The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 34 Bloody Night 2

The Alpha was incense to know his mate was being hurt in his presence, but couldn't let his frustration out due to fear Raine would be afraid with the sight of his outburst. So, this was the time to find out the truth.

"It was ordered by" The Lycan's eyes flickered at his Alpha, Alpha Xavier, who was standing not too far from them. His whole body was shaking, due to defying his Alpha.

Everyone's eyes fell on Alpha Xavier, while the person in the center of attention, widened his eyes in disbelief. His own people betrayed him!

"SAY IT!" Torak roared in fury.

"It was ordered by Alpha Xavier" He stammered in fear. "Alpha Xavier said to to take the girl's blood"

"That girl is Alpha Supreme Torak's mate! YOUR LUNA!" Raphael told him, but also declared to the other Lycans about Raine's identity.

The statement made every Lycans were stunned incredulously, no one would have thought that Torak would have his other half or they would have a Luna, not to mention this was a Luna from mate bond.

Was the Moon Goddess had lifted the curse?

But, of course the most shocking Lycan was the man who had hurt Raine. With his aching body he crawled back toward the furious Alpha.

"Alpha I didn't know I would never hurt my Luna I will never do that" He pleaded, dragging his broken body. "It's Alpha Xavier who ordered me"

Broken bones took long time to heal and when he moved his body, it was like thousand blades stabbed him consecutively, however in spite of the agony that he felt, his fear was bigger.

Before he could approach Torak the two warriors from before had held him down, leaving him pleaded desperately.

"No! He lied!!!" Alpha Xavier refused to acknowledge the accusation, but his body movement told the other way.

Out of feeling guilty and been exposed, as Torak approached him, Xavier turned aggressive and started to shift in order to defend himself.

"KILL HIM!" Xavier shouted an order to his Beta and warriors. "I WILL KILL YOU!"

Looking at their Alpha had turned insane, all the Lycans from the Blue Moon pack eventually knelt down, showing their submissive gesture to the Supreme Alpha. They knew it better to not enrage him. Furthermore, to hurt other Lycan's mate intentionally or unintentionally was a crime in their community. Not to mention she was a Luna.

In the other hand, anger had consumed Xavier, his claws retracted and glimmered under the moonlight, his canines elongated as his roar cracked the night.

He was actually shift into his black wolf and lunged toward Torak, trying to attack him. However, before he successful laid his claws on him, a bronze color wolf had bit him first on his neck and smashed him on the ground.

The black wolf skidded a few meters away before he stopped and lunged forward for another attack, but this time he was surrounded by ten wolves that took him down easily.

Sounds of bone- cracking and deafening howl shattered the ground.

The Blue Moon Pack member were shaking, their body trembling by the sound of their Alpha was being demolished. No matter what, Xavier was still their Alpha and shared the same bond. They could feel his agony and rage through the bond also his hollered for backup through the mind- link. It took all of their might to forsake the command.

Torak's rage was enough to make them rooted on the ground, didn't dare to take a single step without his consent.

And it didn't take long time for Torak's warrior to put the black wolf Alpha Xavier to his death. Once the sound of the battle had ceased down, the ten wolves dispersed. Behind them, a big black wolf had laid death, almost unrecognizable.

Alpha Xavier from the Blue Moon pack was no more. He was beaten up by ten wolf warriors and it was not an honorable death. As Xavier still held the Alpha title it should be Torak, who finished him off, but Torak didn't have any intention to give him that honor.

"With this, I, Torak Donovan, the Supreme Alpha of all Lycantrophes, bestow an Alpha title to Beta Ryan of the Blue Moon pack! May you carry out your duties well." After the death of the Alpha, Torak pointed Xavier's Beta as the new Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. "Welcome your new Alpha!"

All the Lycans with rank below an Alpha, especially from the Blue Moon pack knelt before their new leader while the other Alphas simply gave Ryan nodded in acknowledgment. In the other hand, Ryan was flabbergasted with the new title, but he was quick to recover and thanked Torak.

After that, Torak walked toward the injured lycan. He was trembling with the sight of his previous Alpha, who had ordered him to do this.

"Supreme Alpha Torak please I didn't know" He pleaded.