The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 342

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 342 I Want To Save Those Who Stand By Us

"She was with Belphegor and Jenedieth." Raine bit her lips as if she was in deep thought. "There are a lot of people inside the room and I only recognized that two people" but, then her eyes lit up. "I saw the vampire that met you last time."

Raine's information was shocking news from all of them, how they could believe it? Only by a single touch and Raine managed to save half of the people there and prevented something terrifying from happening?

This was simply hard to believe. Yet, they couldn't say that Raine was lying too.

"And then, what else did you see?" Torak didn't take his mate's words lightly. He treasured her.

"Many people gathered there, but I don't know what place is that it's like a bar" Raine tried to remember every image from the thing that the witch showed her.

"And, what else?" Torak waited patiently for her, the same thing happened for the other Lycan, they were waiting for their Luna to talk more about this.

They had never seen someone who actually could see the future, really saw it, not just rubbish assumption that could be mistaken.

When Torak asked this question, Raine's eyes suddenly lit up. "Torak, they plan something in Fulbright city five days from now."

"What are they planning?" Torak frowned.

"I am not sure what is it, but since the witch was dead, then the future could be altered as well." Raine said hesitantly. "But I saw her talking to Belphegor about me."

Torak's eyes dimmed when he heard what Raine said. "Everyone out." He stared at the rest of the people inside the room.

Upon hearing the Alpha's order, nobody could reject it, though they really wanted to hear what their Luna would say and what the plan, yet they couldn't defy Torak.

Raine also a little bit confused about why Torak asked them to leave the room. They could hear it as well, right?

But, Raine didn't ask Torak immediately. Only when it was only the three of them, Raine voiced out her confusion.

"Why they should leave the room?" Raine stared at her mate.

"Because I don't want them to hear what you are going to say." Torak explained curtly. He didn't want to exploit unnecessary information about his mate, not even to his own people.

If this information was necessary for them to know, then Torak would share it, otherwise, it would be safe if less people knew about her secret.

"Now, what the witch will say to the devil if she is still alive?" Torak took Raine to sit down on the edge of Calleb's bed as the Gamma also listened to it carefully.

Despite losing so much blood, but the healing ability of Lycan couldn't be taken lightly, within minutes, Calleb looked much better, than his condition minutes ago.

"The witch will inform Belphegor that my blood could be used to cure the dark magic and they said they needed more of it." Raine frowned, it was so creepy when she had to say it out loud.

Why they needed more of her blood? Was all of this only a test? She felt something fishy about it.

Torak's face darkened upon hearing that, but his voice was so calm when he asked Raine for further information. "Do you know when the witch will meet the Devil?"

Raine narrowed her eyes, trying to remember something in her clouded memory and then her eyes widened. "I saw a calendar and it showed 29th this month."

"Three days from now." Calleb spoke as he tried to sit down despite his battered body. "We need to go back to the Fulbright city soon." He concluded.

"But, Calleb still needs more rest." Raine frowned as she looked over at Calleb. "The healer said you need at least two days more to recuperate."

"You underestimated me, Luna" Calleb sneered. "I will be fine by tomorrow. Our kind's healing ability is top notch."

Raine didn't believe it. "Is that, right?" She asked her mate instead.

"He will be fine." Torak touched Raine's cheek, he felt very proud of his little mate, if it wasn't for her, probably they were in chaotic situation now if what she said was right. "But, we will stay for tonight."


It was so dark outside and the moon was covered with dark clouds, seemingly the rain would start to fall.

Raine and Torak occupied one of the room, inside the pack house and now the little Luna has snuggled into the warm embrace of her mate while the Alpha pulled a blanket and wrapped both of them.

"I was genuinely surprised by the decision that you took, my love." Torak referred to Raine's decision to kill the witch. "I never think such an order will be issued by you one day."

Raine lifted her head and stared at Torak. "You don't like it?" She was afraid Torak would find her too cruel for her action.

"I love everything about you, including this new side of you." Torak kissed the tip of her cute nose and smiled indulgently. "In fact, you can ask me to kill any other creatures and I will not mind to do it for you."

Raine grimaced upon hearing Torak's words, she was also aware that Torak didn't even ask her reason and just did as she said without questions.

"I will not do that" Raine whined, if she could, she wouldn't kill the witch, but the time was so tight, if she delayed, it would be the dead of people on her side.

"I know. I just say it so you know that I will trust you no matter what," Torak nodded. "So, may I know why did you come up with that decision?"

Raine lowered her eyes, looked sad and Torak didn't like it. "The war is coming I can feel it." she said somberly. "I will not be able to save everyone, but at the very least I want to save those people who are on our side."