The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 355

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 355 Tainted Soul

"The great witch's temper is never change, always on point." It was unsure whether the old man was praising Serefina or he just scorned at her.

Serefina didn't heed his words and kept her eyes staring at him intensely.

Meanwhile, Torak didn't wait for Serefina's staring contest or for the man's fake politeness as he sniffed the air and walked toward the backyard of the house, followed by the other.

The old man tailed behind them with his short legs, seemingly didn't mind with Torak roaming around his yard, or maybe he already knew that lying to the Alpha was a futile attempt.

"Who is that man?" Raine whispered at Calleb. She glanced at the old man from time to time.

"Dwarf." Calleb answered as he placed his hand over her shoulder. "Don't look, just ignore him." He added.

Yet, Raine couldn't help but took another glance at the dwarf as he smiled back at Raine with his yellow teeth. This time, Raine took Calleb's advice.

She didn't know if dwarf also existed in her world. The only dwarf that Raine knew was the one in bed time stories.

Torak led the way with Raine and Calleb right behind him and Serefina, Raphael, Jack were in front of the dwarf.

"What we are looking for?" Raine hugged her docile bunny and felt the bird in her front pocket.

"A vehicle so we can leave this city faster." Calleb informed Raine.

Not like how it looked, the length of the house was actually longer than it looked from the front side.

And then, in the end of the house there was a garage with wooden door that looked so old. This part of the building was not connected to the main building and seemed almost fell apart.

After that, Torak opened the big wooden door with ease as the door let out a shriek that hurt their ears.

Dust and dirt flew in the air and they could see nothing until they settled.

As if those things didn't bother him, Torak stepped inside the dark place and his figure immediately disappeared into the darkness.

However, seconds later the lamps inside the building was turned on and the light that illuminated the place flashed an image of a 'vehicle' that Calleb was talking about.

It was a helicopter.

Raine covered her mouth with her palm to avoid breathing the debris as she walked inside the building and stood beside Torak.

"We will leave by using this helicopter?" Raine pointed her fingers to the big helicopter in front of her, enchanted by its large blades.

"Yes, my love." Torak put his arm around her shoulder as he stared at the dwarf. "Have you prepared everything?"

The dwarf nodded his head while grinning. "Of course. Everything is well prepared. You are ready to go."

Raine, who heard that, frowned. This place looked like an abandoned place, what if the helicopter was broken? This things didn't look like well taken care of.

Torak then nodded at Raphael and the Beta, along with Calleb and Jack moved. They took the steel chain that etched on the base of the helicopter, which has wheels underneath, and started pulling the helicopter out of the building.

"Torak, are you sure that helicopter is safe?" Raine looked at the place around her and doubted the dwarf's words. "This place looks so shabby."

"Yes, but the helicopter is actually clean if you take a closer look." Torak grabbed her hand and walked out of the room.

Once the helicopter was outside, the sunlight fell on its steel body and showed how well- crafted the helicopter was.

Though there were a little bit dirt on it body, but it didn't look as shabby as the building behind Raine, just like what Torak said.

Apparently the dwarf only took care of the helicopter but not with the place. Fortunately the back yard was spacious enough that would allow them to fly it from there.

Torak then talked with the other men, discussing something that Raine couldn't hear, leaving her with Serefina and the dwarf.

"Luna I am so glad to see you here." The dwarf started to talk to Raine.

"Uhm, thank you." Raine replied awkwardly as she glanced at the witch, who didn't care with the conversation that the dwarf wanted to start with her.

"Luna you have a black soul." Said the dwarf, hissing.

"What?" Raine frowned, what he meant by that?

"You can't control your power yet because your soul is tainted." The dwarf elaborated, yet Raine still couldn't understand what he meant by saying that.

"What do you mean?" and how he knew that Raine was still unable to control her power?

"You have been touched by something dark. It tainted your soul. You are not as pure as you thought." The way the dwarf talked sounded like a riddle for Raine.

"I don't think I understand what you are saying." Raine glanced at Serefina, asking for her to decipher the dwarf's complicated words.

However, Serefina seemed not interested with that, as she leaned her body against the wooden door and closed her eyes.

Perhaps she was still recovering from whatever she had been through last night.

The dwarf crept closer at Raine and she, out of instinct, moved away from the creepy dwarf.

"You only manage to see the fleeting image of the past and future, am I right?" he asked.

Raine nodded because he said the right thing. "Do you know why?"

"Like I said, you have been touched with something evil, Luna. That's why you can't control your power."

"Ok, that's enough. Stop talking nonsense or I will turn you into a frog." Serefina suddenly cut the dwarf's words icily and grabbed Raine's wrist to walk away from him.

"I will not dare to not obey the great witch warning." The dwarf bowed his head deeply.

But once Serefina had turned her back, he raised his head and stared at Raine, while mouthing; 'You are tainted.'

Raine was unsure with what the dwarf said, but if his words were true, she wanted to hear more.