The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 35 Bloody Night 3

His body convulsed when Torak grabbed his neck and his eyes turned red. "'Didn't know' is not an excuse. You should have known better before you hurt what is mine." Torak squeezed his neck tightly and with the last gurgled sound, his body laid motionlessly on the ground.

Torak stood up and declared. "This is the end that you will get if you come after me!"

The other Lycans present fell silent in fear by the scene unfolded before their eyes. It was killing the chicken to warn the monkey. Torak generously gave them a direct example of how they would end up by trying to go against him.

Torak's eyes were still red when he scoured the vast runaway, but didn't find what he was looking for. With the last glanced to the moon above, he walked back to his private jet.

In the other hand, within the dark blanket of the night, two pairs of golden eyes were staring right at the commotion in the private runaway with disdain smile.

"Ck, Xavier is imbecile, he is ended up death and we get nothing." A beautiful woman with pony tail high atop of her head and white tutu dress was crouching down beside a shirtless man who wore only dark cargo pants.

"It's predictable." He said lazily as he plucked wild grasses around him.

"Hey, do you think what that Lycan just said was for us? Why I have a feeling that he knew about the true mastermind behind this?"

"I guess so." The man laid his back on the grass lazily, his golden eyes flickered with annoyance.

"Belphegor, they will take off!" She shook him anxiously. "Don't we need to give a chase?"

The Sloth yawned lazily and put his arms on the back of his head as pillow. "Why in rush? He will bring her to his den."

The girl scoffed, "That will be a problem. He is stronger there, the barrier is not as easy to penetrate as the one they put here. You can't walk in as you wish. Moreover, if you have a chance to come near that mute woman, why don't you draw her blood yourself?" She blabbered on and on.

"Are you out of your mind? I have not fix this yet." He lifted the finger that had touched Raine's blood before, it was charred and ulcerated.

She frowned, her Tutu dress was fluttering with the wind when she turned around and was about to leave. "We have to kill her soon, before she realizes her power and those Lycans use it to go against us."

"Everything is under control. No need to rush anything." Belphegor waved his hand and closed his golden eyes. "Moreover, it's not necessary to kill her. We just need to 'taint' her."

The girl smirked and her intoxicating smell lingered when she left. "Until next time, Belphegor."

"Until next time, Lilith."


Raine stirred awake by a faint tingling sensation that lingered on her back and her h.i.p.s. Someone was tracing mindless circles on the surface of the shirt that she was wearing to sleep.

Her thick eyelashes fluttered like rose petals in the wind, her deep breath hitched the moment she realized Torak's presence. Her eyes flew open, showing her alluring innocent stare that he couldn't resist.

Leaned over, Torak forced her eyes to close by kissing them. "I have been trying to wake you up since an hour ago." He said softly.

Looking at her sleeping face while caressing her cheeks was the so called waking her up in Torak version.

After the disgusting night, the scene of his sleeping mate was salvation for his bitter soul, hearing the rhythm of her heartbeat, help him to sleep faster. She was so pure until he felt as if he was being purified by just touching her.

Meanwhile Raine still disoriented after waking up, but after her surprised to see Torak next to her, she started to relax again, because this was the person whom she felt safe with.

How strange her feeling, by only knowing him for days, she had trusted him as if she had known him for her whole life.

Rubbing her eyes, Raine snuggled closer to Torak, seeking for warmth.

The Lycan, who appeared so beastly last night, chuckled. He was very pleased with this progress and didn't mind to let her sleep a little bit longer.

Torak was cuddling Raine close to him and playing with her black hair.

It was bliss for having her in his arms.