The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 349

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 349 I Will Look For His Mate

"How many people?" Raine asked Calleb as she walked closer toward Calleb with her backpack in her hand.

"Around twenty? Thirty?" Calleb was unsure, but that was a big number for a mere investigation and for what they brought so many people with them, when they were the victim here.

"All human?" Raine asked again. If all of them were human, then they couldn't just kill them. The Lycanthropes would have a bad side effect because of that.

"Yes." Calleb knew what Raine was thinking now and he emphasized. "All of them, human."

Raine frown deepened and bit her bottom lips, hoping nothing would happen to Torak and those people wouldn't turn out to be the crazy creatures that they had met before. "Is Torak meeting them now?"

"No. Torak decided to not show up. He stays in his beast form, so no one from them will be able to see him." Calleb explained and this made Raine slightly relieved.

"Who meets them? Raphael?" Raine bore her eyes at the door as if she could see through the thick wood.

"Hmm." Calleb hummed. "Raphael is good at handling things like this."

"Tell me more." Raine tugged Calleb's sleeves and stared at him. "Tell me what is happening down there."

Calleb, with his hearing ability and mind link to all the Lycanthropes, would be able to tell Raine everything that was happening now.

Because Raine's mind link was still weak to be used to all the Lycans nearby, thus she could only mind link someone nearby only.

At the first floor, where Mr. Brian was greeted by Raphael and sat right in front of the Beta while all of his people roamed the house, the white beast was staring at this commander with his black eyes, the surface of them looked very calm, yet only he knew what the emotion that was running in his mind right now.

"I think I forgot to mention that the incident happened outside of the house and not inside." Raphael looked at the police that walked carelessly inside the house.

"No, Mr. Lockwood, you didn't forget to mention it." Said Mr. Brian politely.

"So, what your people are doing right now?" Raphael shifted his gaze on the old man with white hair in front of him.

"Just check the situation." Mr. Brian waved his hand as he said in low and firmed voice. "We can ignore them and start with our discussion about the thing that happened."

"I don't think I agree with this." Raphael signaled to his people to block all the police from walking around the house.

They did as they were told and no one from those police could leave the living room.

"You don't know what you are talking about Mr. Lockwood." Mr. Brian smiled viciously as he stood up and walked closer to Raphael.

When Mr. Brian was close enough to Raphael, he fished something out from his pocket and gave the white envelope to Raphael to see.

Raphael took it from his hand and the moment he opened it, he knew immediately what was it. That was a search warrant letter.

As the respected figure in police Department, of course Mr. Brian could get such a letter immediately. That wasn't a big feat for him.

"That's why I said, let's have a chat while they were doing what they have to do." Mr. Brian said in calm voice, but his eyes, couple of time, flashed at the spot where the white beast where.

This kind of act didn't go unnoticed by Raphael. He was squinted his eyes at Mr. Brian. "I am not calling you to do this Mr. Brian. I just need you to investigate who was the person who sent those police officers to attack us."

This time there was no smile on Raphael's cold face as he looked at Mr. Brian right in his eyes.

"We have the search warrant, so"

But, before Mr. Brian could say anything else, Raphael had torn the letter into pieces before he gave it back to Mr. Brian's hand.

"You don't have it anymore." Raphael signaled for his people to be ready for what would happen next.

"You better cooperate with me Mr. Lockwood, or you will regret the decision that you take now." The eyes of Mr. Brian flashed with golden light.

The color of the devil's eyes.

"I think you will be the one who regret it Mr. Brian." Raphael was alert at his surroundings. He had heard what happened to Calleb before and how vicious the attack of the little child that was possessed by the dark magic.

Thus, they couldn't take it lightly.

If they were possessed by dark magic, it meant they were not longer human. So, it would be convenient enough for them to let the hell break loose.

They were ready for it, so did the twenty five police officers there and Mr. Brian.

"Where is Mr. Donovan, Mr. Lockwood?" the way Mr. Brian talked, sounded different now, it was hoarser than his own voice, not only that the rimmed of his eyes started to turn red.

"What do you want with Mr. Donovan, Mr. Brian?" Raphael's voice was still calm and there was tinge of alertness.

"You can't hide him forever" Mr. Brian's jaw clenched tightly. "Or, all of you here will die"

"This is what your true intention." That wasn't a question, but a statement from Raphael. "To find our Alpha, right?"

With the mention of 'Alpha', it showed that Raphael didn't want to play with this drama anymore. The person in front of him wasn't a human.

Or maybe he was once a human, yet the 'Mr. Brian' now was something else, something darker and evil.

Mr. Brian tilted his head. "Since you already knew my intention, tell me where is your Alpha now." at this moment, Mr. Brian's eyes had turned red, the indication that Raphael's guess was right.

"Why should I?" Raphael could see from his peripheral vision, some of the Lycans had shifted into their beast form.

"Because if I don't find him now, I will look for his mate instead." Replied Mr. Brian.