The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 357

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 357 The Andoori Family

When Romulus introduce Raine as their Luna, all of the people inside the room took another glance at Raine, yet still politely treated her as they treated Torak and murmured their greeting. "Luna."

This time Raine just nodded formally.

Of course the sight of Raine right now, was way too different from the image of Luna that was inside their head. This wasn't the first time and, seemingly, wouldn't be the last.

With the delicate white bunny in her arms and her delicate body along with the soft vibrant that emanated from Raine, no wonder if they doubted her as their Luna.

Though they had heard about Raine, but actually this was the first time for them to see her in person.

There was disappointment in the way they saw Raine as they expected someone stronger and bolder as they leader, someone who could match with Torak's strong personality, especially in the moment like this.

Raine had gotten used to the way they stare at her, thus she didn't want to bother herself with their early judgment.

Romulus gave the head chair to Torak and put another chair next to him for Raine as they stood beside their respective chair and only seated when Torak and Raine had sat down.

Raine knew this was an important meeting, but still their imposing aura suffocated her nonetheless.

The white bunny apparently sensed her discomfort and rubbed its fluffy head against Raine's palm that earned scratch on the back of its ear from her.

The five Alphas and Serefina were sitting around the rectangular table and waited for Torak to give orders to them.

Meanwhile, Calleb was standing right behind Raine and Torak, just like the other Betas or Gammas from the other Alpha, did.

"Alpha, may I know what is happening in Fulbright city?" Alpha Chris asked Torak politely, he looked younger among the Alphas.

"Serefina will explain it for you." Torak nodded at Serefina, who didn't expect this. Her perfect brows furrowed slightly.

When Torak mentioned Serefina's name, there was a wave of murmur among them.

"You are Serefina? The great witch?" Asked Alpha Cris, looking at Serefina, who was sitting next to him. "The last time I heard about you was when you left the realm."

Needless to say about the cause of Serefina left the realm, because all of them knew about Serefina's relationship with Torak older brother.

This was also another thing that made Serefina's mood turned sour. She hated it when irrelevant people were talking carelessly about her.

"Gentlemen, let's focus on the problem at hand." Serefina's voice boomed inside the room as her slender figure stood up with radiant.

Raine was sure, if Serefina were a Lycan, she would be a perfect female Alpha with her assertive personality.

She would be a perfect image for Luna in those Alpha's eyes.

"So, I want to make you aware about something"

And with that, Serefina breakdown all the things that had occurred and was happening in the Fulbright city.

Her voice and intonation was so clear, the detail and the sequence of even that she explained was understandable, so she didn't need to repeat herself.

"So, it is true that our Luna is guardian angel?" One of the Alpha looked at Raine with expression that devoid from any emotion.

"Alpha, is she really your destined mate?" It was so hard for them to believe that they had to bow down to a creature that once they didn't even put in their eyes.

Not only Serefina whose face turned unsightly by their questions, because the only thing that they talked about after her long explanation was this.

Meanwhile, Torak who saw his own people were disrespecting his mate right before his eyes boldly, suddenly stood up.

This action caused them to swallow another question that had reached their tongue.

"She is my destined mate. The mate that was promised by the moon goddess herself!" Torak's fearsome voice boomed inside the room, sending shiver down to their spine as they lowered their head submissively. "She is my equal and your Luna!"

It went without saying that the Alphas would treat Raine with respect, yet Raine doubted that they truly respect her

And the focus of this meeting back to what the steps that they should take about the devil's plan.

First of all, the Supreme Alpha needed to go back to his own territory, but this would be tricky because, now, Torak was the most wanted person in this country.

Yet, this didn't mean they couldn't do anything about this.

"The plane will be ready tomorrow, Alpha." Alpha Romulus said after he finished speaking to someone over the phone.

Apparently this city didn't have an airport, thus there was no airplane that available. Not to mention, Romulus just got news about Torak.

Torak Donovan's name was everywhere now, it would risk if they had a confrontation with human.

After that, the discussion for another thirty minutes before Torak wrapped it up.


Through the window of the car, Raine could see the helicopter atop of one of the tallest building.

Now, they were going to a safe place to take a rest before they took a flight back to red river city.

"Serefina." Raine was sitting on the back seat with Serefina while Torak was driving and Calleb was busy with his laptop. "What if the dwarf knows something about my power that we don't know? Somehow, his words bother me."

Serefina waved her hand nonchalantly while closing her eyes. She looked so tired. "Don't waste your time to think about his nonsensical words."

"But, what if?" Raine insisted.

"There is no 'if'." Serefin kicked the seat in front of her and startled Calleb. "Do you trust the dwarf's words?"

Calleb growled at Serefina, but he answered her. "I will not trust him even if he said the world is around."

"Don't think about that." Torak added.

"Hey, the Donovan company is taken over by your friend." Calleb informed them. "Her family cooperates with de Medici family."

"Who?" Raine asked.

"Sunny, the Andoori family."