The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 36 Welcome Home 1

The plane began to descend toward the brightly lit runaway and once the plane landed Torak help Raine alighted from the airstairs onto the tarmac.

The bright sunlight was blinding Raine's sight as she pulled the baseball cap lower, she was still wearing the black jacket that she wore before.

The runaway had been cleared and Torak's group walked toward the cars near the terminal. Along the walk, Torak kept talking about important matters with Raphael while keeping Raine beside him.

While walking to their cars, Raine and Torak were surrounded by the warriors as Raphael walked beside Torak and Calleb behind them.

It was the first time Raine was being outside and could enjoy her surroundings, without being afraid that some strange creatures would attack her.

With Torak beside her and the feeling of his warm hand on her h.i.p.s, he made sure she didn't fall behind. As she couldn't catch up with his long and hasty strides, it was Torak who adjusted his pace that caused the whole group walked slower than usual.

Once they were near the yellow sport car, Torak opened the car door as he put his hand atop of Raine's head when she got in, made sure her head didn't bump the hard frame door, pulled a strap across her chest and buckled her seatbelt.

This time, Torak decided to drive the car only with Raine while Raphael and Calleb drove other cars with the other warriors.

"Are you hungry?" Torak asked when he ignited the engine and the car hummed softly.

Raine shook her head, Torak had made sure she ate enough before their plane landed.

"Good," Torak took off her baseball cap, tossed it to the backseat and tidied up her hair. He liked the feeling of the soft strands between his fingers. "If you want something, you have to tell me, okay?"

She nodded and smiled at him, it was a sheepish smile that was enough to make Torak elated. He intertwined their fingers while he was driving and kissing it occasionally.

Along the road, Raine glued her eyes to the view outside the window. In the orphanage or the place where she was living when she was with her foster family, it wasn't a big city, it was suburb areas that has sparse population.

But here, they were surrounded by enormous buildings, crowded streets and many people walked around. It was a fresh view to see. Not to mention it has been long time since Raine could observe freely.

She loved it and it reflected in her expression as her face beamed with happiness. She smiled brightly under the afternoon sun and nothing that could make Torak happier than this in his long live besides seeing Raine right now.

As Raine could see, there were not many supernatural creatures around this city, she caught a glimpse of two or three of them, but since they were far away and she was safe with Torak inside the car, she only jerked away from the window when she saw one of them.

"What happen?" Torak asked when they stopped at the traffic light.

As an answer, Raine pointed at the certain creatures that seemingly no body notice they were there.

"It's alright, they will never hurt you." He assured her.

It was right, in the Oriole City, which near the heart of Torak's territory there was almost no supernatural creatures other than Lycans that could reside there without his concern. So, even though Raine would meet some of them, they were relatively safe.

Raine didn't give any reaction with that statement, despite she felt save with him, seemingly she couldn't fully believe his early statement yet. Her years of experiences when she encountered the worse of them weren't easy to forget.