The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 344

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 344 Please Kill Him

Raine rubbed her palm against Torak's chest and smiled at him. "The little girl is not what you think." She tried to appease her mate.

Yet, Torak held her hand on his chest and stared at his mate sternly. This action alone made the little girl in her mother embrace shivered out of fear.

"You will never know, my love." Torak said icily. He didn't want to take a risk to put Raine in danger.

However, Raine tiptoed and kissed his cheek and smiled cheekily. "I do know."

After that, Raine freed herself from Torak and walked straight to the child in her mother arms. The lady tried to hide her child and looked at Raine, pleading with her eyes.

"Let me see your child, she hurt her head." Raine stretched out her hand to touch the child's forehead, yet the child buried her face on the crook of her mother's neck.

The lady's body turned stiff upon seeing her child rejection, she was afraid it would offend the Luna. She had heard what had happened to the Alpha's child, Jade, yesterday.

It was said, the child was possessed by dark magic and tried to hurt their Luna and the supreme Gamma, not only that the possessed child even killed a Lycan.

And then Jade was killed by Raine, though their Luna's appearance looked soft and gentle, but all the people said it, it was their Luna who killed the child, not the Alpha.

"Luna, I am sorry she just she is just a very shy child I am sorry for disturbing your breakfast." The Lady was pleading again with fear in her eyes.

Raine smiled ever so gently, she looked at the child, who currently sneaked a peek at her, as Raine touched the child little arm tenderly.

"Do you like to dance?" Raine asked and her question piqued the child interest as she lifted her head. On her forehead there was a red mark because she had bumped into a table as well.

"I like to dance." The little girl answered Raine's question, she was just five years old and has a beautiful brown eyes with long eyelashes.

"You will be an amazing dancer when you grow up." Raine touched the child's forehead.

Even though the little girl was a werewolf's child, she had not yet shifted, so her healing ability wasn't the same like the a.d.u.l.ts.

"Really?" the girl showed her toothless smile.

"Of course." Raine grinned at her as she retracted her hand and the red mark on the child's forehead was gone.

"Okay, that's enough." Torak pulled Raine back to his arms and looked at the lady as he spoke. "You can go."

The lady hastily nodded her head and thanked Raine for healing her child, when she walked away the child waved her little hand at Raine.

"She is so cute, isn't she?" Raine spoke to Torak as she waved back at the little girl.

"You are cuter." Torak replied shamelessly as he pulled the chair for Raine.

This comment also made Calleb looked at his Alpha helplessly as he tried to finish his food without being choked by Torak's comment.

Aside from that small incident, the breakfast went smoothly as the people from the Blue Moon Pack had new understanding and impression of their Luna.

Though she appeared so fragile and tender, she was actually wise and full of affection. The criteria that didn't suit to be a supreme Luna, yet for some reason they didn't mind to have this Luna.

Not to mention the fact that she actually has some kind of power that they didn't understand yet, what was that.

From what they heard their Luna even killed the witch that turned out to be one of the devil's paw and she even managed to know that the Alpha's child was actually possessed by something evil.

If the people from blue moon pack had their new impression of their Luna, the people that came with Torak had started to grow their respect for Raine.

She indeed had issued an order to kill the witch and saved most of them from the dark magic because after they killed the witch, they ran an investigation and found out that the witch was indeed part of the Alpha Ryan's people.

She was one of the witches that had transformed an innocent child into something evil.

"I am full." Raine put down her spoon and drank her tea. "When we will leave?"

"Soon, my love." Torak said softly as he stopped to talk with Calleb just to answer her.

Raine just nodded upon hearing Torak's answer, her mind wandered to her dream about Aeon again, but then she remembered about something.

"Where is Clarice?" Raine tugged at Torak's sleeve.

Torak's face darkened when he heard Raine mentioned that name. "Don't tell me you want to meet her."

The silent that followed answered Torak's question as he sighed helplessly.

He stood up and said. "You can see her, but you are not allowed to go near her. Understand?" Torak said sternly just like how he talked to his annoying subordinate.

Yet, Raine just grinned and nodded her head obediently as she followed Torak.

Clarice was put inside a bedroom with tight security. When they opened the door, Raine could see both of the woman's hands were shackled to the wall.

"Clarice." Raine called out her name.

Clarice has her hair covered her face, thus Raine couldn't see her expression right now, yet the vibe that she gave off was able to make Raine's heart clenched with the despair that emanated from her body.

"I am sorry for your lost." Raines uttered sincerely. "But, I can do nothing to help him."

Clarice still refused to lift her head and looked at Raine, but she had said what she wanted to say, so Raine just gave Clarice her last farewell.

"Luna." Clarice called out her name before Raine could walk out of the room. "Be careful of people you trust."

Raine looked at the despair mother who just lost her child. "I will."

"And Luna If you meet with Ryan." A tear fell on Clarice's cheek. "Please kill him."