The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 339

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 339 Acting Strange

"What your idea?" Torak narrowed his eyes, he didn't like this as he could already guess what his mate was thinking right now.

"My blood could hurt the little boy maybe, it could heal him?" Raine said hesitantly.

"The little boy died when you touched him." Torak said the matter of fact.

Upon hearing this, Raine's face turned unsightly. Torak was right, what if the same thing happened when she touched Calleb?

"What should we do?" Raine felt suffocated when she thought she would lose Calleb. He was like a brother to her. "Torak what should we do?" She repeated her words, but Torak also didn't have the answer.

Dark magic was something complicated, not every witch could understand that. The witch that was standing before their eyes was the example. She was so afraid to confront the dark magic, though she was a witch herself.

In the end, both witch and the healer could only do the things that they were able to do to keep him from losing more blood.

The night fell and nobody knew how long Calleb would manage to survive.

He had closed his eyes for a very long time by now and the only movement that indicating he was still alive was the rise and fall of his chest.

Raine didn't want to leave the room at all and to see his mate was in a deep sadness, it was a devastating sight to see for Torak.

He already asked his men to look for Serefina, yet he knew unless the witch wanted to show herself, nobody would be able to find her.

Moreover, Calleb's condition looked like he wouldn't be able to last for long time. Torak was also afraid the Gamma wouldn't make it through this night.

If that happened Raine would be so heartbroken, knowing her nature, she would blame herself for Calleb's death.

"Luna, your hand is fine now. Please don't exert yourself or the wound will reopen again." The healer reminded Raine after she took care of her injured palm.

Raine only nodded lightly, indicating that she understood, but the look of dismal on her face made it hard for the healer to believe it, so she talked to Torak as well.

For now, Torak was talking to other people, just right outside the door, but he could still see Raine through the opened door, in case something happened.

Inside of the room, aside from Raine, there was only the witch and the healer.

Raine looked at Calleb in dismay, she refused to rest even though it was very late. How she could rest when Calleb could have died in any moment.

The blood had stopped oozing out, thanked to the witch and the healer, yet the furrowed between his brows told them that he was in a lot of pain.

Raine stared at Calleb's hand for long time. It was hard for her to decide what to do when the witch suddenly touched her shoulder.

"I know what you are thinking now." The witch said softly as she sat down beside Raine on the edge of Calleb's bed. "Why don't you try it?"

Raine narrowed her eyes when she heard that. "What do you mean?" though she asked, actually Raine could understand immediately about what she was going to say.

"Luna, you want to try to heal her with your blood, right?" The witch lowered her voice while glancing at the door, where they could see Torak's back.

Raine frowned, that was her original plan, but if it went wrong, Raine didn't want for Calleb to end up like the little boy the moment he made a contact with her blood.

"Luna, I know what you are worrying about, but if you don't try it, I don't think the Gamma will see the sun tomorrow. His condition is getting worse." The witch glanced at Calleb with sad expression.

Raine knew she meant good, but for some reason she felt uncomfortable with her words.

"You have nothing to lose." The witch tried to assure her. "If we don't do anything, he will die."

Raine was squinted her eyes at the witch and only now she realized, it was only the two of them inside the room while the healer, perhaps, was taking something outside.

Raine looked at the witch's calm expression and at that moment she grabbed Raine's hand to urge her to do what she had to do.

"I believe you can heal him. You are a guardian angel, you will not hurt him." The witch tried to persuade Raine again and again.

The thing that the witch didn't know was when she touched Raine's hands, her brilliant obsidian eyes clouded, as if she was in trance.

"Luna, do you hear me?" The witch shook her hand lightly when Raine didn't give her any response. "You have to save him immediately. You can use your power to help him."

The more the witch talk, the more urgent her tone became.

Raine stayed silent for another moment before she raised her head to stared at the witch's eyes and said in determination.

"Alright." Raine could see the witch sighed in relief and released her hands.

"I think you will be able to save him." The witch smiled harmlessly.

"I hope so." Raine replied curtly. Her voice laced with something that the witch couldn't understand, she felt there was something different with Raine, yet she couldn't put her finger on it.

Without waiting for another second, Raine grabbed Calleb's hands, but while she did that, she took a glance at the witch and slightly narrowed her eyes before she focused her attention to Calleb.

At this rate, Calleb had lost his consciousness, yet he still felt in pain and blabbered something incoherently.

No one could see what Raine was doing now, not even Torak as he was talking with his man, discussing about something with serious expression.

Torak couldn't hear what was going on inside because the witch had put spell around the room, the same spell that Serefina used to use when she didn't want other people to overheard her conversation.

Meanwhile, Raine's touch was so warm on Calleb's cold hand.