The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 346

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 346 We Can't Do That

"I know." Raine replied softly as she resumed staring at a big tree outside the house. "I can feel it, but I don't know if I am ready for this."

"No one is ready." Serefina said in light tone, but she clenched her jaw tightly as she spoke again. "I think to be with the other guardian angel will increase your progress."

Raine tilted her head and looked at Serefina. "You will let me to meet with them?" she asked expectantly. It would be great to meet the other people who had the same destiny as her.

Serefina nodded. "Yes, but not now. I will let you know if the time is right."

"Alright." Raine nodded and didn't ask any other question, knowing Serefina for this long period of time, the witch definitely wouldn't answer her questions.

"I dreamed of Aeon." Raine confessed.

She chose to tell about this to Serefina and not to Torak simply because Raine didn't want to add another unnecessary thing into Torak's shoulder and she was also unsure if Torak could judge this matter fairly.

"Just a dream?" Serefina thought it was impossible for the shadow warrior to make a contact with Raine, since she had destroyed the diary of Raine's mother.

"I don't think it was just a dream. He warned me." Raine tried to remember it and concluded that wasn't any ordinary dream, because it was so real and she had been in that place for a few times now.

"What the shadow warrior said?" Serefina was squinted her eyes. She didn't know how Aeon would be able to make another connection to Raine despite the fact he had never met again with Raine since the incident in the library.

"He warned me to not return here." Raine repeated what Aeon had told her. "He just said that and for some reason I can feel his power is getting weaker he didn't talk much" But then she added. "Maybe just my assumption."

There was no way Raine would be able to tell about the strength of someone else power when she wasn't even able to control hers.

"What do you think he wanted to say?" Raine shifted her gaze at Serefina to ask her opinion.

"I don't know." Serefina shrugged, she really didn't have any idea what the shadow warrior wanted to say. She wasn't the one who got warned and she had never talked to him personally to know his character.

Raine nodded and kept her eyes on the tree.

Meanwhile, the news outside went rampant.

There was something not normal about this situation and as if someone was controlling those people behind the scene, they were just like the reporters that had attacked Raine almost two months ago.

Unscrupulous and irrational.

The next day there was seven police officers who came to find more information about Torak's whereabouts.

"Torak why they come here?" Raine frowned when one of the guards informed them there was police officers who wanted to meet with Torak.

For outside world, Torak was still missing and no one was able to find him or caught a glimpse of him.

"Someone behind all of this." Torak concluded.

With Torak's influence, there was no way mere police officers were dispatched to interrogate Torak and came all the way down to Torak's place.

"Where is Serefina?" Torak asked Calleb, instead of thinking about the police outside, he was looking for the witch.

"How about the police outside?" the guard was a human, he didn't have the same thought like Torak and the rest of the people inside the room did.

"Let them." Torak replied coldly.

"Serefina is inside her room. She specifically said she didn't want to be disturbed for the rest of the day." Calleb informed Torak.

The Gamma found this so weird for Serefina locked herself inside her room, yet Torak seemed to know something that he didn't and just waved his hand toward the guard to make him leave the room.

Raine, who was sitting on the sofa, walked toward Torak and sat on his laps, looking for a comfortable position.

"What's going on here?" Raine was so worried about Torak and the news about him was being the perpetrator of the explosion of the library building.

"The devil controls the masses." Torak answered Raine's question calmly. Very calm that made Raine restless.

"What is that mean?" Raine looked at Torak, though that was what she asked, yet deep down, she knew it was something bad, really bad.

Raphael, Jack and Calleb looked at each other when Raine asked this. They just realized this as well when Torak mentioned it.

"Centuries ago, the devil would use the masses to attack the Lycanthrope's side before the actual war, creating confusion between all the people and misunderstanding within our supporter." Torak caressed Raine's face. "Just like today."

"We have to go from here." Raine remembered what Aeon had told her in her dream. Perhaps, this was what he wanted to tell her. "Why don't we go to your pack instead?"

"We can't do that." Torak shook his head, seemingly reluctant to explain about his reason why he couldn't bring them out of this city, though the situation here was not in their favor.

Moreover, wouldn't it be safer if they were in their own territory?

"Why?" Raine couldn't understand why they couldn't move to Torak's territory. But then, she realized something.

It was the same reason why they were here in the first place and why Torak had to painstakingly establish another company in this area when the headquarter of his company was in the other city, clearly in his own territory.

"It is because of me, right?" Raine suddenly felt down. "This is because of my condition."

"We will go through this together." Torak assured Raine. "Don't blame yourself."

"But, I feel better now, I am getting stronger and I think I can stand it if we have to go to your territory now." Raine insisted.

Right at that moment, they could hear commotion from outside of the house.