The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 343

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 343 Don't Go Back To Fulbright City

"Torak, I am afraid" Raine lifted her head to look at her mate beside her. "I am afraid if I have to die and leave you"

A tear started flowing down from the corner of her eyes. Raine didn't want to leave Torak, but what if that was what it takes to restore peace?

Would she be able to do that? Unfortunately Raine couldn't foresee it.

"No. no." Torak hugged Raine protectively, his eyes shone with fear. It was fear that flashed his eyes upon hearing what his mate was saying. He couldn't even imagine that, let alone if that happened for real. Torak really couldn't bear the agony of thought of losing his mate. "You will be fine. You will be fine, I will stay by your side my love I will always protect you."

Raine sobbed quietly in Torak's embrace until she fell asleep.

However, that night, Torak couldn't even close his eyes, the thought of losing Raine kept him awake and ready to tear anything that come to threaten his mate.

Torak had never been so afraid like this in his entire existence.

He needed to find more information about the war centuries ago and how to win the battle without sacrificing the guardian angel like what the Donovan had done before.

Just like what Raine had said, Torak could feel it also that the war would happen soon.

Really soon.


It was so dark that Raine couldn't see anything. The air was so cold, yet Raine didn't shiver. There was the sound of breathing on her neck, though no one was there.

The frown on her eyebrows deepened as she tried to take walk away. This darkness didn't scare Raine somehow. She just felt uncomfortable by the lack of light.

However, before she could take another step forward, there were arms that wrapped around Raine's body, so tight that she couldn't even move a bit.

Raine struggled to free herself, but she couldn't.

And then she felt someone rested his head on her shoulder, and then Raine realized something; the way he hugged her, it wasn't an action to hurt her, instead this was the same exact way how Torak used to hug her.


But, Raine knew it wasn't Torak.

Raine didn't know where she was right now, yet for some reason, Raine was familiar with this place, she had been here for couple of times.

"Aeon." Raine called out his name and just like what Raine thought, the shadow warrior answered her.

"Raine" his voice was so lonely and miserable. "Don't return to Fulbright city."

The misery in his voice reverberated to her soul and made Raine overwhelmed with the same heartache.

Why Aeon appeared like this?

That was what Aeon's said before Raine felt the first sunlight fell on her face, she frowned because of the warm, but the comfort of the arms that hugged her now let her knew that it was Torak who beside her, not the dispirited Aeon.

Raine's long lashes fluttered to open and found Torak was hugging and staring at her tenderly.

"Good morning my beautiful angel" Torak rewarded Raine a kiss on her nose and his mate giggled in return.

"You wake up so early" there was hoarseness in her voice that Torak found so cute as she rubbed her sleeping eyes.

"Hmm." Torak hummed. "Just to have a chance to see you like this." He leaned over and kissed her lips now.

"Mm I have not brushed my teeth yet" Raine avoided Torak, yet the Alpha simply held her head and she instantly couldn't move.

"I don't mind" Torak whispered between their lips.

Torak was wide awake the whole night, thanks to her cries and words that made him worry.


The Blue Moon pack would be close supervision and no one was allowed to come and go as they please without good reason or the permission from the person in charge.

Some of Torak's people would stay there to assure the new rules were obeyed by the Blue Moon Pack's people until further notice.

Just like Torak's pack house had, here too they had a room with a long table to eat together. When they were having breakfast there, all of the people from the Blue Moon pack would lower their gaze until their face covered with their bowl.

This was a stressful atmosphere for them because they have to eat with their Alpha and Luna, who just locked them on their own place, but for Raine, this kind of situation simply made her uncomfortable.

That morning, Calleb joined to eat breakfast with them, he sat on Torak's left and talked to his Alpha all the time.

In the other hand, Raine didn't pay attention to Torak and Calleb discussion as she thought about her dream.

Aeon came to her dream after a long time and told her to not come back to Fulbright city. But, why?

He didn't explain it and the way he talked to her, made her worried.

When Raine was in deep thought she felt something bumped her legs and out of surprised, she let out a small cry.

In an instant, Torak who had been so protective to Raine, especially since last night, let out an ear piercing growl, he stood up and took Raine in his embrace.

Instantaneously, the tension inside the room made it difficult for them to breath.

On the floor, they could see a beautiful little girl, staring at Torak in fear, apparently she accidentally bumped into Raine when she ran away from her mother, behind her a lady with the same eyes color like the child hurriedly hugged the little girl and apologized to Torak and Raine incessantly.

"It's okay Torak, I just surprised. The little girl didn't hurt me." Raine tried to appease the Alpha, but of course Torak wouldn't take it lightly. It was just yesterday that a three year old child wanted to kill his mate.

So, he didn't even believe if it was safe for Raine to be near the little girl now.