The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 350

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 350 Waiting To Be Dealt With

"Because if I don't find him now, I will look for his mate instead." Replied Mr. Brian, as he shifted his red eyes at a certain door in the second floor.

Mr. Brian's statement was akin to a sign to start a battle.

All of sudden, the twenty five police officers who came with Mr. Brian turned aggressive as their eyes shifted into blood red color.

Not only that, they were even able to see the Lycan's who had turned into their beast form and attacked them with unimaginable strength.

Right at the same moment, Mr. Brian pounced onto Raphael with his sharp teeth and sharp claws directed at the Beta. However, Torak moved faster than he, and bit down his neck before he could move any closer toward Raphael.

The white Lycan tore the clothes that Mr. Brian was wearing, yet no matter what, the beast couldn't graze his skin or he managed to hurt him even a bit.

The same thing happened with the other Lycans who were fighting the twenty five people. They could only manage to restrain them, but couldn't do anything to kill them, as they razor sharp teeth and claw couldn't even scratch them.

"How this is possible?" Raphael murmured when he saw with his own eyes those people were still able to stand up after being thrown and hit the wall until it left dent.

Regardless, they were still as aggressive as ever without any sign of tiredness or pain.

They fought like that for more than an hour. At this rate, all the human guards were dead and some of the Lycans were injured badly.

The wound from those possessed people couldn't be healed like they normally did. It was still bleeding even after a long time had passed.

When all the Lycans started to fall one by one because of their serious injuries and some of them had lost their consciousness because of the blood loss, two people managed to breakthrough and dash toward the second floor.

The white beast who saw this, let Raphael handled Mr. Brian as he stormed toward the stairs and managed to throw one of them out of the window as his body landed a few meter away out of the house.

However, the other person managed to reach the room where Raine and Calleb were there. Without wasting any more second, Torak immediately ran on all four toward him.

[Someone comes to your direction!] Torak mind- linked Calleb. Panic in his voice.

Inside the room, Calleb had instructed Raine to hide herself inside the bathroom, as he knew a danger was coming to his way.

Raine followed Calleb's instruction, as she hugged her backpack and closed the bathroom door. She even locked it.

The tension was so palpable until it reached the point of suffocation.

Even though Raine couldn't see it, but she was still able to hear the sounds of something breaking, roaring and snarling, around the house. Literally from all the corner of this house.

Outside the bathroom, Calleb was half shifted into his beast, only his claws and canines that elongated. He was ready for whatever would come to his way.

And just then, the door was thrown opened by forced until it detached from its hinges.

Without giving any chance for his enemy to steady his ground, Calleb pounced onto him and sent him flew across the room as his body collided to the wall behind him.

Torak came after that and bit him down.

Right at that moment the sun slowly came out, from behind the horizon it shone through the canopy of the trees outside the window of the bedroom.

The bright light slightly blinding the Alpha's eyes, the beast squinted them and lost his focus for a second, but it was enough to make the creature beneath him to claw his leg and break free from his grip.

At the same time, Calleb stormed forward and kicked the creature from Torak, yet before he could do that, the creature flew a few meters away from the ground.

At first they thought the creature could fly, but it didn't seem right as he let out an agony scream and writhed in pain before it destroyed into millions pieces and left only a few drop of his blood on the floor.

All of that happened in just over three seconds.

"What was that?!" Calleb exclaimed, he was flabbergasted, but when he turned his body and found Serefina was standing in the doorway, he felt relief.

It was the witch, who had destroyed the creature.

"We need Raine to stop this." Serefina said in low voice as she slumped to the ground. Her face was so pale and perspiration on her forehead, showing how tired she was. "Where is Raine?"

The white Lycan turned into his human form and followed his instinct to find his mate behind the locked door of the bathroom.

"Raine open the door." Torak knocked on the door with his hand that slightly bleeding.

Upon hearing Torak's voice, Raine opened the door and poked her head cautiously, when she saw Torak was standing there, she immediately ran to his embrace and hugged her mate tightly as she felt relief that Torak was fine, or maybe not totally fine

Raine's eyes fell on his bleeding hand and grabbed it. "You are bleeding is it because of that 'thing'?" her worry eyes fixed on his hand as she clasped the wound with her palm.

"It's okay." Torak reassured Raine, but she didn't budge as she concentrated on his hand. "Raine, you can"

"Ssst!" Raine hushed Torak, frowning because he disturbed her concentration.

"Make it fast." Whined Serefina as she leaned her back against the wall behind her, panting slightly.

From the first floor they could hear the battle was still happening and the Lycans had started to grow weak because their injuries couldn't be healed naturally.

It took Raine another minute to stop Torak's bleeding and healed his wound.

"You did a great job." Torak thanked his mate and kissed her forehead.

But, it wasn't the time to celebrate it yet, because there was around twenty five creatures that waiting to be dealt with.