The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 352

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 352 Leaving That Place

The scene before Raine's eyes reminded her about the library building when it collapsed to the ground. It was the same.

So, as I turned out, Torak really did, the news about him as the perpetrator of the collapsed of the library building wasn't completely wrong. He indeed had caused hundreds of people died at that time. However, Torak must have his own reason to do that.

After all, the reason Torak was there in the first place was because he needed to save Raine, thus she couldn't blame him or this was the right time to think about that.

When the debris and dirt had settled, Raine dashed to Torak side and clutched onto his sleeves. "Torak, how about the other?"

If the house collapsed, crumbled just like that and burned, how about the other Lycans? Wouldn't they die too? But, if that was true, how about Raphael? Torak wouldn't kill his second in command, right?

That didn't sound well for Raine.

"They are all right." As Torak said that, he nodded at certain direction.

Out of instinct, Raine followed Torak's line of sight and found around thirty Lycans walked out of the debris with fire surrounded their body, yet it didn't burn them and even their shirt untouched.

They trudged forward, and Raphael was among them. He looked batter and had a big wound on his neck.

Raine was shocked, yet she was very glad and relief. They were fine and Raphael also.

"Can I trouble you to take care of them?" Torak pushed Raine's loose hair behind her ear lovingly.

Torak did it this because he knew, Serefina's method was riskier. Not to mention Serefina just recovered from her monthly 'hermitage', to kill around twenty creatures like that how much blood that Raine needed to draw?

But, this action that Torak had taken also has its own risk.

"Okay." Raine nodded her head fervently as she ran toward Raphael first and tried her best to show her ability.

To let their pack see that their Luna wasn't a mistress in damsel, she could do something for their pack. To help them and Torak was so proud of her.

Calleb also joined Raine to help whatever he could do, leaving Serefina and Torak alone.

"I don't know if you can use the firebird like that." Serefina looked at the distance, at the collapsed house that still burning. "It seems work."

"What her chance to leave this place?" Torak glanced at Serefina beside him. "Is she strong enough to return to our pack?"

Serefina tilted her head. "She is strong." She said tersely. "Yet, she still doesn't know how to control her power."

"It doesn't matter." Torak shook his head. He was very proud of the current Raine, for other abilities that she has, she could develop them over time. "All I need to know if her soul is able to take it if I bring her to our territory?"

Serefina narrowed her eyes at Raine, who was tending the Lycan's wound. "Let's see after all, she is better now." Just like what Serefina had thought that this place had helped Raine to progress faster.

Torak sighed in relief after he got the witch assurance. He lifted his hand and the small bird appeared on the tip of his fingers. It majestic plumage had turned dull as the little thing fell on Torak's palm.

"You will be in trouble if something happen to that thing." Serefina remarked as she glanced at the bird and walked forward to help Raine.

The little bird's breathed heavily as he rested on Torak's palm, it red eyes blinked a couple of times before they were closed, leaving his chest rises and falls, the only indication that the firebird was still alive.

It didn't take a long time before another back up came and helped their injured fellow to leave that place after Raine take a good care of them.

"I am done," Raine informed Torak as she stared at something in his hands. "What is this? is this the bird before?" she nudged it weak body with her finger.

"Yes," Torak answered curtly as he placed the little bird on Raine's palm. "Can you take care of it also?"

Raine shifted her eyes from the bird to Torak's face, his expression didn't say much. The Alpha only smiled warmly at his mate like what he always did.

"Of course." Raine nodded and cradled the bird carefully. "What your plan? How we will leave this place?"

"Don't worry about that, our car will be here." Torak dr.a.p.ed a jacket on Raine's shoulder that Calleb had given to him as the sun started to illuminate that place.

"Torak, with this" Raphael held his neck, the wound had closed, but it still left a scar there, maybe it could disappear or maybe not. But, that didn't matter. " they will add another charge for you."

Before, Torak was a suspect of the collapsed of the library that killed hundreds people because of his pictures when he left the scene were posted online.

However now, Torak wouldn't be able to avoid the indictment with these evidences, he would have nowhere to hide in this City, or maybe in this Country.

Not to mention they were still unsure, how many people from human world that they could trust at this moment.

"It doesn't matter anymore we will leave this place soon." Torak saw a horde of car that came to pick them up.

Raphael looked at Torak and then understood what he meant as the Beta nodded. "Alright, I will arrange everything accordingly."

With that, Raphael walked away and made an arrangement, together with Calleb and the other Lycans.

"We will go now." Torak opened the car door for Raine as he carried Raine's backpack.

Raine turned her body to catch a glimpse of the ruined of their house. It was still burning.

Somehow, Raine felt sad. After all, she had lived in that house for a long time and that house also held many memories for her

"Hm Let's go." Raine scooted into the car.