The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 351

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 351 Torak's Decision

"We need to stop them." Serefina tried to stand up with the help of Calleb and was ready to go out of the room to settle thing on the first floor.

Yet, before Raine could follow the witch, Torak held her hand and stopped her. "What you will do?" he asked Serefina.

"What do you mean what I will do? of course to save your people down there." Serefina replied with voice laced in agitation.

"How? By drawing my mate's blood?" Torak was squinted his eyes.

Only then, Calleb and Raine realized what the method that Serefina would use to stop the battle down there.

"How much blood that you will draw from her to stop it?" Torak's voice was so stern. He couldn't tolerate to see his mate was in pain because of this.

Serefina held Torak's gaze when she replied to him. "As much as it needed."

The grip around Raine's wrist that held her from walking away, tightened. Torak and Serefina stayed in that position for a few more second before Torak responded to it.

"I don't agree." His voice was like a final verdict with no room for discussion.

Raine could understand why Torak didn't agree with Serefina's method, she was also afraid, after all it was her blood that needed to be drawn, but how about the other?

"So, what are you planning?" Serefina raised her eyebrows, she didn't mind to leave those Lycans behind, if that what Torak wanted. "Leaving your people behind?"

"We need to get out from here first." Torak said as he took the lead and walked out of the room.

On the first floor, Raine could see the Lycans had started to lose the battle as their injuries couldn't be healed. Among them, Raine could see Raphael in his beast form.

"Torak, we can't leave them behind." Raine tried to free her hand from Torak's grip, but she couldn't. "I don't want to leave them!" she struggled to release her wrist from him.

Calleb also was in complicated situation, he didn't want to leave his comrade, especially when Raphael was still there, standing tall and fought all of the evil creatures.

"Torak, are you really going to leave them?" Calleb couldn't help but ask, he was supporting Serefina weak body as he followed his Alpha.

"No." Torak said curtly, but didn't stop walking. It was so contradicting with what he said.

If he didn't want to leave them, so why he didn't stop and help? It wasn't make sense when Torak used the back door to go out of the house.

"Torak, the other people are still there!" Raine frantically tugged Torak's hand from her. "We need to help them. Raphael is still there as well!"

Calleb let Serefina to lean on him as they stood right in front of the house, from this point, they still could hear the sound of fierce battle from inside the house.

"Serefina, do something! We need to help them!" Because Torak refused to talk, Raine looked at the witch and asked for her help instead.

"I can't do anything to help them without your blood and since Torak doesn't agree with that method, I can do nothing." Serefina said in matter of fact tone.

"Torak!" Raine was very upset because Torak was ignoring her through and through. "You can't do this to your people! Raphael is there!"

Maybe Raine didn't know those Lycans' name one by one, but they had been around since Raine was here, and of course there was Raphael, how Torak could close his eyes on his Beta?

"I will save them." Torak placed his palms on both side of Raine's small face, he looked into his mate anxious eyes. "I will save them, you just need to stay calm, okay?" he repeated his words again.

Raine bit on her bottom lips before she nodded. "But, how?" They were outside of the house, don't tell her"Are you going to go inside the house alone!?"

If that was what Torak wanted to do, then Raine wouldn't allow it! Thankfully, that was not what he thought.

"No, I will not." Torak caressed her head and said softly. "Stay there with Calleb and Serefina."

Raine didn't know what Torak wanted to do, but she did what she was told, as Raine didn't want to delay whatever Torak would do next.

"What he will do?" Calleb stared at his Alpha, who was standing tall right in front of the three of them.

In the other hand, Serefina narrowed her green lime eyes, apparently she had something in her mind about what Torak was going to do.

"He is crazy if he is going to do that." Serefina murmured. Her voice was not low enough to prevent Raine and Calleb to hear her. "I don't think his beast will be able to handle it."

"What do you mean? What is Torak trying to do?" Raine asked worriedly. She didn't want something bad happened to Torak. She had seen Torak in his worst state when he lost himself over his beast and she didn't wish to see him in that situation again.

In front of them, Torak looked straight toward the house while raising his hand. Afterward, he snapped his fingers in the air as a bird as big as falcon with majestic flumage that grow brightly like a bonfire appeared.

Raine had seen this bird before when Torak saved her from the library when Aeon took her away for reason to give her the grimoire.

The bird circled above Torak's head three times before it went toward the house. It small body allowed it to move swiftly and flew quickly.

No one knew what that little bird would do, except Torak and, apparently, Serefina.

Raine and Calleb looked at each other as they couldn't figure out what was in Torak's mind. However, before they could make a guess, suddenly from the direction of the house, they could hear the sound of a big explosion.

Soon after, the magnificent house crumbled as that building flatted to the ground, leaving only enormous debris in its wake.