The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 360

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 360 Let's Find Out Shall We?

Torak didn't welcome Lucifer gesture that invited him for a drink, the Alpha chose to stand in front of the devil defiantly.

He looked around and realized that this probably a place where Raine had seen in her dream. A bar.

Today, the witch from the blue moon pack, which Raine ordered to be killed, supposed to meet with the devil if she was still alive.

As it turned out, Torak was the one who came to this place.

Just like what Raine said, the future would alter when something happen in the present.

"Tell me, did he kiss my creature or he kill her?" but, after a moment of contemplation, she decided. "I think it's the former."

The witch's voice stung Torak's ears as he shifted his gaze toward the woman with red shawl over her shoulder, she took a seat next to Lucifer.

"Tell me how do you know that the girl wasn't your mate?" The woman was very curious to know how her masterpiece could be discovered so fast.

She was confident to say that no one could see the difference between her creation and the real one, since she has the guardian angel's blood.

However, Torak didn't want to waste his breath to explain such a thing to insignificant person like her.

Torak put his focus back toward the devil. "What do you want?" he asked icily.

"Glory. Pride. Absolute power to rule all the creatures under my feet." Lucifer replied Torak's question with chuckle, yet there was a truth in his answer.

"How you could achieve your goal by keeping me here?" Torak didn't budge when he heard the malicious chuckle.

"Of course my target. No. our target" Lucifer corrected himself. " is your mate all this time."

"You will not be able to touch her." Torak pushed his words out of his gritted teeth.

"Maybe not now." Lucifer shrugged his shoulder. "But I will be able to do it soon, or should I say we will be able to do it soon?" He muttered the last sentence to himself.

Torak was squinted his blue eyes dangerously.

"I wonder why do you still stand there and glower at me. Knowing you, Alpha, for centuries, you would have pounced on me the moment I mention your mate." Lucifer tilted his head, feigned an innocent expression. "But then, I realized that you don't have your spirit beast with you."

This was a trap. Ever since Torak returned from the blue moon pack, he had walked straight to the devils' trap.

Originally, Torak could sense it, he just too absorbed to protect Raine because of her view and all of the nonsense history about how to win the battle by sacrificing the guardian angel.

Torak ignored the fact that the devil had run his plan ahead of him.

Torak's eyes didn't turn into his black or red color because the beast in him was too weak to show up.

The devil had arranged all of this and left him with no other choice.

From the visit of the police officers that suddenly went rampant and fired their gun toward his people to the dead of the twenty five polices along with the respected figure of Mr. Brian that turned Torak into the suspect of many crimes.

Apparently, Lucifer had calculated that Torak would use his firebird to kill the creatures from hell that the devils had created.

Lucifer knew a little bit of Serefina little secret about her monthly 'hermitage' that would exhaust herself.

Knowing Torak's overprotectiveness toward his mate and his acknowledge that the only thing that could kill those creatures would be his mate's blood, Torak definitely would not allow it.

Thus, the only option was his firebird.

This was a unique bond between the Lycan and the spirit animal, apparently not all the Lycan could posses that spirit beast.

This was only the privilege of the white Lycan. The precious white Lycan.

Until there, everything ran according to Lucifer's plan.

"With or without it, I will not touch my mate." Torak stated grimly as his blue eyes dimmed. "You will not find her."

"Are you sure?" Lucifer raised his glass as an offer before he gulped down the liquid. "Do you really think what you have done this past six months to clean up your pack from traitors is a success?" Lucifer chuckled lightly. "There will always be a rat among the wolves."

The supposed to be safe house, apparently wasn't safe enough, if the devil was able to sneak his paw inside the place and trick Torak with ease.

Torak had realized it too. This was the first thought that flashed his mind when he discovered the woman that he met wasn't Raine.

"There will be always the people who greed enough to seize the power and be the supreme Alpha. Those people had no qualms when they had to betray even his own soul. The kind of people that deem to rot in hell."

Lucifer continued his monologue.

"Do you think what will happen to your mate if you are no longer able protect her?" the woman beside Lucifer poured another glass for him with sickly smile pestered on his black lips.

All this while the respect that those Lycans gave to Raine was because Torak's present, thus what would happen to her when she lost her back up?

Not to mention in the pack where the traitors were lurking from every dark corners.

Torak listened to all of Lucifer rumbles without batting an eye. He didn't budge from his place or changed his expression. His face was devoid from all emotions. No one would be able to tell what was Torak thinking now.

However, the next line of Lucifer's words were said near Torak's ear as he stood behind the Alpha in lightning speed.

"Let's find out, shall we?" Lucifer asked breathily.

Torak, in his current state, didn't see it coming.

Yet, before the Alpha could respond Lucifer had conjured an intricate dagger from thin air and slashed it down to Torak's neck.

The devil beheaded the Alpha.