The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 354

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 354 Where Did You Put It?

"What is happening?" Raine looked at Torak and stared at the far distance, yet Raine could see nothing.

"They blocked our way." Torak growled.

Though Raine couldn't see what Torak and Serefina had seen, she believed the two of them that there was some danger in front of them.

With the warning from Raphael and the command from Torak, around ten cars made a U- turn and crossed to another lane.

Their action caused many cars stopped abruptly and almost created a dreadful cars accident, fortunately that thing didn't happen.

"Where should we go?" Calleb drove quickly out of the curses of the other drivers. They didn't have time to say sorry to them.

"Drive to the south." Torak said grimly. "We need to split up."

Calleb then mind linked the other Lycans to relay Torak's order, thus after they knew their destination, the ten cars that followed Torak's dispersed and took different exit route out of the driveway.

There was only one car that was still following them, Raine assumed it was Raphael and Jack's car.

"You will go to the south?" Serefina narrowed her eyes. "What is it? You have an ally there? I thought this city is so far from any other Lycan's territory."

"The southern part is closer to Alpha Romulus's territory, Silver Moon pack. I will inform him to send back up." Torak said as he pulled out his phone from his pocket.

Calleb sped up and Serefina turned on the radio, somehow she managed to find police radio channel.

Raine was surprised when she heard the police were talking about Torak Donovan that they had issued an order to shot on the spot.

At least that was Raine's conclusion after hearing that for half an hour, they looked for Torak Donovan everywhere for his crime to kill twenty five police officers, one of them was a senior, respected figure in the police department.

Not only that, they also charged Torak for another crime. The collapsed of the Library building. At first Torak was only a witness in this case, but in matter of half day, they had changed Torak's status to a suspect.

Now, Torak was the most wanted person in this city.

Raine furrowed her eyebrows deeply when she heard they were allowed to shot Torak on the spot. "Why they do that?" She hugged Torak tightly, scared if something bad happened to him.

Raine couldn't imagine if they shot him. Would Torak survived? She didn't want to think about that or the possibilities Torak would get hurt.

"It's alright Raine, the Alpha will not die by a bullet or two." Calleb looked at Raine through the rear view mirror, trying to calm her down as if he knew what was Raine thinking.

"Your information doesn't help." Raine said, frowning. Even though Torak wouldn't die, it didn't mean he wouldn't feel the pain.

Raine hated the thought something would hurt her mate.

Meanwhile, Torak was talking to Alpha Romulus on the phone. He also heard what Raine's said and could feel her fear for him.

He pushed Raine's head against his chest to appease her as Raine snuggled closer toward Torak.

"Get off the highway." Torak said to Calleb and the Gamma did as he was told, followed by Raphael behind them.

Both cars get off the highway and used roads in urban areas, avoiding the cops and traffic.

"Is it safe to drive to the south part? We will pass the Donovan's building." Raine voiced out her concern. The southern part was near Donovan's building, thus Raine slightly worried if they drove passed that area, after all, the police must have been there to investigate that place. "They will recognize Torak's car, right?"

"No. We will change the car." Calleb told Raine.

As he said that, he turned left and drove the car to a secluded place. This road was only enough for two cars and was canopied with trees on both sides.

Because of that, this desolated road looked creepy and made Raine a little bit scare, but then she remembered that the people around her could be scarier than any kind of human.

After that, the car pulled over in front of a house. This house looked well taken care of and has a beautiful maple trees on the left and right sides.

The house didn't have a fence but has a beautiful garden that filled with purple roses. That kind of weird, yet fascinating for Raine to see this rare color of rose flower.

Raine put the little bird in her front pocket, near her chest and hugged her bunny as she carried her bag, but Torak took the bag and let Raine to carry the bunny only as they got off the car.

Once they were out of the car an old man came out of the house, he was very short for a man, even Raine was taller than him, his nose was crook and he has a white hair on the back of his head while his front head was bald.

The old man approached Torak and bowed his body very deep, almost touched his nose to the ground.

"Alpha" His voice like someone sighing and his yellow teeth could be seen when he raised his head and smiled at Torak and the other. "Oh, there is the great witch, Serefina, too, visiting my humble house."

For some reason the old man politeness made Raine cringed. She stood closer to Torak while hugging her bunny.

"Is that the Luna? The Alpha's destined mate?" His big green eyes stared at Raine intensely. "I have heard about you Luna you looked so beautiful than what those Lycan's said."

Raine smiled awkwardly, but Torak stepped forward, shielding Raine from that man gazes.

"Have you prepared what I asked?" Torak talked as he walked closer to that man and Calleb and Raphael stood in Torak's place.

"Sure, sure Alpha please come inside." The man opened his arm, welcoming his honor guests.

"Stop your pretense and just show us where did you put it." Serefina was really impatient now.