The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 359

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 359 Old Friend

Torak carried the sleeping Raine toward the house and tucked her under the blanket before he went outside for awhile to meet Calleb and Serefina also Alpha Crish and Alpha Romulus who came in different cars.

They were talking about what was happening in the Fulbright city as they talk and also about Raphael and the other Lycans whereabouts.

Apparently, Raphael and Jack had just met the other Lycans and were going to meet Torak and the others at the airport when they were leaving for the red river city.

Their discussion last for two hours and from time to time, Torak would excuse himself to check on Raine. He didn't feel at ease when he had to leave his mate alone, though this house was heavily guarded.

However, when he excused himself to check on Raine again, from the corner of his eyes, he saw her fleeting dress, turning around the corner of the kitchen.

Torak frowned and followed her, he thought Raine might be thirsty and looked for something to drink, thus he didn't speed up his pace.

Yet, when Torak arrived in the kitchen he didn't see Raine there.

The kitchen was not very big, so there wouldn't be a corner for her to hide. If that was the case, where is her?

"Raine?" Torak called out her name, uneasiness laced in his voice. "Raine, where are you?"

Torak walked toward the door that connected the kitchen to the backyard. Even though he doubted that Raine could move very fast and be so quiet to open the door and suddenly disappear, moreover, what she was doing roaming a stranger place wasn't like her.

Yet, Torak need to check on her.

He opened the door that was unlocked. Maybe she did go out of the house.

The backyard of the house was only a small yard with no trees and only had bushes along the tall and thick wall that surrounded the house.

"Raine?" Torak called out her name again, he tried to sniff the air, but he couldn't pick her scent. "Raine, are you here?" his voice was getting louder as he quickened his pace to check every corner of this yard.

But, before he could walk further away from the back door, someone held his waist, hugging him. This action made Torak turned his body and ready to attack, whoever behind him.

Having their back to be touched, alarmed the Alpha.

However, his hand dropped and his body turned stiff when he watched his beautiful mate, staring at him with her doe- eyes.

"Raine" he sighed in relief.

Rained hugged him and nuzzled her head against Torak's chest like a docile kitten. Torak reciprocated her action and hugged her a little bit tighter as he rested his chin on top of her head.

"Where have you been? Why did you go out of the house?" Torak questioned her with frown.

"I was bored." Raine replied softly, she raised her head and looked Torak with her beautiful smile etched on her rosy lips.

"Don't roam around alone, you scared me." Torak reprimanded her lightly.

Upon hearing that, Raine chuckled and grinned, showing her white teeth. "I will not if you kiss me." She said shamelessly.

Torak raised his eyebrows when he heard his mate bold suggestion. "Sure."

Slowly, Torak put his palms on both sides of her face as he bent over to catch her lips. Yet, when his warm palms made skin contacted with her cold cheeks, a flicker of understanding flashed his eyes.

"My love, where is the bird?" Torak asked in tender voice, his breathe fanned her face and made Raine closed her eyes in anticipation.

"What bird?" she asked, didn't know that her answer would be a death sentence for her.

Not so long after the question left her lips. Torak pressed his hands so hard on both side of her face and crushed her head.

A short shrill screamed pierced the quiet night before her body dropped to the ground, bleeding in gruesome scene that would make a faint- hearted person passed out.

The moment the life left her, the girl entire being slightly change and Torak didn't need to confirm that whatever she was, she wasn't Raine.

His eyes could be deceived by the girl appearance, which looked exactly like his mate, but the spark from skin to skin contact, was a dead giveaway for him to know that she wasn't his mate.

Torak was about to return inside the house to look for Raine in the bedroom when something happened to his entire body.

He felt the excruciating pain as if his blood flowed in reversed. Regardless the pain was so unbearable, it wasn't enough to make Torak dropped to his knees.

The Alpha closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, the pain made his mind clearer. Torak was almost certain the dead of the impostor was the cause of this.

The only question was; what would happen? Would this kill him? How long he would be in this excruciating pain?

The moment Torak felt the pain subsided he was almost lost his breath. His sharp eyes opened as he scanned his surroundings.

Torak didn't have slightest surprise when he found himself was no longer at the backyard of the safe house, instead, he was inside a dim place, like a bar.

Torak was squinted his eyes when his angry gaze fell on the figure that he knew too well.

"Don't give me that look Alpha." Lucifer grinned from ear to ear as he greeted Torak with a woman besie him.

The woman has dark hair and lips, which curved upwards, looked like she was always smiling.

"I think you can read the Alpha very well" the woman mused.

"Of course. We are old friend after all." Lucifer walked closer toward Torak, offering a gentle and harmless smile as he gestured for the Alpha to take a seat in front of him.

"Tell me, did he kiss my creature or he kill her?" but, after a moment of contemplation, she decided. "I think it's the former."