The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 356

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 356 Assembly

"Wait." Raine tugged her wrist from Serefina's grasp. "He said he knows something about my power."

Serefina was squinted her eyes at Raine before she shifted her gaze at the dwarf, whose smirk was so unsightly. "If I were you, I wouldn't listen to his craps."

After saying that, Serefina grabbed Raine's wrist again and pulled her toward Torak and the other.

In the witch's eyes, everything that came out from the dwarf's mouth, shouldn't be trusted. She knew the dwarf long enough to make this judgment.

Yet, Raine still kept looking at the dwarf, hesitated. "What if the dwarf knows something?" in this situation, Raine really wanted to develop and increase her power as fast as she could, but there would be this feeling.

The feeling that something was obstructed her.

"I know him too well to tell you that he knows nothing except talking bullshit." Serefina said nonchalantly.

Actually, Serefina's words sounded more reliable, but something told Raine the otherwise about the dwarf.

She kept looking at the dwarf, who stayed in his spot, didn't move even an inch from there.

Was that true?

However, Raine didn't have time to ask because Torak had walked toward her and helped her to climb the helicopter.

As she was seated on the back seat, Torak strapped Raine there, didn't allow her to move. Serefina did the same to herself as she sat right next to Raine.

Not long after that, Torak and Calleb sat on the front as Torak turned on the engine and the rotor started spinning.

The sound of it was like chopping sound, but much way louder.

"We leave Raphael and Jack?!" Raine shouted above the pulsing noise around her.

"We will meet them at the border!" Torak replied as this machine started to ascend from the ground.

Raine glanced at Raphael and Jack, who were covering their face with their arms from the hard wind caused by the spinning blades.

And the last thing that Raine saw before they left that place was the smirking dwarf.


Raine's first experienced to ride a helicopter wasn't all bad, except she hate to fly in such small space with Serefina and Torak quarreled nonstop.

Both of them has dispute in every topic, or they always have problems to debate.

Raine was scare at the point she couldn't sit still and kept glancing at the city below her, as she thought; if they were about to have crash landing, would they survive? Maybe the three of them would, because they were immortal, supernatural creatures and had awesome power and strength.

But, how about her? Raine was sure she would be a porridge once her body collided with the ground.

Thankfully, Raine's silly thought didn't happen.

Because, aside Torak was a great pilot and the quarrel between Serefina and he, actually they worked quite well together.

Serefina managed to do her magic, so they could leave the city undetected.

As for Raphael and Jack, Calleb told her that they would turn into their beast, which was faster and easier for them to move.

Raphael and Jack also would come with the other Lycans that had split with them since they left the airport.

Raine was glad to hear that.

They flew for around forty minutes before Torak decided to land on one of tall buildings that have a letter 'H' on the roof. The helipad.

Once they safely landed, Torak got off of his seat and helped Raine with her straps, as Serefina was too lazy to help her and Raine was confused with it.

When Raine stood steadily on the ground, Torak took her hand and walked dignifiedly toward a lot of people who were waiting for them.

Someone stepped forward to greet Torak while people behind him slightly lowered their head at the sight of their Supreme Alpha. This wasn't a sight that they could see every day.


This person has a deep and husky voice and looked older a few years from Torak, but Raine couldn't tell as the Lycans aged differently.

"This is your Luna." Torak replied him calmly, slightly put Raine in front of him to introduce her.

"Luna." The man was Alpha Romulus, who was on the phone with Torak when they were in the car.

"Hm, hallo." Raine said awkwardly. She didn't know how to respond him.

Fortunately, Alpha Romulus sensed her discomfort and smiled politely. "How are you Luna?"

"I am good." Raine responded sheepishly and Torak took over the conversation.

They walked inside an elevator, followed by Calleb, Serefina, Alpha Romulus and his Beta, Henry. The Beta has a lanky body and slightly taller than Calleb with olive skin tone and black eyes.

Raine couldn't tell if that was his real eyes color or the beast inside him was peeking.

Nonetheless, Raine felt safer among Torak's people. They would leave this place for sure and went to Torak's territory.

But, then Raine remembered her vision about the blood in her hands when she touched Sunny. If they left this place, she wouldn't have a chance to meet her, right? So, what about that vision? It had not happened yet.

Though Raine was confused, she didn't bother with that anymore, probably her vision also could be wrong and she was more than glad if the dreadful scene didn't happen.

"There are four Alphas that have arrived here when I called for them to come." Romulus informed Torak as they walked out of the elevator and passed corridor after corridor. "The other Alphas are on the way and ready for your order."

"Good." Torak nodded, pleased with Romulus's efficiency.

Afterward, Romulus opened a sophisticated door that led them to a multipurpose room where there were four men with imposing manner and another twenty men behind them.

All of sudden the atmosphere turned heavy as all of them has very strong aura.

"Alpha." All of the people inside the room spoke in unison when Torak stepped inside the room.

"And our Luna." Romulus opened his palm in front of Raine to introduce her.