The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 341

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 341 Raine's Explanation

[Are you sure?] Torak asked his mate, he was surprised with her request, this kind of order didn't suit his mate, but he would definitely do it if that what Raine wanted.

Raine nodded her head silently while hugging Torak's waist and buried her face on his chest. Didn't want to see the gruesome scene that was about to happen.

[Kill the witch.] Torak ordered coldly at the Lycan who was standing right behind the witch.

And without wasting another second or asking the Alpha's decision as this was a direct order, the Lycan moved very fast without hesitation.

The Lycan wrapped his hand around the witch's neck and exerted his strength until they could hear a horrifying sound of broken bones and a gurgle sound from the witch who didn't know what was happening and didn't have time to think or avoid the sudden attack.

Once the witch lifeless body fell to the ground, Torak's firebird burned the death body into ashes within seconds.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye, even Calleb and the healer couldn't discern what was happening until it already ended.

[Alpha, did I just see you killed someone?] Calleb stared at his Alpha, he even didn't know what the witch did wrong until she deserved to receive that.

The healer also was shocked and fell to the floor, her body trembling uncontrollably. She didn't know why the witch had to die.

[Luna's order.] Torak said calmly while holding and caressing Raine's back.

"What?" Calleb's eyes directed at the small body in Torak's embrace and widened his eyes.

Torak's answer was more absurd than when he answered it if he did it out of pleasure. Calleb's brain froze.

Did the little cutie now had turned into something devil, or what?

"But, why?" Calleb asked out of curiosity.

The other Lycan also had the same question, but they didn't know if this order was coming from their Luna, not their Alpha.

And since this was Torak's order, they didn't think much about it, they just thought Torak had turned into his ruthless self, someone who killed without reason.

"Right." Torak kissed the top of Raine's head pulled himself from her to see his mate face. "Why did you ask to kill the witch, my love?"

Wait, what!?

Now Calleb was totally speechless and clueless. Torak just did that because Raine asked for it without even know her reason?! Did that make sense?

Perhaps in Torak's mate- world it did make sense.

Raine lifted her head and looked back at Torak. "Did you already dispose her body?" she asked timidly.

"I did." Torak nodded solemnly.

This revelation not only shocked the Gamma, but also the other Lycans as well. They would have never thought that their Luna could be ruthless like this.

Now, they really wanted to know her reason.

Their first impression about this Luna was not really good. They didn't fond of something so weak and easily scared like her, just because she was the Alpha's mate that they managed to hide their disdain toward her.

Yet, now they heard their Luna had asked to kill the witch? This would be interesting

Raine tilted her head and looked at the place where the witch had been standing a few minutes ago and now it was only dust.

Raine's eyes then shifted at the healer, who was still sitting on the ground. "Please look after him." She said in her soft voice while still in Torak's embrace.

Raine didn't want the healer there when she told them her reason, but the healer still needed to attend to Calleb.

"I will tell you after the healer finished." Raine lifted her head to look at Torak as he nodded, agreed to whatever Raine wanted.

Hastily, the healer stood up and with trembling hands, she checked on Calleb's condition, didn't want to incur the Luna's wrath, though this Luna looked soft and gentle, but she had ordered someone to kill the witch without batting an eye.

She was so scary

"Lu Luna, Alpha" The healer stammered. She approached her leaders after ten minutes of examining Calleb's condition. "The Gamma is fine now, he just needed to rest for two days and he will be able to return to his original state." The healer informed them fearfully.

"You can go." Torak said and the healer nodded frantically, she literally flew out of the room and made Raine confused.

"You scared her" Raine murmured, but Torak gripped her chin and smiled warmly.

"You are the one who scared her," Torak said.

Calleb nodded his head, he agreed.

Seeing a Lycan killed another creatures was a common sight, but to see the little girl who would be heartbroken only by hitting a fly suddenly issued an order to kill someone was scarier.

"Now, can you tell us, why did you want to kill the witch?" Torak asked in interested.

So did the other people inside the room, they practically moved a step forward, afraid if they would miss a word from this Luna.

"I touched her and I saw what she would do next." Raine said in her soft voice. "She had associated with the enemy. She was one of the devil's paws."

For Torak and Calleb, who were aware about Raine's ability they could relate wit what she said. However, Raine's explanation made the other Lycans buffled.

What touch and see?

"If we didn't kill her soon, she would have cursed your people and half of the Lycans that came with us would have died by now." Raine explained.

And her explanation created a wave of shock around the Lycan, as one of the Lycan ventured to ask.

"My apologize Luna," he said. "But, how could you be so sure that that's what will happen?" He wasa a tall and burly man, just like the other Lycan, and has a long scar across his face.

"I saw it." Raine furrowed her eyebrows, but then she realized, they didn't know about this. "I see the future and I see what she will do to us."

This shocking news left the rest of the Lycan flabbergasted.