The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 345

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 345 Be Ready Raine

Raine's heart clenched upon hearing Clarice's plea, she couldn't imagine if she was her.

Being forced to be with someone that she didn't love, losing her child because the innocent kid was being used for evil acivity and now she had to be put under such circ.u.mstances.

Raine didn't reply to her plea, she simply said. "Take care of yourself." And then walked out of the room with Torak.

They will leave this place and returned to Fulbrigh city.

"Don't be so harsh to her" Raine tilted her head and spoke in low voice to Torak when no one around. "She is innocent so did the rest of the people here."

Just because their Alpha betrayed Torak didn't mean all of the people also conspired for the same thing, they didn't even know what their Alpha was doing.

Torak was aware with Raine's concern, so he caressed her cheek lovingly. "I know, you don't have to worry about them."

Raine trusted Torak's judgement, thus she didn't say anything until they departed with their car along with some other Lycans while the rest would stay at the blue moon pack and see how the thing would happen there.


"So, you did succeed to contact your little girl?" Lucifer stared down at the man under his feet, who writhed in pain, his face was so pale and his chapped lips looked so unsightly.

However, his eyes burned with anger and hatred toward the Devil, who was sitting on the coach right in front of him.

Aeon wanted to say something, but he ended up coughing blood, a lot of blood. His condition was so bad and he barely could breathe after the tortured that Lucifer put him to go through.

"I am impressed." Lucifer murmured. "I don't think about this, this is my fault this time to not think properly that you will use your connection to the guardian angel to warn her."

Aeon indeed had created a connection with Raine through the horn of the unicorn that the witch had brought for her.

Even Serefina didn't know about this fact.

Actually, this kind of ironic when it was Serefina, who had destroyed the book that belong to Raine's mother, which connected Raine with Aeon, now it was also Serefina who made a connection between Aeon and Raine by giving the horn of the unicorn to her.

It allowed Aeon to feel Raine and brought her to his shadow realm, whenever Raine lowered her guard, like the time when she was sleeping.

However, he wasn't as strong as before because of the tortured that he received from Lucifer. It weakened his power greatly.

"But, you know what?" Lucifer crossed his legs and leaned his body against the backrest of the seat. "Your efforts are in vain, because they just arrived in the Fulbright city." a devilish smile appeared at the corner of Lucifer's lips as his golden eyes stared at Aeon's pale face.

Regardless, Aeon knew his warning wouldn't change anything, but at least he tried and made Raine became more aware of her surroundings.

"We are bound by an oath that says you will not hurt her." Aeon spoke with difficult as his breathing turned heavy.

"Of course, I will keep my promise, but it doesn't mean if I can't touch her, then anyone else can't do that." Lucifer said in matter of fact tone.

In another word, it didn't necessary for him to go and deal with Raine directly, but he could always use other people's hand to do his dirty job, just like how Lucifer used Aeon for his personal benefit.

Aeon's eyes shut tightly upon hearing this. It was his fault in the first place to make a deal with the devil, yet all he wanted was to meet with Raine one more time and be with her, though the last part was ruined because of Torak's appearance.


The first news that hit them when they arrived at Fulbright city was the chaos within the company that Raphael informed them when they were still on the way to go home.

Apparently, most of the shareholder, most of them were human that side with de Medici that Belphegor was the leader of that family, had created chaos by signing a motion to replace Torak's position because he had gone for long period of time without any news.

Fortunately, Raphael had handled that situation brilliantly and managed to suppress the commotion before it got bigger.

However, the news didn't stop there, actually there was a weird news that circulated on line about Torak's involvement in the collapse of the library.

Somehow there was a picture of Torak that was captured when he left the library right at the day that building was seen standing for the last time.

Not only that, they managed to capture another picture when Torak left the debris of the Library building, totally fine with a small white rabbit in his hand.

Some conspiracy theories roamed around the internet about Torak's involvement with the tragedy that killed hundreds of people.

Right after they arrived at home, Raphael, Calleb, Jack and some of Torak's man were called for an emergency meeting.

They had been spending hours inside Torak's office while Raine was sitting near a window in the living room, staring out at the ray of the sun that faded in the horizon as the lights in the yard were turned on.

"What you get from your trip with Torak?"

Suddenly a woman voice sounded beside Raine, she didn't have to turn her head to know that was Serefina who came without invitation, again.

"Another vision, another blood, another dead body" Raine listed all the things that had happened to the witch impassively.

Serefina leaned her back against the wall behind her as she faced Raine with serious expression, which so rare for Raine to see it.

There was no anger, arrogant or nonchalant tone in her voice like she used to, when she said. "Be ready Raine, it will come soon."