The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 347

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 347 An Impulsive Decision

At first, Raine couldn't hear it because her hearing ability not as advanced as the other Lycans inside the room.

However, the commotion only last for a few minutes before one of the Lycans who was appointed to safeguard the place knocked the door and reported to Torak about what was happening outside of the house.

"The seven police officers opened fire, so we don't have choice except to retaliate." The Lycan informed Torak. "Some of our guards, human, were killed."

Torak glanced over at Raphael and the Beta went out of the room as he called for someone as for Calleb, the Lycan guard and he went out of the room to check on the situation outside.

"We have to go now, Torak." Raine emphasized every syllable of her words, showing the urgency of their situation.

Torak was always being very protective toward Raine, but if he had to take the brunt just because of her, of course Raine wouldn't allow it.

It was not only about her, but also about those who followed their Alpha faithfully. They were not insignificant people, though they would willingly put their life on the line to make sure the safety of their leader, Raine would choose to not bet on their life for her own sake.

"We are not going anywhere until I am sure that you are safe." Torak said sternly at Raine.

Torak was so stubborn if it was about Raine, especially lately, his over protectiveness has reached the point where he became paranoia.

In the other hand, Raine understood very well that Torak meant good for her, yet he had neglected the safety of his own people for her sake and Raine thought this was so wrong.

"Torak" Raine softened her voice and kissed his forehead tenderly. "I am stronger now, stronger than I was two months ago, or the day before yesterday. I can feel my power, despite I still don't know how to control it yet, but I am sure I will figure this out soon."

Torak didn't want to relent and hugged Raine instead. "We will ask about this to Serefina first." He resolved with that conclusion.

No matter how much Torak was annoyed by Serefina, he still needed her regarding Raine's condition and Raine could only agree with Torak this time as she didn't want to have unnecessary argumentation with him.

Afterward, Raphael walked into the room and informed Torak about their current situation.

"I have called Mr. Brian about this matter and he said no one from the police department gave an order to those police officers to come into our residence." Raphael furrowed his brows. "He will come personally to check the situation here."

Mr. Brian was a respected figure in police department, for him to come personally to check on the situation here was slightly fishy for Torak.

Despite the fact Torak was also a respected figure in business world, yet he wasn't too close to Mr. Brian. They only met several times in some occasion.

For Torak to have Mr. Brian's contact was normal, but what wasn't normal was for him to come instead of sending his people.

"I feel like the seven police officers who suddenly went rampant and dare enough to open fire to us is like all of this has been planned." Not only Torak, even Raphael alos thought the same thing.

Raine followed their discussion silently as she had her own opinion. What Aeon said was true, there was something going on in this Fulbright city

Those people those people seemed like they were being possessed by something. They became barbaric and inhumane.

This situation reminded Raine a lot with what happened to her when those reporters were trying to burn the car, which she and the other two Lycans were in, or to the little child, Jade.

If the situation was like that and if Raine could countermand the dark magic by killing the boy, then it meant, she had to kill a lot of people in order to be safe.

The problem didn't stop there

How much blood that she needed to fight them?

"Torak, we need to go from here." Raine said hastily. She felt unease with the situation.

From the beginning, the Fulbright city was Andromalius's territory, the another devil, if it wasn't because Torak's immense power and resource in the human's world, he wouldn't be able to stand in this place for this long period of time.

"Call more people to come to this city." Torak had the same thought as well.

As his concern was on Raine, but at the same time he neglected the safety of his own people. He didn't care how much he has to lose his people as long as Raine was safe and sound.

Yet, Raphael, who could guess what was in Torak's mind and what he was planning, couldn't agree to that.

Even though Raphael knew Raine's safety couldn't be taken lightly, but Torak's decision now wasn't a decision that an Alpha should take, he acted as Raine's mate and forgot that he was an Alpha as well.

Raphael should remind him about this, but Raine beat him to it.

"No!" Raine's voice was firm and strong. She rejected Torak's order directly. "If you call them to come in this situation, they will die."

Torak wanted to talk something, but Raine didn't give him a chance to do that, she looked at him right into his eyes, yet Torak felt like she was looking through his agitated soul and understood his uneasiness.

"I am stronger now. I can handle it." Raine spoke softly at Torak, wanted him to understand her stand point. "We can't keep up with this situation for long time. If those Lycans come, they will die in vain and I don't want it. You know that I don't want it."

Torak didn't speak for long time and only fixed his eyes on her.

"Please Torak, we need to go from here. Immediately." Raine was being rational when Torak was being impulsive to make a decision.