The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 348

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 348 Too Many People Than Necessary

"Torak, you said it yourself that we are in this together, so why don't you ask my opinion? Isn't this my safety that becomes an issue?" Raine stared at Torak as she cupped his face between her palms. "I am different now, I am stronger than I was months ago, when we met for the first time. I know that I can handle this." She tried to assure him again and again.

At first, Torak didn't budge and stared at Raine with his blue ocean eyes as his lips shut tight.

Raine knew Torak was just being impulsive now. Somehow, he just became more paranoia about her safety, but this wasn't the right time for that.

Raine had seen many people died, in reality or in her vision that not yet happened, that was why, if she could she would do everything in her own power to avoid that from happening and Torak didn't help her if he acted this way.

"Please, Torak" Raine pleaded. It was rare to hear that she really wanted something. "I don't want them to die because of me."

In the end, Torak hugged his mate and buried his face against the crook of her shoulder, relishing the intoxicated scent of her as he murmured to Raphael.

"We will leave at dawn." Torak said.

"Yes, Alpha." Raphael went out of the room, giving some privacy for Raine and Torak.

The Beta was so glad that Raine managed to convince Torak as it wasn't an easy feat to make the Alpha changed his decision, and he was also very proud that Raine has grown stronger, not only physically but also mentally.

Raine balanced Torak's stubbornness and impulsiveness to make a decision out of his own preference, and helped the Alpha back on his track.

"I don't know what I will do if something happened to you." Torak caressed Raine's face tenderly.

He knew he had taken things too far and made a decision carelessly, but all he wanted was for his mate to be safe.

"Nothing will happen to me." Raine took both of his hands and pressed them on the side of her face as she added. "Because you will always protect me, right?" she smiled so beautifully and made Torak lost for words.

This happened so fast and Torak doubted himself if he had prepared everything? If he was ready? If his preparation was enough?

Torak didn't want to miss anything, as he didn't want to take the risk of failure.

"Right." Torak replied curtly and kissed her nose. He put her down and grabbed her hand to walk out of the room.

In front of Torak's study room, Raine stared at the big window that showed the situation out of the house, there were a lot of Lycans there and many guards, guarding the place.

Within hours since they arrived, the situation had escalated to this point.

Raine remembered a few days back she still attended her classes, talking to her friends and even went shopping with them.

Those memories were like something that happened years ago, despite the fact it was only a week back.

Now, Raine didn't know if she still could meet with Sunny and the others again, she was even not sure if she could go back to this city after what was happening or what would happen.

However, Raine remembered her vision and wondered about it.

If she wouldn't be able to meet with Sunny again, why she had that vision? That didn't make sense, but when Raine thought about it again, she didn't see Sunny there. It was only her.

Raine assumed it would happen to Sunny just because she got that vision after touching her, but what if she interpreted it wrongly?

If it was wrong, so what was the right thing? Even Serefina couldn't help her with this and this matter made her head spun around.

Torak took Raine inside their room and called Calleb over through mind link.

The Gamma came right away and entered the spacious room within seconds after he had been called. He knew what Torak would order him, so he walked inside and stood beside Raine. "I think Mr. Brian will arrive within fifteen minutes." He informed Torak.

"Hm." Torak nodded in understanding. "I will take care of him." He said.

Calleb nodded, whether Mr. Brian would come as their friend or enemy, they had prepared everything and would leave once Serefina was done with whatever she did inside her room.

That witch was so weird, she needed a day in every month to be alone and not allowed anyone to disturb her or came near her room.

"Stay here with Calleb, okay? I will be back soon." Torak tousled her hair and left the room.

After Torak left, Raine pulled out her backpack and started to put everything that she thought she would need it and put them inside the bag.

"Raine, can't you see what will happen?" Calleb sat on the edge of the bed and followed Raine movement with his eyes.

They would leave this place and the company just like that, if it was somebody else, they would go crazy to leave such company and property behind, those things were worth not only immense of money but also luck.

"I can't." Raine said curtly as she busied herself with her bag. "I still can't control my power yet. It is something like I couldn't grasp."

"Did Serefina help you?" Calleb asked again.

"I have told her about my situation, but I don't think she could help as she is also confused." Raine explained.

When Raine and Calleb were having their conversation, they heard something from outside of the room, seemingly a few people had come and Torak invited them in.

"Who is that?" Raine frowned at Calleb as she heard a lot of people were talking. "Why is it so crowd in the first floor?"

"Mr. Brian and his people come." Calleb told her, but he couldn't hide his displeasure.

"Why?" Raine walked closer toward Calleb and sat down beside him.

"There are too many people than necessary down there." Calleb said.