The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 340

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 340 Kill The Witch

Raine was unsure about what she should do, her so called 'power' was something that she couldn't control, thus how she supposed to heal Calleb?

But, if that what the witch said, then that was exactly what she would do to save Calleb.

Raine didn't know how, but she knew for sure it would work one way or another, because she had seen it.

The moment Raine's hands touched Calleb's cold one, there was a warm feeling that electrocuted from their skin to skin contact, just like the spark between her and Torak, but this one was quite different.

Raine didn't know how to describe it, but from her peripheral vision she could see the witch was looking at her intensely as if she was waiting for something.

Something that even Raine couldn't understand it.

Minutes passed and after grabbing Calleb's hand for long time, Raine couldn't feel something was going to happen, she frowned and retracted her hand.

"Nothing happened." Raine said with a frown. Yet, she was very sure that something would definitely happen. She tilted her head at the witch as she spoke apprehensively. "Why nothing happened?"

The witch was also confused by this fact and then she gave another idea. "Why don't you draw your blood Luna? Maybe your blood will help him." She suggested.

The frown between Raine's eyes deepened, but at this moment she didn't have much choice to choose. She could only relay on what she had seen before the moment she touched the witch.

Slowly, Raine reopened the bandage on her hands, but the witch seemed impatient and helped her.

In the other hand, Raine didn't say anything when the witch reopened her bandage hastily while from time to time she would glance at the door, where Torak was still talking to someone.

After Raine bandage had reopened and showed her deep cut on her palms, she touched Calleb's hand once again and felt something different when her blood oozed out from her body.

Raine couldn't see it, but she could feel it when the blood seeped through Calleb's pores and spread all over his body.

It sounded crazy, but Raine literally could see her blood went through Calleb's veins and eradicated the dark blood on his vessels.

Does that make sense?

"Can you see that?" Raine murmured, fascinated by what she was seeing. The blood was like a golden stream on the surface of Calleb's skin.

"What is it Luna?" the witch was trying to see what Raine was seeing, yet she could see nothing. There was nothing strange with Calleb. She even couldn't see the golden stream or something different with the Gamma.

Raine looked over at the witch and confirmed the fact that it was only she able to see it.

How amazing is it, right?

And then, after the golden stream spread throughout Calleb's whole body and the dark blood which initially covered him ceased to exist, the golden stream dimmed and then vanished.

That moment was like a scifi movie for Raine, her jaw dropped open and even though she couldn't understand what was going on and how she was able to do that, she was happy nonetheless when she saw Calleb's eyelashes fluttered open.

The Gamma's eyes were disoriented and confused, but when he caught a sight of Raine beside him, his lips move upwards into a silly smile.

"Am I in heaven? I see an angel" He said weakly. Despite his condition, he was still able to pull a joke, which was not funny at all.

Regardless, his cheesy joke made Raine smile. "No, the angel is not in heaven." Tears escaped her eyes as a surge of relief washed over her and she wiped them hastily. "Welcome back brother"

"I am glad to be back" Calleb grinned faintly.

Though his face was still pale, but at the very least there was spark on his eyes.

"Call the healer." Raine said calmly at the witch as she wiped her last tears. She knew she would succeed.

"Alright." The witch's eyes lit up upon seeing Calleb was able to recover. She no longer could sense the dark magic and curse from the Gamma.

The witch went out of the room and caught Torak's attention as he asked what she was doing, running out of the room hastily and the witch answered the Alpha that the Gamma had recovered and she went to call for the healer.

Torak let her go and quickly went inside the room where he found Raine was talking softly to Calleb.

The Gamma had regained his consciousness which was a good thing, but the question was; how?

Torak didn't hear anything strange from inside the room and the witch also had assured them that there was nothing she could do to help Calleb, but how the Gamma could recover now?

"What is going on?" Torak approached Raine and sat down beside her as his eyes scrutinized Calleb's condition. He looked better, at least, he didn't look like a dying man.

"I healed him." Raine grinned from ear to ear, looked so proud to herself. Just like a child who wanted to be praised.

Thus, Torak put his big palm on Raine's head and rubbed her head gently. "You did a great job, my love, but will you tell me about what happened?"

Raine then told Torak everything about the golden stream that washed away all the dark blood inside Calleb's body and how it was only she who was able to see it.

Torak heard every single word from his mate attentively. "But, how are you so sure that your blood wouldn't hurt him like how it worked with the little child?"

At that time the witch and the healer came inside the room along with the other four Lycans who were standing on guard near the bed.

Without wasting time, both of the healer and the witch immediately checked on Calleb's condition.

"I know, because she showed me how." Raine's eyes looked straight at the witch as she mind- linked Torak. [Kill her Torak. Kill the witch.]