The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 358

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 358 A Dream

The mentioned of Sunny's name made Raine frowned.

"After they made motions to remove Torak's position, the head of de Medici family, Reiz, pointed the Andoori family as they new partner." Calleb read the new report from his laptop and sneered. "Reiz it is Belphegor."

Reiz de Medici was the name that Belphegor used to be the head of that family, staying close to Torak to attack at the first opportunity given.

Torak had seen this coming, yet because his priority to stay in Fulbright city was Raine, he had no problem losing that company.

And now Raine was strong enough for them to return to red river city, whatever happened to that company, Torak had no qualms.

"Do you know that Sunny's family has been looking for support because their company is almost bankrupt?" Calleb tilted his head to look at Raine.

"I don't know, we never talk about that." Raine murmured, avoiding the topic.

Actually, Raine had heard about this from two people already. First, it was from Stephan, who had warned her about Sunny and the second, it was from Alice Harper when they met when Raine was buying lingerie.

At the same time also, she had that vision, the vision where Raine's hands were covered with blood the moment she touched Sunny.

Somehow, Raine felt there was a connection among these shattered pieces, she just couldn't find the red strings between them yet.

The sky turned dark and the sound of pitter patter from outside the car window was the only sound that could be heard inside the quiet car.

"Is it still far away?" Raine asked Torak as she leaned forward to place her chin on his shoulder, slightly felt sleepy.

Torak caressed her cheek with one hand and kissed her forehead. "We are almost there."

"Okey." Raine kissed his shoulder, ignoring Calleb who glued his eyes on the screen of his laptop, and leaned against her seat again.

The sound of the rain made Raine fell asleep


"Carry her." Torak told Calleb when they had arrived and Torak had turned off the engine. "And take the bunny with you."

"Huh? Carry who? Raine?" Calleb blinked his eyes as he asked Torak innocently.

However, his question made Torak glowered down at him. Needless to say that his guess was completely wrong.

Torak then opened the passenger car and carefully carried the sleeping Raine inside the house, while Calleb was nudging Serefina's cheek, didn't want to take Torak's advice to carry her.

"Hey, witch. Wake up! We are here." Calleb kept nudging her with his finger. "Witch, wake up!"

Yet, before Calleb could nudge her again, his body froze and Serefina's green lime eyes glared at him.

"Stay there." Serefina said coldly.

"What? No!" Calleb howled at the witch because his body couldn't move. "Hey, comeback, don't do this!"

"Don't worry, you will be free in fifteen minutes." Serefina didn't even stop when she said that.

The drizzling rain was nothing, but to stand under it in fifteen minutes, sure thing, Calleb would be soaking wet when he could move again.

"D*mn you witch!" cursed Calleb under his breath.

The rain had started to wet his clothes, yet before fifteen minutes passed, Calleb could move again.

Though the Gamma was confused, he wouldn't waste his time to think under the drizzling rain and soaked himself.


As the night turned darker, the rain falling in heavy drops. The sound of thunder in the gloomy sky, woke Raine up from her deep slumber.

She woke with a start as she immediately scanned her surroundings and found she was alone inside this unfamiliar room.

Raine frowned and called Torak. "Torak are you here?" However, there was no one answered her. "Torak?"

Because Torak didn't answer, Raine decided to get off of the bed and walked out of the room.

The corridor was empty.

"Torak?" Raine walked along the corridor as she called out for everyone. "Serefina? Calleb?"

No one answer.

Raine stopped walking when she realized this corridor was too far and she couldn't see the end of it. This was so strange and Raine didn't want to take another step again.

Yet, when she turned around, she found the same scene behind her. The door of the room was no longer there.

The only light inside this corridor was oil lamps that etched on the wall of the corridor, Raine stick her back against the wall behind her as she looked at the big window in front of her.

The scene from the window wasn't like she was in the right era.

Did she traveled back the time again? How she could do this without her knowing?

And the important question was; where is she now? What should she do here?

Raine tried to calm herself down and closed her eyes, expecting the scene would change the moment she open them.

Raine almost jumped in scare when she heard someone was calling her name, but she was in pure relief when she heard it carefully.

This was the voice that Raine was very familiar, the only voice that she fond of.

"Torak?" Raine smiled brightly when she watched Torak was coming from the direction of the room before. "Torak, I am sorry, I thought I am lost."

Raine approached Torak happily and was about to give him a hug when she realized there was something weird was going on.

Raine couldn't touch Torak and as if her body was made of smoke, Torak just walked pass her, without noticing she was there.

And all of sudden Raine's eyes was flashed with blinding light and everything was so bright for her to see.

"Raine, wake up!" Someone shook her shoulder. "Wake up Raine."

Raine was still calling for Torak.

"Wake up!"

And Raine opened her eyes widely, she bolted up and breathed heavily.

"It's okay, it's just a dream." Said Serefina who was sitting next to her, patting her shoulder.

Yet, the only question that Raine had was; "Where is Torak?"