hand.

Yet, Raine has another idea. "This is dark magic and something evil that you feel from him, right?" She asked the witch with determination on her eyes.

"Yes, Luna." Answered the witch.

"I think I want to try something." Raine murmured as she tried to wriggle her hand from Torak's grip, yet the Alpha didn't let her go.

"What do you want to try?" Torak narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"Let me try this. I think it will work." Raine said and tried to free her hand from him. "Let me go Torak." Her voice was very stern.