The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 353

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 353 Stop The Car

"Don't forget your bunny." Calleb came forward with a white bunny in his hand, he held the bunny long ears as he placed the other animal on Raine's lap.

"Thank you" Raine held the docile bunny, which apparently hurt its leg and tried to heal it.

However, as Raine tried to heal the bunny, she also realized that the bird in her hand didn't show progress. It still looked sickly.

Torak then got into the car and sat beside her while Calleb sat behind the wheel followed by Serefina, for Raphael and Jack, they would drive another car behind them.

"Torak, why I can't heal the bird?" Raine showed the little bird in her hand to Torak. "I can heal the bunny, but why this bird still looks like it is dying?" she frowned.

From the rear view mirror, Serefina threw a look to Torak, yet the Alpha ignored her.

"This is a mystical beast. Its condition is different." Torak explained it to Raine.

"Oh" Raine nodded her head. Torak's reason sounded make sense for her, thus she didn't ask further and tried to keep the bird closed to her, perhaps, by doing that she could heal the bird faster.

Meanwhile their cars had entered highway that would bring them to the airport directly. Raphael had arranged everything.

When they reached the Airport, Donovan's private airplane would take them back to the Red River City, Torak's territory, once they were there, they would be safe.

"Serefina." Raine called the witch after a long period of silence before they reached the Airport.

"Hm?" Serefina hummed with eyes still closed, she seemed in pain and was lethargic, even her complexion looked so pale.

"I stopped the time again when we visited the Blue Moon pack." Raine forgot to tell her about this detail and only remembered it now.

"You did?" Serefina opened her eyes, but she closed them again when the sunlight fell on her face. "You did it or you unintentionally did it?" she wanted the specific condition.

"I think" Raine stopped to think about that for a moment. "I think, I unintentionally did it."

"So, you still don't know how to control it, correct?" Serefina concluded.

"Well, yeah" Raine dragged her words. "But, that is not what I want to ask."

"So, what is it?"

"When the time stopped, I am very sure the time was stop, the child that possessed with the dark magic could move" Raine then explained briefly about Jade and how she knew about the dark tunnel under the bed, and also about Clarice. " I mean, how the child could move when everything was still. The time was stop and I am sure about that, because Calleb also didn't move." She emphasized the time.

Serefina opened her green lime eyes again and slightly squinted them against the blazing sun, as she was in deep thought.

Torak and Calleb were also waiting for Serefina's conjecture, as they couldn't figure out how the child could move under such circ.u.mstances.

Before long, she spoke with certainty. "Your blood."

"My blood?" Raine's frown deepened, but Torak's expression turned rigid upon hearing the witch's answer.

"Yes, they used your blood to the child, so he could move even though you used your abilities." Serefina said. She was sure with her statement, because there was no other reason about how the child could move.

"And how about the other creatures inside the house? Do they have my blood too?" Raine remembered the devil had drawn her blood without she realized it when they were in the library not too long time ago. "But, they just have a droplet of my blood, how it could be fed too many creatures?"

"Maybe not all the creatures are given your blood. Probably the twenty five creatures back then, didn't have it." Serefina shrugged her shoulder as she drummed her fingers on her laps. "But, whatever it is, since they have your blood, it will not good for us."

"What they are able to do with my blood, Serefina?" Raine also scared with the potential danger that she unintentionally had created.

"Since the devil couldn't touch your blood, it will be the dark witches' work and the dark witches are cunning creatures." Serefina sighed deeply. "Just expects for the worse."

Raine was shocked, her blood could put them in such condition.

Feeling his mate distress, Torak comforted Raine by pulling her body close to him and rubbed her upper arms.

"They will not hurt you." Torak said.

Yet, the thing that truly made Raine anxious was the devil would hurt many people, many Lycanthropes when they tried to save her.

Raine didn't know which one was worse, putting herself in danger or seeing those Lycanthropes put themselves in front of Raine and died in order to keep her safe.

Whatever it would be, she didn't want both circ.u.mstance happened in their near future.

All they could do now was to get out of this city and returned to Torak's territory, once they were there, they could move freely and has more people to protect their own place.

However, their plan didn't go as smoothly as they expected.

This city had been under the devil's control. Most of the respected figure had gone crazy and possessed by the dark magic.

The incident that happened in Torak's house just happened less than half an hour, but they had caught the news and sent an order to catch Torak dead or alive.

The first place that the people from police department tried to secure was, of course, the Airport. As long as Torak couldn't leave this city, they would be able to have their hand on him.

"Stop the car." Serefina said all of sudden.

"What? Why?" Calleb glanced at the witch not understood her intention. They couldn't stop the car in the middle of the highway.

[Calleb, stop the car.] Raphael mind linked all the Lycanthropes. [Everyone, stop the car. We can not move further.]

Torak let out a low, deep growl when he commanded. [Stop the car and turnaround.]